Anglais [eBook] Hyddenworld


Even though we cannot survive without each other, humankind has long lost its ability to perceive the Hydden, the little people with whom we share our world. For they are the holders of natural lore and guardians of our link with the Earth, and now our joint habitat is in terrible danger. This magnificent quest involves characters from both these interweaving worlds, whose task is to find a Shield Maiden and a Giant able to save both worlds from themselves and the coming destruction of the Earth. If humans are to save their planet, they must learn how to tap back into the reservoirs of natural and spiritual wisdom, with these two alienated races coming together again at last. At the start of this eventful story, Kate and Jack are five years old, but already no strangers to tragedy. In a powerful narrative we then follow their lives along both real and spiritual journeys as they come to realize what destiny expects of them. It is a story full of conflict, treachery, heartache and joy, set in the world we know and the one we have forgotten.

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