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The king is missing. His people are trapped as the woods turn deadly. Underground, the boy called Rescue has found an escape. Hopes are failing across The Expanse.yes'>#160;The forests, once beautiful, are now haunted and bloodthirsty. House Abascar's persecuted people risk their lives to journey through those predatory trees. They seek a mythic city Abascar's last, best hope for refuge where they might find the source of Auralia's colors. Yes'>#160; They journey withoutyes'>#160;their king. During a calamitous attempt to rescue some of his subjects from slavery, Calraven vanished. But his helper, the ale boy, falling through a crack in the earth, has discovered a slender thread of hope in the dark. He will dare to lead a desperate company up the secret river. Meanwhile, with a dragon's help, the wandering mage Scharr ben Fray is uncovering history's biggest lie a deception that only a miracle can repair. Time is running out for all thoseyes'>#160;entangled in The Auralia Thread. But hope and miracles flicker wherever Auralias colors are found. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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