Anglais [eBook] The Ale Boy's Feast


The king is missing. His people are trapped as the woods turn deadly. Underground, the boy called Rescue has found an escape. Hopes are failing across The Expanse.yes'>#160;The forests, once beautiful, are now haunted and bloodthirsty. House Abascar's persecuted people risk their lives to journey through those predatory trees. They seek a mythic city Abascar's last, best hope for refuge where they might find the source of Auralia's colors. Yes'>#160; They journey withoutyes'>#160;their king. During a calamitous attempt to rescue some of his subjects from slavery, Calraven vanished. But his helper, the ale boy, falling through a crack in the earth, has discovered a slender thread of hope in the dark. He will dare to lead a desperate company up the secret river. Meanwhile, with a dragon's help, the wandering mage Scharr ben Fray is uncovering history's biggest lie a deception that only a miracle can repair. Time is running out for all thoseyes'>#160;entangled in The Auralia Thread. But hope and miracles flicker wherever Auralias colors are found. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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  • Nombre de pages 400 Pages
  • Distributeur Olf

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