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From the author of the best-selling @18@Einstein@12@s Dreams@19@ comes a wonderfully original, deeply moving, and wryly funny novel about the clash between the absolutes of science and the vagaries of human experience.@16@@95@#160;@16@Bennett always knew he would live a life of science. From the homemade rockets and experiments of his childhood to the complex equations he solved as a professor of physics, his vision has transformed the uncertainty and frailty of life into an order and beauty that he inhabits with deep satisfaction. But his vision betrays him, revealing a profound incompleteness, an inadequacy to confront the contradictions his life: the black maid who raises him and loves him but cannot welcome him into her own house, the mentally absent father who wishes he@12@d died a hero in World War II, the self-destructive wife who invites Bennett@12@s cruelty. As Bennett struggles between reason and intuition, he slowly learns to allow the imperfections of daily life@95@mdash;the chaos he has worked so hard to control@95@mdash;to broaden his understanding of the world and his place in it.@16@@95@#160;@16@Written with lyrical sparseness, hilarity mixed with sadness, the story of Bennett@12@s struggle becomes both a beautifully rendered portrait of the emotional life of a scientist and a resonant tale of the disillusionment that haunts us all.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Hardcover edition.@19@

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