Anglais [eBook] Hydrological and Limnological Aspects of Lake Monitoring

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Provides an extensive overview of all the most important aspects oflake monitoring studies describing methods of water sampling,analytical determination and data interpretation. Now that all EC countries must receive the EC Directive on WaterQuality, there is a greater need to improve the quality ofmeasurements, both in chemical and biological fields and this bookdescribes the best practices in measuring water, quality, standardprocedures and quality assurance in relation to current legislationand guidelines. The book provides coverage of: ? Abiotic processes and harmful substances in lakes ? Biocoenosis in evaluating the ecological status of lakes ? New lake monitoring techniques ? Quality assessment ? Managing of results The book also addresses the most important problems currentlyimpacting lake resources: ? Eutrophication ? Water acidification and its impact on biodiversity ? The presence of endocrine disrupters ? The bioaccumulation of mercury in the food chain This is an essential guide to the subject for postgraduate studentsin environmental science and analytical chemistry, laboratoriesinvolved in water analysis, industrial companies producing effluentand regional environmental agencies. 'Hydrological and Limnological Aspects of Lake Monitoring' is thefirst book in the Water Quality Measurement Series, which providesa comprehensive coverage of the analytical techniques used for themeasurement of substances in water, from sampling through tolaboratory analysis. The series aims to offer practical answers tospecific issues related to measurements of the water cycle quality,using a scientifically sound approach.

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