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Best known for the novels @20@Little Women@21@@18@ @19@and @18@Little Men,@19@ Louisa May Alcott brought the story of her feisty protagonist Jo and the adventures and misadventures of the March family to an entertaining, surprising, and bittersweet conclusion in @20@Jo@95@#8217;s Boys@21@. Beginning ten years after @18@Little Men,@19@ @20@Jo@95@#8217;s Boys@21@ revisits Plumfield, the New England school still presided over by Jo and her husband, Professor Bhaer. Jo remains at the center of the tale, surrounded by her boys@95@#8212;including rebellious Dan, sailor Emil, and promising musician Nat@95@#8212;as they experience shipwreck and storm, disappointment and even murder.@16@@16@Popular for over a century, Alcott@95@#8217;s series still holds universal appeal with its powerful and affectionate depiction of family@95@#8212;the haven where the prodigal can always return, adversity is shared, and our dreams of being cherished, despite our flaws, come true. In this edition of @20@Jo@95@#8217;s Boys@21@@18@,@19@ readers once again experience a treasured classic by one of America@95@#8217;s best-loved writers.

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