Douglas Jerrold

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[eBook] Douglas Jerrold

Douglas Jerrold was the quintessential Victorian. Starting life as a seaman, he, like Dickens, one of his closest friends, turned himself into a famous writer and journalist, a friend feared for his sharp pen in literary circles. A prolific writer of articles and novels, he wrote many successful plays which made his rising popular fame equal to Dickens"€™s celebrity as a novelist. When Jerrold died at the early age of 54, Dickens spoke the eulogy at his funeral, which was attended by a crowd that would only be surpassed by the attendance at Dickens"€™s funeral. Michael Slater has researched Douglas Jerrold ever since he became professor at the University of London, distilling his views in this vivid portrait of a remarkable man and dramatic life which is little known. Jerrold was in his time as important as Dickens and understanding him is a necessary step to understanding the great writer himself.

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