Anglais [eBook] The Forever Marriage


Carmen never loved her husband, Jobe - until, that is, he died. Drawn as a young woman to his family's wealth and his mother's warmth, she married him simply because she didn't know what else to do. But now he's gone she finds herself falling for him, and if that's not distrubing enough, she soon discovers her own life may be in danger. Her emotions reeling, Carmen can't help but think about the past, and she begins to recall the careless days of her youth, which transformed her into the person she has become: priveleged suburban wife, unfaithful widow, mother of a child with Down syndrome, fierce friend. In her reflections,she tackles the greatest mystery of her life: what her marriage might have been. A compelling examination of a woman reckoning with her imperfect past, by a writer whom Garrison Keillor praised as "phenomenal," The Forever Marriage merits comparison to the work of Anne Tyler, A.S. Byatt, and Elizabeth Strout.

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