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The book provides clear explanations for newcomers to the subject as well as contemporary details and theory for the experienced user in plastics waste management. It is seldom that a day goes by without another story or photo regarding the problem of plastics waste in the oceans or landfills. While important efforts are being made to clear up the waste, this book looks at the underlying causes and focuses on plastics waste management. Plastics manufacturers have been slow to recognize their environmental impact compared with more directly polluting industries. However, the environmental pressures concerning plastics have forced the industry to examine their own recycling operations and implement plastics waste management. Plastics Waste Management realizes two ideals: That all plastics should be able to persist for as long as plastics are required, and that all plastics are recycled in a uniform manner regardless of the length of time for which it persists. The book examines plastics waste management and systems for the environment, as well the management approaches and techniques which are appropriate for managing the environment. It serves as an excellent and thoughtful plastics waste management handbook. This groundbreaking book: Identifies deficiencies in plastics waste management Extrapolates from experiences to draw some conclusions about plastics waste for persistence Describes methods how the waste related processing techniques should be used in recycling Shows how the consumer and industry can assess the performance of plastics waste management Explains waste utilization by recycling techniques as well as waste reduction Life cycle assessment as an important technique for recycling of persistent plastics waste.

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