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With the ever-increasing amount of research being published, it is a Herculean task to be fully conversant with the latest research developments in any field, and the arena of adhesion and adhesives is no exception. Thus, topical review articles provide an alternate and very efficient way to stay abreast of the state-of-the-art in many subjects representing the field of adhesion science and adhesives. Based on the success of the preceding volumes in this series "Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives"), the present volume comprises 9 review articles (averaging 50 pages each) published in Volume 6 (2018) of Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. The topics covered include: Adhesion Phenomena Pertaining to Thermal Interface Materials and Solder Interconnects in Microelectronic Packaging; Influence of Silicon-Containing Compounds on Adhesives for and Adhesion to Wood and Lignocellulosic Materials; Recent Advances in Adhesively Bonded Lap Joints Having Bi-Adhesive and Modulus-Graded Bondlines; Adhesion between Compounded Elastomers; Contact Angle Measurements and Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Foods; Groups at Polyolefin Surfaces on Exposure to Oxygen or Ammonia Plasma; Surface Free Energy Determination of Powders and Particles with Pharmaceutical Applications; Understanding Wood Bonds-Going Beyond What Meets the Eye; Dispersion Adhesion Forces between Macroscopic Objects-Basic Concepts and Modelling Techniques.

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