How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

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[eBook] How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Explore how entrepreneurial thinking can dramatically improve your work, life and relationshipsHaving the drive, ambition and inspiration to start a new business takes a special mind-set and self-confidence-'think Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. It's no wonder that we regard successful entrepreneurs as modern-day magicians, transforming sometimes-radical ideas into global brands that change the way we live our lives. But what if that spirit and drive were applied to the world outside of business start-ups?An entrepreneur seeks to build something from nothing, to take an inspired idea and make it a reality. In How to Think Like an Entrepreneur, Philip Delves Broughton will explore what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur-'the ability to disrupt the status quo and generate fresh perspectives-'and ultimately lead us to the heart of great entrepreneurial thinking: an understanding of our deepest human needs. By harnessing the passion, verve and limitless imagination of an entrepreneur, this book will show you new ways to improve your business, but also your life and relationships.

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