Anglais While the Others Sleep

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Don't read this alone at night! DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE for teens - this is a gripping psychological thriller set in a Victorian sanatorium for children Alfie Mandeville doesn't know why he's sent to Scarbrook House, a sanatorium where the children of Victorian Britain's upper class are hidden away. The only thing wrong with him is that he cannot sleep. But Alfie soon begins to doubt his own sanity when disturbing things start to happen at Scarbrook. A sleepwalker is found dead. A funeral is interrupted from beyond the grave. And worst of all, creatures are stalking the dorms at night, looking for a demon patient to drag back to hell, consuming anything that stands in their way. The only protection is to be asleep, and suddenly insomnia is the most dangerous condition of all. Alfie must find the demon patient if he is to have any chance of making it out of Scarbrook alive. Only when he does, he will discover the true reason for his residency at Scarbrook - and it is anything but a simple case of not being able to sleep.

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