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Learn how to render lists of items without repeating your code structure and how to work with conditional rendering items and event handling. Containing all you need to know to get started with Vue.js, this book will take you through using build tools (transpile to ES5), creating custom components, state management, and routers. With Getting to Know Vue.js, you'll see how to combine reusable code with custom components, allowing you to create snippets of reusable code to suit your specific business needs. You'll also explore how to use Single File Components and the Vue.js Command Line Interface (CLI) to build components in a single file and add in build tools as you see fit.Getting started with a new Single Page Application (SPA) JavaScript framework can be an overwhelming task, but Vue.js makes this daunting task simple and easy to learn, allowing you to start implementing business needs with just a script reference to the library and the custom JavaScript required for your use case. Starting with a little reference and a handful of lines of custom JavaScript, you will have a complete Single Page Application before you know it.What You'll Learn Examine Vue.js templating syntax Work with binding methods Manage the state of your app by comparing your options of building a data store Adapt the more robust options compatible with Vue.jsReview different router options, including creating your own router, using the Vue-router and using Page.js. Who This Book Is For Software developers with an understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript; prior understanding of a Single Page Application framework would be useful but not essential.

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