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Praise for Martin Lim@95@#243;n: @16@@16@@95@ldquo;It@12@s great to have these two mavericks back. . . . Mr. Lim@95@#243;n writes with . . . wonderful, bleak humor, edged in pain, about GI life.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The New York Times Book Review@19@ @16@@16@@95@ldquo;Lim@95@#243;n@12@s crisp, clear storytelling opens a door to another world and leaves one hoping the next installment won@12@t be so long in arriving.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The Baltimore Sun@19@ @16@@16@@95@ldquo;Lim@95@#243;n has the military lingo and ambience down to a T. Plot, pacing, and plausibility are just about perfect.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The Philadelphia Inquirer@19@ (editor@12@s choice) @16@@16@@95@ldquo;As usual, Lim@95@#243;n paints a picture of Korea in the mid-1970s that is so detailed and richly atmospheric that the reader@12@s senses are flooded with the sounds, smells, and tastes of the place. Fans of the Sue@95@#241;o-Bascom series, who have been waiting eagerly for a new novel, can relax. It was well worth the wait.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@Booklist@19@ (starred review) @16@@16@The only female MP assigned to a base in the DMZ is missing. Has she been abducted, killed, or, possibly, gone AWOL? Eighth Army cops George Sue@95@#241;o and Ernie Bascom, sent to find her, discover a murder that has been concealed, rampant black marketeering and corruption, crooked officers, rioting Korean civilians, and the wandering ghost of a schoolgirl run down by a speeding army truck. It is up to them to right egregious wrongs while being pursued by criminals who want to kill them. @16@@16@ @20@Martin Lim@95@#243;n@21@ is the author of four earlier books in the Sue@95@#241;o-Bascom series. His debut, @18@Jade Lady Burning@19@, was a @18@New York Times@19@ Notable Book.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Hardcover edition.@19@

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