[eBook] The Colors of Love - Exploring the art of Kama Sutra (Enhanced Version)


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Must we experience pleasure the way we've learned to consume everything else... with the click of a mouse? The Colors of Love invites readers to pause instead, to find inspiration and embrace their hidden desires. Take your time as you look at the illustrations and dwell on the words that accompany the images. Discover the vibrant world of desire that awakens the senses and brings bodies together. Moved by the ancient text that has been inspiring lovers for over fifteen centuries (the Kamasutra), authors Léonard Anthony, a specialist in hypnosis and meditation, and artist Corinne Bongrand have opened up a space of love, desire, sensuality, and sharing for readers. As you dive into these forty images, you will discover a new approach to sexuality free from the often-misleading constraints of modern society... An inspiring book that celebrates the senses. Corinne Bongrand worked in fashion and luxury goods before becoming an illustrator. She is best known for her illustrations in over thirty books published by Pocket Jeunesse. Her most recent works include Mon cahier de sérénité (Pocket, 2015), with a preface by Fabrice Midal, and The Colors of Love. Of Indian heritage, Léonard Anthony is an entrepreneur, publisher, and composer who began studying and practicing meditation and Yoga Nidra in Southern India over twenty years ago. Meeting the philosopher and hypnotherapist François Routang marked a pivotal moment in his view of these disciplines and led him to open up new paths in his work. He is one of the founders of Mediphi. Thank you to all those who wrote about The Colors of Love : Léonard Anthony's words speak to the most intimate part of our being. Like the suggestions used in hypnosis that Léonard knows well, these words allow readers to rediscover their senses, enter into relationships, and get back in motion. - Francois Roustang, philosopher and hypnotherapist Pornography destroys the reality of the other person and locks us away within the brutality of our own desires. This book offers a way to experience intimacy slowly and tenderly. The loving heart begins to beat again and allows the other person to exist. In this way, sexuality points us to the very mystery of sex, the deepest of human impulses. - Guy Corneau, Jungian psychoanalyst and author How does one transform two isolated erotic drives into the blissful harmony of two bodies and hearts dancing to the same rhythm? This enchanting book invites readers to discover a new version of themselves, enhanced by the creativity and joys of pleasure. - Philippe Presles, Psychotherapist and Essayist This book helps readers renew with the deeply meditative aspect of sexuality, one that tends to be overlooked in favor of today's emphasis on performance... This book is a welcome approach to rediscovering the joy of living. - Fabrice Midal, Founder of the Western School of Meditation This isn't a book, it's a work of art. It opens the soul to a forgotten but essential aspect of sexuality-; poetry. Bodies meeting one another is a sacred act that this book encourages you to incorporate in your own relationship. - Catherine Solano, sexologist

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