Anglais Creative Montreal ; Southwest and Lachine (EDITION EN LANGUE ANGLAISE)

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The Guide to Creative Montréal's Southwest and Lachine tour offers a foray into the fields of performing arts, visual arts (art galleries and public artworks), digital arts, music and design.
Montréal's Sud-Ouest (Southwest) borough includes several neighbourhoods that have undergone important real estate transformations over the last few years : Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy, Griffintown... With 45 public artworks scattered across its territory, the area is no longer a mere urban landscape of rocks, stables and smokestacks.
Looking for a balance between the need to protect the area's heritage and the desire to support innovative new developments, the Sud-Ouest borough is one of the city's current driving cultural engines. Our excursion ends in the Lachine borough, which offers outdoor activities, monumental sculptures and human-scale urban theatre.
The tour features countless bookstores, record stores, cafes, restaurants and shops where you can stop along the way.

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