Anglais Optimal Control of Coupled Systems of Partial Differential Equations

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Beyond Lack of Compactness and Lack of Stability of a Coupled Parabolic-Hyperbolic Fluid-Structure System.- A Continuous Adjoint Approach to Shape Optimization for Navier Stokes Flow.- Recent Advances in the Analysis of State-constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems.- Fast and Strongly Localized Observation for a perturbed Plate Equation.- Representations, Composition, and Decomposition of C 1,1-hypersurfaces.- On Some Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems with Vector-valued Affine Control Constraints.- Weak Solutions to a Model for Crystal Growth from the Melt in Changing Magnetic Fields.- Lavrentiev Prox-regularization Methods for Optimal Control Problems with Pointwise State Constraints.- Nonlinear Feedback Solutions for a Class of Quantum Control Problems.- Optimal Feedback Synthesis for Bolza Control Problem Arising in Linearized Fluid Structure Interaction.- Single-step One-shot Aerodynamic Shape Optimization.- Shape Differentiability of Drag Functional for Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations.- Null-controllability for a Coupled Heat-Finite-dimensional Beam System.- Feedback Modal Control of Partial Differential Equations.- Optimization Problems for Thin Elastic Structures.- A New Non-linear Semidefinite Programming Algorithm with an Application to Multidisciplinary Free Material Optimization.- How to Check Numerically the Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Infinite-dimensional Optimization Problems.- Hidden Boundary Shape Derivative for the Solution to Maxwell Equations and Non Cylindrical Wave Equations.

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    Fredi Troltzsch, Jurgen Sprekels, Gunter Leugering, Karl Kunisch

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