AI Enabled IoT for Electrification and Connected Transportation

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This book presents an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive section, especially in the modern era of green energy-based electrification of vehicles and smart transportation systems. The book also discusses different Internet of Things aspects involved in the automotive domain with AI. The book presents autonomous driving systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomy, AI involvement, and machine learning techniques with challenges in electrification, prognostics, and diagnostics. AI and IoT are two emerging technologies, and their importance in other modern technology electrification on transportation, connected vehicle segment are discussed thoroughly in this book with different topologies. It also presents AI applications in the charging profile prediction, state of charge, state of health, battery lifetime, and battery temperature detection in dynamic conditions. Different algorithms are also given in the book to discuss the nearest point charging station for electric vehicle users. The book also discusses cybersecurity issues and challenges in the real-time environment for AI implementation, IoT in transportation, and autonomous driving. The other aspects of telematics, smart sensors for the implementation of the IoT, and AI are also discussed, especially in guidance and control aspects. The book will be useful for the researchers, practitioners, and industry people working in AI, IoT in the electrification and transportation segment.

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    Akhtar Kalam, Akash Kumar Bhoi, Victor Hugo C. De Albuquerque, Naveenkumar Marati

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