• Prison Worlds

    Didier Fassin

    • Polity
    • 23 mai 2017

    The prison is a recent invention, hardly more than two centuries old, yet it has become the universal system of punishment. How can we understand the place that the correctional system occupies in contemporary societies? What are the experiences of those who are incarcerated as well as those who wor...

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  • Enforcing Order

    Didier Fassin

    • Polity
    • 19 septembre 2013

    Most incidents of urban unrest in recent decades - including the riots in France, Britain and other Western countries - have followed lethal interactions between the youth and the police. Usually these take place in disadvantaged neighborhoods composed of working-class families of immigrant origin o...

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  • Anglais Life

    Didier Fassin

    • Polity
    • 22 juin 2018

    How can we think of life in its dual expression, matter and experience, the living and the lived? Philosophers and, more recently, social scientists have offered multiple answers to this question, often privileging one expression or the other - the biological or the biographical. But is it possible ...

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