Antony Moore

  • Series:
    o Highly practical and clinically relevant
    o Ophthalmology series is indispensable for continuous education and advanced training
    o All editors with international reputation and contributing authors with expertise in their topics
    o Reader-friendly format: Well-structured text and design, quick and easy to read
    o Richly illustrated with numerous tables and color photos
    o Bridges the gap between primary literature and daily practice
    o Every 2nd year each subject is refreshed with timely information about the new development in the specialized field
    This volume:
    Appeals not only to Ophthalmologists, but also to Pediatricians

    Gives quick and practical introduction to the most up-to date treatment options in pediatric ophthalmology

    Only addresses new developments of the past 2 years

    Covers 3 main topics: Genetics, Pediatrics and Neurophthalmology, while competing titles focus on one of these subspecialties

  • Oncology for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is a handbook of cancer care from the technician perspective. Providing information on cancer from cause to treatment, this comprehensive resource focuses on the nursing role, emphasizing technical procedures, staging, and patient support. By equipping veterinary support staff with the information they need to properly and safely perform cancer treatments, Oncology for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses promotes working as part of a team to provide optimal care for dogs and cats with cancer.