Daniel Alpay

  • This volume contains six peer-refereed articles written on the occasion of the workshop Operator theory, system theory and scattering theory: multidimensional generalizations and related topics, held at the Department of Mathematics of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in June, 2005. The book will interest a wide audience of pure and applied mathematicians, electrical engineers and theoretical physicists.

  • This volume, which is dedicated to Heinz Langer, includes biographical material and carefully selected papers. Heinz Langer has made fundamental contributions to operator theory. In particular, he has studied the domains of operator pencils and nonlinear eigenvalue problems, the theory of indefinite inner product spaces, operator theory in Pontryagin and Krein spaces, and applications to mathematical physics. His works include studies on and applications of Schur analysis in the indefinite setting, where the factorization theorems put forward by Krein and Langer for generalized Schur functions, and by Dijksma-Langer-Luger-Shondin, play a key role. The contributions in this volume reflect Heinz Langer's chief research interests and will appeal to a broad readership whose work involves operator theory.  

  • Operator theory, system theory, scattering theory, and the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable are deeply related topics, and the relationships between these theories are well understood. When one leaves the setting of one operator and considers several operators, the situation is much more involved. There is no longer a single underlying theory, but rather different theories, some of them loosely connected and some not connected at all. These various theories, which one could call "multidimensional operator theory", are topics of active and intensive research.The present volume contains a selection of papers in multidimensional operator theory. Topics considered include the non-commutative case, function theory in the polydisk, hyponormal operators, hyperanalytic functions, and holomorphic deformations of linear differential equations.The volume will be of interest to a wide audience of pure and applied mathematicians, electrical engineers and theoretical physicists.

  • This book defines and examines the counterpart of Schur functions and Schur analysis in the slice hyperholomorphic setting. It is organized into three parts: the first introduces readers to classical Schur analysis, while the second offers background material on quaternions, slice hyperholomorphic functions, and quaternionic functional analysis. The third part represents the core of the book and explores quaternionic Schur analysis and its various applications. The book includes previously unpublished results and provides the basis for new directions of research.

  • The volume is dedicated to Lev Sakhnovich, who made fundamental contributions in operator theory and related topics. Besides bibliographic material, it includes a number of selected papers related to Lev Sakhnovich's research interests. The papers are related to operator identities, moment problems, random matrices and linear stochastic systems.

  • This book provides the foundations for a rigorous theory of functional analysis with bicomplex scalars. It begins with a detailed study of bicomplex and hyperbolic numbers and then defines the notion of bicomplex modules. After introducing a number of norms and inner products on such modules (some of which appear in this volume for the first time), the authors develop the theory of linear functionals and linear operators on bicomplex modules. All of this may serve for many different developments, just like the usual functional analysis with complex scalars and in this book it serves as the foundational material for the construction and study of a bicomplex version of the well known Schur analysis.

  • This volume includes contributions originating from a conference held at Chapman University during November 14-19, 2017. It presents original research by experts in signal processing, linear systems, operator theory, complex and hypercomplex analysis and related topics.

  • This book is dedicated to Victor Emmanuilovich Katsnelson on the occasion of his 75th birthday and celebrates his broad mathematical interests and contributions.Victor Emmanuilovich's mathematical career has been based mainly at the Kharkov University and the Weizmann Institute. However, it also included a one-year guest professorship at Leipzig University in 1991, which led to him establishing close research contacts with the Schur analysis group in Leipzig, a collaboration that still continues today.
    Reflecting these three periods in Victor Emmanuilovich's career, present and former colleagues have contributed to this book with research inspired by him and presentations on their joint work. Contributions include papers in function theory (Favorov-Golinskii, Friedland-Goldman-Yomdin, Kheifets-Yuditskii) , Schur analysis, moment problems and related topics (Boiko-Dubovoy, Dyukarev, Fritzsche-Kirstein-Mädler), extension of linear operators and linear relations (Dijksma-Langer, Hassi-de Snoo, Hassi -Wietsma) and non-commutative analysis (Ball-Bolotnikov, Cho-Jorgensen).

  • This work contributes to the study of quaternionic linear operators. This study is a generalization of the complex case, but the noncommutative setting of quaternions shows several interesting new features, see e.g. the so-called S-spectrum and S-resolvent operators. In this work, we study de Branges spaces, namely the quaternionic counterparts of spaces of analytic functions (in a suitable sense) with some specific reproducing kernels, in the unit ball of quaternions or in the half space of quaternions with positive real parts. The spaces under consideration will be Hilbert or Pontryagin or Krein spaces. These spaces are closely related to operator models that are also discussed.

    The focus of this book is the notion of characteristic operator function of a bounded linear operator A with finite real part, and we address several questions like the study of J-contractive functions, where J is self-adjoint and unitary, and we also treat the inverse problem, namely to characterize which J-contractive functions are characteristic operator functions of an operator. In particular, we prove the counterpart of Potapov's factorization theorem in this framework. Besides other topics, we consider canonical differential equations in the setting of slice hyperholomorphic functions and we define the lossless inverse scattering problem. We also consider the inverse scattering problem associated with canonical differential equations. These equations provide a convenient unifying framework to discuss a number of questions pertaining, for example, to inverse scattering, non-linear partial differential equations and are studied in the last section of this book.