David Jaffe

    An inspiring and accessible guide, drawn from Jewish wisdom, for building the inner qualities necessary to work effectively for social justice.
    The world needs changing--and you’re just the person to do it! It’s a matter of cultivating the inner resources you already have. If you are serious about working for social justice and change, this book will help you bring your most compassionate, wise, and courageous self to the job.
    Bringing positive social change to any system takes deep self-awareness, caring, determination, and long-term commitment. But polarization, the slow pace of change, and internal conflicts among activists and organizations often leads to burnout and discouragement among the very people needed to make a difference. Changing the World from the Inside Out distills centuries of Jewish wisdom about cultivating and refining the inner life into an accessible program for building the qualities necessary to accomplish sustainable change. Through explorations of deep motivation, inner-drive, and traits like trust and anger, this book engages the reader in a journey of self-development and transformation, demonstrating that sustainable activism is indeed a spiritual practice. Jaffe offers accessible and meaningful guidance for this journey--with exercises, contemplations, and discussion points that can be used individually or in a group.

  • What you need to know about your customers Now more than ever, every interaction you have with customers is critical. Customers today have unlimited information at their fingertips-and can influence the purchase decisions and behaviors of millions of others. With this comes a shift in the balance of power, and every company must come to terms with the fact that the customer is in control. Interacting with customers in the way they want is an essential business strategy and in many industries, the key to business success. Executives still refer to B2B and B2C business models, as though companies control demand by going to customers with products and services. But as Bill Price and David Jaffe (authors of The Best Service is No Service) show, a new business model is emerging in which the customer directs the relationship. It is becoming a world of "Me2B"-one in which the customer, not the business, dictates the terms of engagement. In order for your business to thrive, you must create positive experiences to fulfill a range of customer needs. Though the mediums for customer engagement continuously evolve, Price and Jaffe show that customer needs remain unchanging. In Your Customer Rules!, they define a critical hierarchy of seven needs that your company can meet and apply as a methodology. Throughout this practical guidebook, Price and Jaffe share examples of companies who succeed by meeting these seven needs, including Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Nordstrom, USAA, Shoes of Prey, Vente-Privee, and Yamato Transport, as well as those that didn't. Your Customer Rules! offers tailored advice for companies at every stage, from nimble startups to legacy firms with established customer service practices-and everyone in between. With a simple, elegant solution for driving lasting value for customers, Your Customer Rules! is a clear guide for strengthening customer relationships and competing on more than price. It is essential reading for executives at all levels-business owners, marketing managers, and anyone who works directly with customers.

  • Objectif client


    • Pearson
    • 12 Juin 2015

    Aujourd'hui, il n'appartient plus aux entreprises de définir ce que veulent les clients ; ce sont les clients euxmêmes qui décident !

    Pour faire face à cette nouvelle donne et prendre une longueur d'avance sur leurs concurrents, les organisations doivent repenser leur manière d'agir en adoptant le point de vue des clients. Cette évolution, qui bouleverse les modèles d'affaires classiques du B2B et du B2C, marque l'avènement d'une ère nouvelle dans laquelle les clients prennent le contrôle de la relation : le Me2B. Désormais, ce sont eux qui indiquent quels produits et services ils attendent, la manière dont les interactions doivent se dérouler et le prix qu'ils sont disposés à payer.

    En s'appuyant sur des études de cas qui illustrent les meilleures pratiques (Zappos, Amazon, vente-privee, etc.), mais aussi de mauvaises expériences, Bill Price et David Jaffe expliquent comment parvenir à une expérience Me2B réussie. Pour cela, ils proposent une méthodologie originale, axée sur la satisfaction des « sept besoins fondamentaux des clients ».

    Susceptible d'être mise en oeuvre par toute organisation, cette méthode décrit à la fois les obstacles à surmonter et les principes à appliquer pour construire une relation d'excellence, et donc durable, avec vos clients.

  • In this groundbreaking book, Bill Price and David Jaffe offer a new, game-changing approach, showing how managers are taking the wrong path and are using the wrong metrics to measure customer service. Customer service, they assert, is only needed when a company does something wrong-eliminating the need for service is the best way to satisfy customers. To be successful, companies need to treat service as a data point of dysfunction and figure what they need to do to eliminate the demand. The Best Service Is No Service outlines these seven principles to deliver the best service that ultimately leads to "no service": Eliminate dumb contacts Create engaging self-service Be proactive Make it easy to contact your company Own the actions across the company Listen and act Deliver great service experiences