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  • ?This book presents a concise introduction to a unified Hilbert space approach to the mathematical modelling of physical phenomena which has been developed over recent years by Picard and his co-workers. The main focus is on time-dependent partial differential equations with a particular structure in the Hilbert space setting that ensures well-posedness and causality, two essential properties of any reasonable model in mathematical physics or engineering.However, the application of the theory to other types of equations is also demonstrated. By means of illustrative examples, from the straightforward to the more complex, the authors show that many of the classical models in mathematical physics as well as more recent models of novel materials and interactions are covered, or can be restructured to be covered, by this unified Hilbert space approach.
    The reader should require only a basic foundation in the theory of Hilbert spaces and operators therein. For convenience, however, some of the more technical background requirements are covered in detail in two appendices The theory is kept as elementary as possible, making the material suitable for a senior undergraduate or master's level course. In addition, researchers in a variety of fields whose work involves partial differential equations and applied operator theory will also greatly benefit from this approach to structuring their mathematical models in order that the general theory can be applied to ensure the essential properties of well-posedness and causality.

  • This unique collection of essays on the late Pierre Hadot's revolutionary approach to studying and practising philosophy traces the links between his work and that of thinkers from Wittgenstein to the French postmodernists. It shows how his secular spiritual exercises expand our horizons, enabling us to be in a fuller, more authentic way.
    Comprehensive treatment of a neglected theme: philosophy's practical relevance in our lives Interdisciplinary analysis reflects the wide influence of Hadot's thought Explores the links between Hadot's ideas and those of a wealth of ancient and modern thinkers, including the French postmodernists Offers a practical `third way' in philosophy beyond the dichotomy of Continental and analytical traditions

  • When a marriage ends, the most important thing divorcing parents can do is to help their children through this difficult transition and remain united as parents even if they are no longer united as a couple. In Parenting Apart divorce coach Christina McGhee offers practical advice on how to help children adjust and thrive during and after separation and divorce. She looks at all the different issues parents may face with their children of different ages, offering immediate solutions to the most critical parenting problems divorce brings, including:·When to tell your children about the divorce and what to say
    ·How to create a loving, secure home if your child doesn't live with you full time
    ·What to do if your child is angry or sad
    ·How to manage the legal system, including information on family law and issues of custody
    ·How to deal with a difficult ex This is an invaluable resource that offers parents quick access to the information you most need at a time when you need it most.

  • Clara first spies him through the crack in the stained-glass window of her church, lighting a string of handmade lanterns in the Adirondack woods. A lone old man, Georg Kominsky moves stealthily among the shadow world of his hanging, glittering creations.
    In Alison McGhee's stunning novel Shadow Baby, eleven-year-old Clara is struggling to find the truth about her missing father and grandfather and her twin sister, dead at birth, but her mother steadfastly refuses to talk about these people who are lost to her daughter. When Clara begins interviewing Georg Kominsky for a school biography assignment, she finds that he is equally reticent about his own concealed history. Precocious and imaginative, the girl invents version upon version of Mr. Kominsky's past, just as she invents lives for the people missing from her own shadowy past.
    The journey of discovery that these two oddly matched people embark upon is at the heart of this beautiful story about friendship and communion, about discovering what matters most in life, and about the search to find the missing pieces of ourselves. McGhee's prose glistens with shrewd truth and wild imaginings, creating a fine novel that will reverberate in the hearts and minds of readers long after the book is finished.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • The ultimate resource for separated and divorced parents, written by an internationally acclaimed expert on divorce and its impact on children. This comprehensive and empowering guide is filled with practical, effective ways to minimize the effects of divorce on children, and offers immediate solutions to the most critical parenting problems divorce brings. In this go-to resource, Christina McGhee addresses the issues of utmost importance to parents: ? How and when to tell the children about the divorce ? Guiding children through transition ?Helping children cope with having two homes ?Dealing with finances ?Managing a difficult relationship with an ex ?And more Offering advice on explaining things to every age group-from toddlers to teenagers-in plain, consistent, and age-appropriate terms, Parenting Apart also offers practical suggestions for parents to help them maintain their own sense of stability and take care of their own well-being while taking care of their kids.

  • "Alison McGhee's is a novel of simple explanations, simple movement, and Faulkner's favorite, most ferocious question: Can we ever really know one another?"--Los Angeles Times
    "McGhee has written a lovely and successful third novel. She brilliantly captures the close but guarded ties between residents of a grieving small town, and delivers dialogue with the uncommon and impressive mix of precision, poignancy, and believability." --Minneapolis Star Tribune
    "McGhee is a beautiful writer, especially in her sense of place and her precision in describing characters." --Twin Cities Pioneer Press
    "McGhee, author of the critically acclaimed novel Shadow Baby, portrays in spare and beautiful prose a setting and community that recall the cold, hard landscapes of Richard Russo's fiction." --Book Page
    Was It Beautiful? is a powerful and tender portrayal of loss and renewal at midlife. With singular grace and humor, Alison McGhee pays loving attention to the details of life in the Adirondacks and to the small kindnesses and idiosyncrasies that make each member of a community precious and unique.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • This study addresses how China's policy response to problems in Xinjiang is interpreted and implemented by officials, who are both governing agents and governed subjects by interviewing Chinese officials working in both Central government and Local governments.

  • This book examines the many ways in which the Communist Party in China is still revolutionary by focusing on how, in recent years, it has attempted to mobilize Party members to become ethical subjects. In the context of the Party's history of the military revolution, Cultural Revolution and Economic Reform (or economic revolution), the authors argue that under President Xi Jinping the Party has launched an ethical revolution within the Party for the sake of sustaining its legitimacy. This book examines the various combined components of this ethical revolution, including anti-corruption, anti-four undesirable working styles and Mass-Line Education programme from the perspective of the fifty current Communist Party officials. 

  • Security, Citizenship and Human Rights examines counter-terrorism, immigration, citizenship, human rights, 'equalities' and the shifting discourses of 'shared values' and human rights in contemporary Britain. The book argues that British citizenship and human rights policy is being remade and remoulded around public security and that this process could be detrimental to 'our' sense of citizenship, shared values and commitment to human rights.

  • A detailed guide to successful, efficient project management, written by two pros with a combined 55 years "in the trenches!" Project management is a vital and growing component of many organizations and can literally make or break a company. In this step-by-step guide, two project management consultants present a comprehensive guide to effective project management, complete with real stories and case studies from actual project managers. This straightforward guide cuts through the technical jargon to present an easy-to-follow, easy-to-learn approach to executing any project from beginning to end. Project managers, as well as those who want to learn more about project management, will find this guide to be an indispensable resource for all their projects.

  • Les anges d'Angela

    Angela Mcghee

    Angela McGhee ne possède pas uniquement le don de communiquer avec les morts, mais aussi celui de percevoir et de capter des détails d'une incroyable précision à leur sujet... y compris la façon dont ils sont morts. Ses dons, qui se manifestent par le biais de la vision et de l'ouïe, sont tels qu'elle peut fournir des informations qui auraient été définitivement perdues sans elle ; même la police fait appel à son expertise pour rassembler des preuves. Depuis qu'elle travaille sur des dossiers de meurtres, on l'appelle la «détective médiumnique». L'incroyable parcours qui l'a menée à développer ses dons, malgré une forte opposition, à découvrir ses anges, ses guides et sa foi, et à réconforter non seulement ceux qui sont morts subitement, mais aussi les familles qu'ils ont laissées derrière eux, apporte un éclairage unique à tous ceux qui s'intéressent à l'exploration de la médiumnité et à la possibilité d'y avoir recours pour faire triompher la justice, guérir de vieilles blessures et donner courage à ceux qui en ont besoin.