Hemen Dutta

  • This book discusses significant research findings in the field of mathematical modelling, with particular emphasis on important applied-sciences, health, and social issues. It includes topics such as model on viral immunology, stochastic models for the dynamics of influenza, model describing the transmission of dengue, model for human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, prostate cancer model, realization of economic growth by goal programming, modelling of grazing periodic solutions in discontinuous systems, modelling of predation system, fractional epidemiological model for computer viruses, and nonlinear ecological models. A unique addition in the proposed areas of research and education, this book is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and educators associated with the study of mathematical modelling of health, social and applied-sciences issues. Readers interested in applied mathematics should also find this book valuable. 

  • This book is a collection of original research papers as proceedings of the 6th International Congress of the Moroccan Society of Applied Mathematics organized by Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco, during 7th-9th November 2019. It focuses on new problems, applications and computational methods in the field of nonlinear analysis. It includes various topics including fractional differential systems of various types, time-fractional systems, nonlinear Jerk equations, reproducing kernel Hilbert space method, thrombin receptor activation mechanism model, labour force evolution model, nonsmooth vector optimization problems, anisotropic elliptic nonlinear problem, viscous primitive equations of geophysics, quadratic optimal control problem, multi-orthogonal projections and generalized continued fractions.

    The conference aimed at fostering cooperation among students, researchers and experts from diverse areas of applied mathematics and related sciences through fruitful deliberations on new research findings. This book is expected to be resourceful for researchers, educators and graduate students interested in applied mathematics and interactions of mathematics with other branches of science and engineering.



  • An authoritative text that presents the current problems, theories, and applications of mathematical analysis research Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics offers the theories, methods, and applications of a variety of targeted topics including: operator theory, approximation theory, fixed point theory, stability theory, minimization problems, many-body wave scattering problems, Basel problem, Corona problem, inequalities, generalized normed spaces, variations of functions and sequences, analytic generalizations of the Catalan, Fuss, and Fuss-Catalan Numbers, asymptotically developable functions, convex functions, Gaussian processes, image analysis, and spectral analysis and spectral synthesis. The authors-a noted team of international researchers in the field- highlight the basic developments for each topic presented and explore the most recent advances made in their area of study. The text is presented in such a way that enables the reader to follow subsequent studies in a burgeoning field of research. This important text: Presents a wide-range of important topics having current research importance and interdisciplinary applications such as game theory, image processing, creation of materials with a desired refraction coefficient, etc. Contains chapters written by a group of esteemed researchers in mathematical analysis Includes problems and research questions in order to enhance understanding of the information provided Offers references that help readers advance to further study Written for researchers, graduate students, educators, and practitioners with an interest in mathematical analysis, Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics includes the most recent research from a range of mathematical fields.

  • An introductory course in summability theory for students, researchers, physicists, and engineers In creating this book, the authors' intent was to provide graduate students, researchers, physicists, and engineers with a reasonable introduction to summability theory. Over the course of nine chapters, the authors cover all of the fundamental concepts and equations informing summability theory and its applications, as well as some of its lesser known aspects. Following a brief introduction to the history of summability theory, general matrix methods are introduced, and the Silverman-Toeplitz theorem on regular matrices is discussed. A variety of special summability methods, including the Nrlund method, the Weighted Mean method, the Abel method, and the (C, 1) - method are next examined. An entire chapter is devoted to a discussion of some elementary Tauberian theorems involving certain summability methods. Following this are chapters devoted to matrix transforms of summability and absolute summability domains of reversible and normal methods; the notion of a perfect matrix method; matrix transforms of summability and absolute summability domains of the Cesàro and Riesz methods; convergence and the boundedness of sequences with speed; and convergence, boundedness, and summability with speed. Discusses results on matrix transforms of several matrix methods The only English-language textbook describing the notions of convergence, boundedness, and summability with speed, as well as their applications in approximation theory Compares the approximation orders of Fourier expansions in Banach spaces by different matrix methods Matrix transforms of summability domains of regular perfect matrix methods are examined Each chapter contains several solved examples and end-of-chapter exercises, including hints for solutions An Introductory Course in Summability Theory is the ideal first text in summability theory for graduate students, especially those having a good grasp of real and complex analysis. It is also a valuable reference for mathematics researchers and for physicists and engineers who work with Fourier series, Fourier transforms, or analytic continuation. ANTS AASMA, PhD, is Associate Professor of Mathematical Economics in the Department of Economics and Finance at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. HEMEN DUTTA, PhD, is Senior Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Gauhati University, India. P.N. NATARAJAN, PhD, is Formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

  • This book presents several aspects of research on mathematics that have significant applications in engineering, modelling and social matters, discussing a number of current and future social issues and problems in which mathematical tools can be beneficial. Each chapter enhances our understanding of the research problems in a particular an area of study and highlights the latest advances made in that area. The self-contained contributions make the results and problems discussed accessible to readers, and provides references to enable those interested to follow subsequent studies in still developing fields. Presenting real-world applications, the book is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and educators. It appeals to general readers curious about the practical applications of mathematics in diverse scientific areas and social problems.

  • This book explores several important aspects of recent developments in the interdisciplinary applications of mathematical analysis (MA), and highlights how MA is now being employed in many areas of scientific research. Each of the 23 carefully reviewed chapters was written by experienced expert(s) in respective field, and will enrich readers' understanding of the respective research problems, providing them with sufficient background to understand the theories, methods and applications discussed. The book's main goal is to highlight the latest trends and advances, equipping interested readers to pursue further research of their own.

    Given its scope, the book will especially benefit graduate and PhD students, researchers in the applied sciences, educators, and engineers with an interest in recent developments in the interdisciplinary applications of mathematical analysis.

  • This book discusses recent developments in and contemporary research on summability theory, including general summability methods, direct theorems on summability, absolute and strong summability, special methods of summability, functional analytic methods in summability, and related topics and applications. All contributing authors are eminent scientists, researchers and scholars in their respective fields, and hail from around the world. The book can be used as a textbook for graduate and senior undergraduate students, and as a valuable reference guide for researchers and practitioners in the fields of summability theory and functional analysis.  Summability theory is generally used in analysis and applied mathematics. It plays an important part in the engineering sciences, and various aspects of the theory have long since been studied by researchers all over the world. 

  • This book discusses significant research and study topics related to mathematical modelling and analysis of infectious diseases. It includes several models and modelling approaches with different aims, such as identifying and analysing causes of occurrence and re-occurrence, causes of spreading, treatments and control strategies. A valuable resource for researchers, students, educators, scientists, professionals and practitioners interested in gaining insights into various aspects of infectious diseases using mathematical modelling and mathematical analysis, the book will also appeal to general readers wanting to understand the dynamics of various diseases and related issues. Key FeaturesMathematical models that describe population prevalence or incidence of infectious diseasesMathematical tools and techniques to analyse data on the incidence of infectious diseasesEarly detection and risk estimate models of infectious diseasesMathematical models that describe the transmission of infectious diseases and analyse dataDynamical analysis and control strategies for infectious diseasesStudies comparing the utility of particular models in describing infected diseases-related issues such as social, health and economic

  • This book introduces readers to numerous multiplicative inverse functional equations and their stability results in various spaces. This type of functional equation can be of use in solving many physical problems and also has significant relevance in various scientific fields of research and study. In particular, multiplicative inverse functional equations have applications in electric circuit theory, physics, and relations connecting the harmonic mean and arithmetic mean of several values. Providing a wealth of essential insights and new concepts in the field of functional equations, the book is chiefly intended for researchers, graduate schools, graduate students, and educators, and can also used for seminars in analysis covering topics of functional equations. 

  • This book addresses key aspects of recent developments in applied mathematical analysis and its use. It also highlights a broad range of applications from science, engineering, technology and social perspectives. Each chapter investigates selected research problems and presents a balanced mix of theory, methods and applications for the chosen topics. Special emphasis is placed on presenting basic developments in applied mathematical analysis, and on highlighting the latest advances in this research area. The book is presented in a self-contained manner as far as possible, and includes sufficient references to allow the interested reader to pursue further research in this still-developing field. The primary audience for this book includes graduate students, researchers and educators; however, it will also be useful for general readers with an interest in recent developments in applied mathematical analysis and applications.

  • This book gathers original research papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences, held at Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey, on 20-22 April 2019. Focusing on computational methods in science, mathematical tools applied to engineering, mathematical modeling and new aspects of analysis, the book discusses the applications of mathematical modelling in areas such as health science, engineering, computer science, social science, and economics. It also describes a wide variety of analytical, computational, and numerical methods.

    The conference aimed to foster cooperation between students and researchers in the areas of computational mathematics and engineering sciences, and provide a platform for them to share significant research ideas. This book is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and educators interested in the mathematical tools and techniques required for solving various problems arising in science and engineering, and understanding new methods and uses of mathematical analysis.

  • This book presents a collection of original research papers from the 2nd International Conference on Mathematical and Related Sciences, held in Antalya, Turkey, on 27 - 30 April 2019 and sponsored/supported by Düzce University, Turkey; the University of Jordan; and the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku State University, Azerbaijan. The book focuses on various types of mathematical methods and models in applied sciences; new mathematical tools, techniques and algorithms related to various branches of applied sciences; and important aspects of applied mathematical analysis. It covers mathematical models and modelling methods related to areas such as networks, intelligent systems, population dynamics, medical science and engineering, as well as a wide variety of analytical and numerical methods. The conference aimed to foster cooperation among students, researchers and experts from diverse areas of mathematics and related sciences and to promote fruitful exchanges on crucial research in the field.This book is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and educators interested in applied mathematics and interactions of mathematics with other branches of science to provide insights into analysing, modelling and solving various scientific problems in applied sciences. 

  • This book includes different topics associated with integral and integro-differential equations and their relevance and significance in various scientific areas of study and research. Integral and integro-differential equations are capable of modelling many situations from science and engineering. Readers should find several useful and advanced methods for solving various types of integral and integro-differential equations in this book. The book is useful for graduate students, Ph.D. students, researchers and educators interested in mathematical modelling, applied mathematics, applied sciences, engineering, etc. 

    Key Features

    o                      New and advanced methods for solving integral and integro-differential equations

    o                      Contains comparison of various methods for accuracy

    o                      Demonstrates the applicability of integral and integro-differential equations in other scientific areas

    o                      Examines qualitative as well as quantitative properties of solutions of various types of integral and integro-differential equations

  • The volume contains original research papers as the Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Mathematics and Computing, held at Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Odisha, India, on 7-8 February, 2020. It focuses on new trends in applied analysis, computational mathematics and related areas. It also includes certain new models, image analysis technique, fluid flow problems, etc. as applications of mathematical analysis and computational mathematics.


    The volume should bring forward new and emerging topics of mathematics and computing having potential applications and uses in other areas of sciences. It can serve as a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and educators interested in mathematical tools and techniques for solving various problems arising in science and engineering.