Hong Zhou

  • China-EU Relations

    Hong Zhou

    This book provides a comprehensive review of relations between China and the EU from the perspectives of politics, economy and culture in order to provide a better understanding of the development of the China-EU Strategic Partnership over the past ten years and to explore its future direction. It goes on to discuss China-EU relations against the backdrop of global governance, as well as China's relations with some of the EU member states. The final part of the report presents a comparative analysis of China-EU relations and EU-US relations. This book will help readers to better understand the status quo and to predict China-EU relations in the near future.

  • Use popular data mining techniques in Microsoft Excel to better understand machine learning methods.Software tools and programming language packages take data input and deliver data mining results directly, presenting no insight on working mechanics and creating a chasm between input and output. This is where Excel can help.
    Excel allows you to work with data in a transparent manner. When you open an Excel file, data is visible immediately and you can work with it directly. Intermediate results can be examined while you are conducting your mining task, offering a deeper understanding of how data is manipulated and results are obtained. These are critical aspects of the model construction process that are hidden in software tools and programming language packages.
    /> This book teaches you data mining through Excel. You will learn how Excel has an advantage in data mining when the data sets are not too large. It can give you a visual representation of data mining, building confidence in your results. You will go through every step manually, which offers not only an active learning experience, but teaches you how the mining process works and how to find the internal hidden patterns inside the data.
    What You Will Learn
    Comprehend data mining using a visual step-by-step approachBuild on a theoretical introduction of a data mining method, followed by an Excel implementationUnveil the mystery behind machine learning algorithms, making a complex topic accessible to everyoneBecome skilled in creative uses of Excel formulas and functionsObtain hands-on experience with data mining and Excel
    Who This Book Is For
    Anyone who is interested in learning data mining or machine learning, especially data science visual learners and people skilled in Excel, who would like to explore data science topics and/or expand their Excel skills. A basic or beginner level understanding of Excel is recommended. 

  • This book systematically reviews the development of social policy since the establishment of the People's Republic of China. As such, it begins by investigating the establishment of the Insurance System in the early period, then moves on to the planned economy period, the Cultural Revolution period, and the Reform and Opening Up period, characterized by efforts to adapt to a market economy. For each period, the book examines the effect of the economic system, the mode of production and forms of employment for social policy design, so as to clarify the developing context of Chinese social policy, and to help readers grasp the legal aspects of social policy development and the main problems China faces in its present economic developmental stage.

  • This book analyzes the changes in and development of China's Foreign Aid Policy and Mechanisms over the past 60 years. It offers readers a thorough introduction to China's Aid to Africa; its Aid to Southeast Asian Countries; its Aid Policy Toward Central Asian Countries; and its Aid to Latin America and the Caribbean Region, as well as their respective influence. 

    Combining field research and surveys at the grass-roots level, the book argues that China's foreign aid policy is intended to help other countries and has changed the strategic pattern of Western countries imposing blockades on New China, and has thus played a key role in expanding and strengthening China's economic and political ties with many developing countries, restoring its legitimate seat in the United Nations and promoting the cause of cooperation with regard to international development. 

    Focusing on concrete examples rather than abstruse theories, the book further argues that foreign aid requires practical policies, suitable expertise and technologies; at the same time, international development - a field largely overlooked by scholars of international relations - can offer profound principles to shape international relations and foreign aid. 

  • Foreign aid has connected China and the international community through many channels, and created new types of strong partnerships throughout the world. As a recipient country, China and donors have engaged in an unprecedentedly deep level of cooperation on development-related issues. China's development experience has resulted in key changes to the relationships and partnerships between China and donors, from receiving foreign aid to entering into development cooperation. China has provided valuable experiences for other developing countries, experiences that are all the more relevant because they have revealed key factors at work in developing recipient countries. This has also led China to form closer cooperative relationships with other developing countries with regard to development issues. In short, foreign aid has changed China.

  • The book provides necessary knowledge for readers interested in developing the theory of uniform experimental design. It discusses measures of uniformity, various construction methods of uniform designs, modeling techniques, design and modeling for experiments with mixtures, and the usefulness of the uniformity in block, factorial and supersaturated designs.

    Experimental design is an important branch of statistics with a long history, and is extremely useful in multi-factor experiments. Involving rich methodologies and various designs, it has played a key role in industry, technology, sciences and various other fields. A design that chooses experimental points uniformly scattered on the domain is known as uniform experimental design, and uniform experimental design can be regarded as a fractional factorial design with model uncertainty, a space-filling design for computer experiments, a robust design against the model specification, and a supersaturated design and can be applied to experiments with mixtures.

  • This book covers the up-to-date advancement of respiratory monitoring in ventilation support as well as detecting the physiological responses to therapeutic interventions to avoid complications. Mechanical ventilation nowadays remains the cornerstone in life saving in critically ill patients with and without respiratory failure. However, conclusive evidences show that mechanical ventilation can also cause lung damage, specifically, in terms of ventilator-induced lung injury.
    Respiratory monitoring encloses a series of physiological and pathophysiological measurements, from basic gas exchange and ventilator wave forms to more sophisticated diaphragm function and lung volume assessments. The progress of respiratory monitoring has always been accompanied by advances in technology. However, how to properly conduct the procedures and correctly interpret the data requires clear definition.
    The book introduces respiratory monitoring techniques and data analysis, including gas exchange, respiratory mechanics, thoracic imaging, lung volume measurement, and extra-vascular lung water measurement in the initial part. How to interpret the acquired and derived parameters and to illustrate their clinical applications is presented thoroughly. In the following part, the applications of respiratory monitoring in specific diseases and conditions is introduced, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, obstructive pulmonary diseases, patient-ventilator asynchrony, non-invasive ventilation, brain injury with increased intracranial pressure, ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction, and weaning from mechanical ventilation.
    This book is intended primarily for ICU physicians and other practitioners including respiratory therapists, ICU nurses and trainees who come into contact with patients under mechanical ventilation. This book also provides guidance for clinical researchers who take part in respiratory and mechanical ventilation researches.

  • This book provides insight on processing mechanics during ship and offshore structure, and researchers, scientists, and engineers in the field of manufacturing process mechanics can benefit from the book. This book is written by subject experts based on the recent research results in FE computation on accuracy fabrication of ship and offshore structures based on processing mechanics. In order to deal with actual engineering problems during construction of ship and offshore structure, it proposes advanced computational approaches such as thermal elastic-plastic and elastic FE computations and employed to examine physical behavior and clarifies generation mechanism of mechanical response. As such, this book provides valuable knowledge, useful methods, and practical algorithms that can be considered in manufacturing process mechanics.