Karen Maitland

  • 1348.
    La peste s'abat sur l'Angleterre. Rites païens, sacrifices rituels et religieux : tous les moyens sont bons pour tenter de conjurer le sort. Dans le pays en proie à la panique et à l'anarchie, un petit groupe de neuf personnes réunies par le plus grand des hasard essaie de gagner le nord, afin d'échapper à la contagion. Bientôt, l'un d'eux est retrouvé pendu...
    Alors que la mort rôde, les survivants vont devoir résoudre l'énigme de ce décès avant qu'il ne soit trop tard...

  • Les âges sombres

    Karen Maitland

    Avec La Compagnie des menteurs, Karen Maitland a renouvelé le thriller historique. Avec Les Âges sombres, elle confirme sa maîtrise absolue du genre.

    1321. Les habitants d´Ulewic, une petite cité isolée de l´est de l´Angleterre, sont sous le joug de leur seigneur et de l´Église, celle-ci ayant supplanté, depuis quelques années, le paganisme qui régnait dans la région. Non loin du village s´est installée une petite communauté chrétienne de femmes, des béguines originaires de Belgique. Sous l´autorité de soeur Martha, elles ont jusqu´alors été assez bien tolérées. Mais les choses commencent à changer. Le pays connaît en effet des saisons de plus en plus rigoureuses, les récoltes sont gâchées, les troupeaux dévastés et le besoin d´un bouc émissaire se fait sentir. Neuf hommes du village, dont on ignore l´identité, vont profiter de la tension qui commence à monter pour restaurer un ordre ancien et obscur. Renouant avec de terribles rites païens, usant de la terreur, du meurtre et de la superstition, ils vont s´en prendre aux béguines, qui devront les démasquer et élucider les secrets du village avant que la région ne soit mise à feu et à sang.

    Avec cet ouvrage d´une intelligence et d´une érudition peu communes, Karen Maitland nous entraîne dans un Moyen-Âge d´un réalisme stupéfiant, sans jamais se départir d´un extraordinaire sens de l´intrigue et du suspense. Après La Compagnie des menteurs, élu meilleur livre de l´année par le New York Times et salué par une critique unanime, elle se hisse désormais au rang des grands maîtres du genre, aux côtés d´Umberto Eco ou de Iain Pears.

    Karen Maitland est née en 1956. Elle vit en Angleterre, dans le Norfolk. Après La Compagnie des menteurs, Les Âges sombres est son deuxième roman publié en France chez Sonatine Éditions.

  • 1210 and a black force is sweeping England.

    For a vengeful King John has seized control of the Church, leaving corpses to lie in unconsecrated ground, babies unbaptized in their cradles and the people terrified of dying in sin.

    And in the village of Gastmere, the consequences grow darker still when Elena, a servant girl, is dragged into a conspiracy to absolve the sins of the lord of the manor. As the terrors that soon begin to plague Elena's sleep grow darker, in desperation she visits the cunning woman, who has been waiting for just such an opportunity to fulfil an ancient curse conjured at the gallows.

    Elena, haunted by this curse and threatened with death for a crime she didn't commit, flees the village ... only to find her nightmare has barely begun.

    For treachery lurks in every shadow as King John's brutal reign makes enemies of brothers, murderers of virgins and sinners of us all.

  • The year is 1348 and the first plague victim has reached English shores. Panic erupts around the country and a small band of travellers comes together to outrun the deadly disease, unaware that something far more deadly is -in fact - travelling with them.

    The ill-assorted company - a scarred trader in holy relics, a conjurer, two musicians, a healer and a deformed storyteller - are all concealing secrets and lies. And at their heart is the strange, cold child - Narigorm - who reads the runes.

    But as law and order breaks down across the country and the battle for survival becomes ever more fierce, Narigorm mercilessly compels each of her fellow travellers to reveal the truth ... and each in turn is driven to a cruel and unnatural death.

  • 'A richly evocative page-turner ... with a disturbing final twist worthy of a master of the spine-tingler, such as Henry James' Daily Express England, 1321. Deep in the heart of countryside lies an isolated village governed by a sinister regime of Owl Masters - theirs is a pagan world of terror and blackmail, where neighbour denounces neighbour and sin is punishable by murder.

    This dark status quo is disturbed by the arrival of a house of religious women, who establish a community outside the village. Why do their crops succeed when village crops fail; their cattle survive despite the plague? But petty jealousy turns deadly when the women give refuge to a young martyr. For she dies a gruesome death after spitting the sacramental host into flames that can't burn it - what magic is this? Or is the martyr now a saint and the host a holy relic?

    Accusations of witchcraft and heresy run rife while the Owl Masters rain down hellfire and torment on the women, who must look to their faith to save them from the lengthening shadow of Evil ... a shadow with predatory, terrifying talons.

    Karen Maitland lives in Lincolnshire and is the author of The White Room, which won an Author's Club Best First Novel Award, and Company of Liars, published to outstanding critical acclaim in 2008.

  • The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland, author of the hugely popular Company of Liars will thrill fans of CJ Sansom and Kate Mosse with its chilling recreation of the Peasants' Revolt. It offers an intelligent, beautifully researched glimpse of a more deadly, superstitious era ...

    'A compelling blend of historical grit and supernatural twists' Daily Mail on The Falcons of Fire and Ice The reign of Richard II is troubled, the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets. It's a case of every man for himself, whatever his status or wealth. But in a world where nothing can be taken at face value, who can you trust?

    The dour wool merchant?
    /> His impulsive son?
    The stepdaughter with the hypnotic eyes?
    Or the raven-haired widow clutching her necklace of bloodstones?

    And when people start dying unnatural deaths and the peasants decide it's time to fight back, it's all too easy to spy witchcraft at every turn.

  • The Falcons of Fire and Ice by Karen Maitland, author of the hugely popular Company of Liars, is a powerful historical thriller which takes you right back to the darkest corners of the 16th century. Intelligently written and meticulously researched, it is a real treat for all fans of CJ Sansom and Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.

    'A tour de force: dark and woven with the supernatural' Daily Mail 1564, Lisbon. The Inquisition displays its power and ruthlessly spreads fear. Heretics are tortured and burned. Any who oppose the Church's will realize that silence is preferable to a slow and agonizing death.

    Isabela, daughter of the Falconer at the Royal Court, is about to be caught in the Church's terrifying schemes. The slaughter of two of the King's precious white falcons sees her father arrested and imprisoned. As punishment he and his family will be killed unless the birds are replaced.

    Isabela, young and headstrong, decides that only she can save her father. These birds are impossibly rare, and she will have to travel far and into strange lands to find them to clear her father's name. It is a journey that will take her into a dark and dangerous world filled with menacing people driven by fearful beliefs.

    And, unfortunately for Isabela, the Church has sent a companion to ensure she never returns . . .

    Step back in time with Karen Maitland's Dark Tales and discover a world full of imagination in The Falcons of Fire and Ice - 'a thrilling horrible vision of the Dark Ages' Metro Karen Maitland travelled and worked in many parts of the United Kingdom before finally settling in the beautiful medieval city of Lincoln. She is the author of The White Room, Company of Liars, The Owl Killersand The Gallows Curse. The latter three titles are available as Penguin paperbacks.

  • The Raven's Head by Karen Maitland, author of the bestselling and much-loved Company of Liars, will delight fans of Kate Mosse or Deborah Harkness seeking a new, dark fix.

    'A compelling blend of historical grit and supernatural twists' Daily Mail on The Falcons of Fire and Ice Vincent is an apprentice librarian who stumbles upon a secret powerful enough to destroy his master. With the foolish arrogance of youth, he attempts blackmail but the attempt fails and Vincent finds himself on the run and in possession of an intricately carved silver raven's head.

    Any attempt to sell the head fails ... until Vincent tries to palm it off on the intimidating Lord Sylvain - unbeknown to Vincent, a powerful Alchemist with an all-consuming quest. Once more Vincent's life is in danger because Sylvain and his neighbours, the menacing White Canons, consider him a predestined sacrifice in their shocking experiment.

    Chilling and with compelling hints of the supernatural, The Raven's Head is a triumph for Karen Maitland, Queen of the Dark Ages.

  • The Plague Charmer, by Karen Maitland, Queen of the Dark Ages and bestselling author of Company of Liars, will chill and delight fans of C.J. Sansom and Kate Mosse's Citadel in equal measure. 'A compelling blend of historical grit and supernatural twists' - Daily MailRiddle me this: I have a price, but it cannot be paid in gold or silver.1361. Porlock Weir, Exmoor. Thirteen years after the Great Pestilence, plague strikes England for the second time. Sara, a packhorse man's wife, remembers the horror all too well and fears for safety of her children. Only a dark-haired stranger offers help, but at a price that no one will pay.Fear gives way to hysteria in the village and, when the sickness spreads to her family, Sara finds herself locked away by neighbours she has trusted for years. And, as her husband - and then others - begin to die, the cost no longer seems so unthinkable.The price that I ask, from one willing to pay... A human life.

  • La malédiction de Norfolk

    Karen Maitland

    • Sonatine
    • 18 Septembre 2014

    1208. Le pape Innocent III, en conflit avec le roi Jean, prononce un interdit sur tout le royaume d'Angleterre. Les églises et les cimetières sont fermés, le haut clergé quitte le pays, les prêtres ont défense de célébrer les offices ou de conférer les sacrements - ni confession, ni mariage, ni extrême-onction. S'ensuit un véritable chaos spirituel dans le royaume, en particulier chez les plus démunis, ceux pour qui la foi est le seul recours.
    C'est dans ce contexte particulièrement difficile qu'une jeune paysanne, Elena, est appelée au service du seigneur de Gastmere, dans le comté de Norfolk. Là, on l'oblige à s'adonner à un étrange rituel, celui des « mangeurs de péchés », consistant, en l'absence d'extrême-onction, à prendre sur sa conscience tous les péchés non expiés d'un mourant. Cette cérémonie va être le début d'une véritable descente aux enfers pour la jeune fille qui se retrouve bientôt accusée de meurtre.
    Son cauchemar ne fait que commencer. Après La Compagnie des menteurs et Les Âges sombres, Karen Maitland nous propose un nouveau voyage dans un Moyen Âge d'un réalisme stupéfiant. Dressant le portrait d'un royaume dévasté par le retour des croisades, la querelle avec le Saint-Siège et l'imminence d'une guerre contre la France, elle nous immerge littéralement dans cette Angleterre gothique où rites et superstitions sont omniprésents.