Martin Limon

  • Anglais Mr. Kill

    Martin Limon

    On a crowded train to Seoul from Pusan, a Korean woman is trapped in the bathroom and brutally raped in front of her children. Eyewitness account indicate the culprit was a white man, most likely a US serviceman. By the time Sergeant George Sueño of the US 8th Army is called in to investigate, the rapist has disappeared, and the Korean witnesses have had a chance to get very angry about the situation--and all it represents. Many Koreans are resentful of the continued American presence in Korea, and George has a delicate situation on his hands.
    Of course, the US Army wants to do what they can to ensure they are not connected to the crime. If he wants to see justice done, George is going to have to carry out his investigation against the direct orders of his own office, who have assigned him and his partner, Ernie Bascom, a frivolous job of tagging along with an all-female American country band and investigating their missing supplies. But when a second Korean woman is attacked--and this time ends up dead--8th Army can't ignore the serial rapist anymore. With the help of the legendary Korean investigator known as Mr. Kill, George and Ernie embark on what may just be the most dangerous case of their careers.

  • Meet Sergeants George Sueño and Ernie Bascom in their first investigation, set in 1970s South Korea
    Almost twenty years after the end of the Korean War, the US Military is still present throughout South Korea, and tensions run high. Koreans look for any opportunity to hate the soldiers who drink at their bars and carouse with their women. When Pak Ok-suk, a young Korean woman, is found brutally murdered in a torched apartment in the Itaewon red-light district of Seoul, it looks like it might be the work of her American soldier boyfriend. Sergeants George Sueño and Ernie Bascom, Military Police for the US 8th Army, are assigned to the case, but they have nothing to go on other than a tenuous connection to an infamous prostitute. As repressed resentments erupt around them, the pair sets out on an increasingly dangerous quest to find evidence that will exonerate their countryman.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais The Joy Brigade

    Martin Limon

    @20@In this pulse-racing ninth adventure, Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o heads north of Korea's DMZ on a mission to prevent war between the Communist North and the American-allied South@21@.@16@@95@#160;@16@Seoul, early 1970s: US Army Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o is on a mission of extreme importance to the South Korean government, as well as the US Army. Kim Il-Sung has vowed to reunite North and South Korea into one country before he hands control of the government over to his son, which means North Korea is planning to cross the DMZ and overpower the American-allied South Korean government. Sue@95@ntilde;o's mission is to prevent this by sneaking into North Korea and obtaining an ancient map detailing the network of secret tunnels that run underneath the DMZ. To do so, he will have to go undercover and infiltrate the North Korean Communist inner sanctum.@16@@95@#160;@16@Aware of the often dubious nature of the US Military's tactics, Sue@95@ntilde;o is skeptical about his assignment. But he has other things on his mind. The keeper of the map is Doc Yong, a former lover of Sue@95@ntilde;o's who was forced to flee South Korea the year before@95@mdash;and she has a son. Before they can be happily reunited, the plan falls to pieces, and Sue@95@ntilde;o is captured. Can he rely on the enigmatic Hero Kang, his sole contact in the hostile country? Will the lovely Rhee Mi-Sook, the leader of the North Korean secret police, be too much to handle? And who are the mysterious group of women known as the Joy Brigade?

  • Anglais G.I. Bones

    Martin Limon

    @20@The sixth Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o investigation@21@@16@@16@A Korean fortune-teller is haunted by a long-dead American soldier who wants his bones found and buried. A Latino soldier and the underage daughter of a white American officer are missing. Several notorious Korean gangsters who own bars in Itaewon@95@mdash;Seoul@12@s red light district@95@mdash;have been killed. American military police officers George Sue@95@ntilde;o and Ernie Bascom must dig deep into the bloody history of Itaewon in order to find out who killed the dead soldier, who@12@s taking revenge on the gang lords, and where to find the missing girl.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Trade Paperback edition.@19@

  • @20@The fourth Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o Investigation@21@@16@@16@Seoul, 1970s: As North Korea menaces and Vietnam burns, US 8th Army CID agent Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o and his partner, Ernie Bascom, weave through back alleys and bordellos, trying to tip the scales of justice back in the right direction. This time, they@12@re not just pursuing criminals@95@mdash;they@12@re chasing themselves. Homicidal thieves have gotten hold of George@12@s badge and are using it to trick their victims for just long enough to strike@95@mdash;with his gun. The army wants the equipment accounted for, and the ID and weapon recovered. George and Ernie want to salvage their reputation, such as it is@95@mdash;and to stop the cold-blooded killings being committed in their names.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Trade Paperback edition.@19@

  • Praise for Martin Lim@95@#243;n: @16@@16@@95@ldquo;It@12@s great to have these two mavericks back. . . . Mr. Lim@95@#243;n writes with . . . wonderful, bleak humor, edged in pain, about GI life.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The New York Times Book Review@19@ @16@@16@@95@ldquo;Lim@95@#243;n@12@s crisp, clear storytelling opens a door to another world and leaves one hoping the next installment won@12@t be so long in arriving.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The Baltimore Sun@19@ @16@@16@@95@ldquo;Lim@95@#243;n has the military lingo and ambience down to a T. Plot, pacing, and plausibility are just about perfect.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@The Philadelphia Inquirer@19@ (editor@12@s choice) @16@@16@@95@ldquo;As usual, Lim@95@#243;n paints a picture of Korea in the mid-1970s that is so detailed and richly atmospheric that the reader@12@s senses are flooded with the sounds, smells, and tastes of the place. Fans of the Sue@95@#241;o-Bascom series, who have been waiting eagerly for a new novel, can relax. It was well worth the wait.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;@18@Booklist@19@ (starred review) @16@@16@The only female MP assigned to a base in the DMZ is missing. Has she been abducted, killed, or, possibly, gone AWOL? Eighth Army cops George Sue@95@#241;o and Ernie Bascom, sent to find her, discover a murder that has been concealed, rampant black marketeering and corruption, crooked officers, rioting Korean civilians, and the wandering ghost of a schoolgirl run down by a speeding army truck. It is up to them to right egregious wrongs while being pursued by criminals who want to kill them. @16@@16@ @20@Martin Lim@95@#243;n@21@ is the author of four earlier books in the Sue@95@#241;o-Bascom series. His debut, @18@Jade Lady Burning@19@, was a @18@New York Times@19@ Notable Book.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Hardcover edition.@19@

  • This grisly, terrifying thriller follows CID Agents George Sueño and Ernie Bascom across the Korean Peninsula in their search for a lost artifact
    South Korea, 1970s: Retired Army officer Herman Burkowicz has quite a lucrative setup smuggling rare Korean artifacts. But then his nine-year-old foster daughter, Mi-ja, is abducted, and her kidnappers demand a ransom Burkowicz doesn’t have: a priceless jade skull from the age of Genghis Khan. Sueño and Bascom--more accustomed to chasing felons and black marketeers in the back alleys of Itaewon than ancient treasures--go in over their heads as they agree to search for the skull, a journey that will lead them to a crime that threatens the fragile peace between South Korea and the US Army units living on its Korean soil.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais Slicky Boys

    Martin Limon

    @20@The second Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o investigation, follow-up to the@95@#160;@18@New York Times@19@@95@#160;Notable @18@Jade Lady Burning@19@@21@@16@@16@ The Slicky Boys rule the back alleys of 1970s Seoul. They can kill a man in a thousand gruesome ways. And you@12@ll never even see them coming. In order to combat the poverty facing South Korea, they sneak onto well-stocked American military compounds to steal, murder anyone in their way, and vanish. US Army Sergeant George Sue@95@ntilde;o and his partner, Ernie Bascom, take on the perilous mission of infiltrating this underground criminal syndicate when an innocent favor for an Itaewon bar girl leads to murder.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Trade Paperback edition.@19@

  • Anglais Nightmare Range

    Martin Limon

    Twenty years ago, Martin Limón published his first mystery story featuring Sergeant George Sueño, a young Mexican American army detective stationed on the US 8th Army base in South Korea in the early 1970s, the heart of the Cold War. George and his investigating partner, the rowdy and short-fused Sergeant Ernie Bascom, are assigned cases in which the 8th Army has come into conflict with local Korean law enforcement--often incidents in which American soldiers, who are not known for being on their best behavior in their Asian host country, have committed a crime. George Sueño's job is partially to solve crimes, but mostly to cover top brass's backside and make sure the US Army doesn't look bad. Thoughtful, observant George, who is conversant in Korean, constantly faces difficult choices about whether to follow his orders or his conscience.
    Nine critically acclaimed novels later, Soho Crime is releasing a collection of Martin Limón's award-winning short stories featuring Sergeants Sueño and Bascom. The stories within have been published over the last twenty years in a variety of magazines, mostly in Alfred Hitchcock, but have never before been available in book form. This beautifully produced limited-edition hardcover volume is sure to attract both critical attention and to appeal to collectors. A must-have for literary mystery readers.

  • When a U.S. Army Claims officer stationed in South Korea is murdered in grisly fashion the roustabout duo of George Sueño and Ernie Bascom go against orders to track a calculating killer.
    Early one rainy morning, the head of the 8th United States Army Claims Office in Seoul, South Korea, is brutally murdered by a Korean man in a trench coat with a small iron sickle hidden in his sleeve. The attack is a complete surprise, carefully planned and clinically executed. How did this unidentified Korean civilian get onto the tightly controlled US Army base? And why attack the claims officer--is there an unsettled grudge, a claim of damages that was rejected by the US Army?
    Against orders, CID agents George Sueño and Ernie Bascom start to investigate. Somehow, no one they speak to has been interviewed yet. The 8th Army isn't great at solving cases, but they aren't usually this bad, either. George and Ernie begin to suspect that someone doesn’t want the case solved.
    Martin Limón proves once again why he is hailed by his peers as one of the greatest military writers of his time.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais The Ville Rat

    Martin Limon

    How much can murder buy on the black market in 1974 South Korea?
    South Korea, 1970s: A young Korean woman dressed in a traditional chima-jeogori is found strangled to death on the frozen banks of the Sonyu River with only a carefully calligraphed poem in her sleeve. George Sueño and Ernie Bascom, sergeants in the US 8th Army CID, are called in by the formidable KNP detective Gil Kwon-up to investigate. George and Ernie's job is to liaise with Korean law enforcement on matters that may involve or implicate 8th Army American servicemen.
    But as they learn about the case, George and Ernie realize this isn't their jurisdiction--the nearby village of Sonyu-ri is occupied by the US Army's 2nd Infantry Division, a disciplined and often brutal force that won't stand for outside officers questioning its men. All that George and Ernie are able to glean before being kicked out of town is that they are close to the truth--and that a mysterious smuggler, known locally as "the Ville Rat," holds the key to the woman's murder.
    Luckily, the pair is officially assigned another investigation in the area, which allows them to continue nosing around for answers. They are to elucidate the circumstances of a shooting incident between a young African American private and his white supervising chief. Racial tensions run high, and George and Ernie must tread carefully to solve both cases. But they aren't exactly known for going out of their way to avoid stepping on US Army toes, and this is no exception.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • South Korea, 1974. US Army CID Sergeants George Sue@95@ntilde;o and Ernie Bascom are assigned an underwhelming case of petty theft: Major Frederick M. Schulz has accused Miss Jo Kyong-ja, an Itaewon bar girl, of stealing twenty-five thousand @18@won@19@ from him@95@mdash;a sum equaling less than fifty US dollars. After two very divergent accounts of what happened, Miss Jo is attacked, and Schulz is found hacked to death only days later. Did tensions simply escalate to the point of murder?@16@@16@Looking into other motives for Schulz@12@s death, George and Ernie discover that the major was investigating the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion: the Army@12@s counterintelligence arm, solely dedicated to tracking North Korean spies. The division is rife with suspects, but it@12@s dangerous to speak out against them in a period of Cold War finger-pointing. As George and Ernie go head-to-head with the battalion@12@s powerful, intimidating commander, Lance Blood, they learn that messing with the 501st can have very personal consequences.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Hardcover edition.@19@

  • @20@@20@Martin Lim@95@oacute;n@12@s series set in 1970s South Korea, an era of heightened Korean sociopolitical tension, pits Army CID agents Sue@95@ntilde;o@21@ and Bascom@20@ @21@against a mysterious woman who may be the leader of a gang@95@mdash;or a thousand-year-old creature.@16@@16@@21@Three American GIs have gone missing in different South Korean cities. Sergeants George Sue@95@ntilde;o and Ernie Bascom, agents for the Army CID, link the disappearances to a woman locally rumored to be a gumiho, a legendary thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox disguised as a woman. George suspects that the woman is no mythical creature, but a criminal who@12@s good at covering her tracks. @16@@16@Meanwhile, George and Ernie are caught in a power struggle between two high-ranking women in the 8th Army. Scrambling to appease his boss and stay one step ahead of a psychotic mastermind, George realizes he will have to risk his life to discover the whereabouts of his fellow countrymen.