Patricia Robin

  • A sensitive, intensely dramatic story of a woman's search for fulfilment in love ... When her first marriage had gone on the rocks, she had sworn to herself it would never happen again. She and David had been so young, so unfitted to the monumental task of marriage and parenthood. The baby had died and so had the marriage. Now after six years of her second marriage she was again standing at the crossroads.

  • At first Jerry fulfilled all Lynn's dreams and desires, but her love gradually dimmed when his unfaithfulness continued. When she meets Philip Castle, Lynn finds a true friend, and as Philip's love is revealed, Lynn's own feelings taken on a new meaning.

  • Jennifer Ames was not beautiful but she had a certain something that kept Peter Barrington in willing thraldom for ten years. One day they hoped to marry, and to speed the happy day, Jenny takes a job as governess to Lord Barclay's twin children, Michael and Marie.When Jenny arrives at the Worcestershire manor house, she find herself engulfed in mystery. Why does the tall, good-looking Derek both fascinate and frighten her?A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first published in 1951 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • For Ann Elgar, the chance to work in a Swiss resort at Madame Menton's ski club is a golden opportunity. Luc Menton, her employer's son, makes her especially welcome and soon it is clear that his affection is turning into love.But Anne is spellbound by the sophisticated French actor, Paul Duret who makes no secret of his infatuation with her. The more Luc and Madame Menton warn her against Paul, the greater becomes her desire to be with him...A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first published in 1969 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • 'Always love life' was the message Briony Stone's first sweetheart left with her before he was killed in an air crash.It seems strange that the same thought should be voiced by Robert Baker, the young vet whom she has known such a short time, but to whom she is so unaccountably drawn. Briony, now married to the snobbish, unimaginative Charles, realises too late that she has disregarded her lover's advice, running away from life into marriage with a man she likes and respects but doesn't love. What is she to do?

  • Tamily has won the love of handsome and amusing Dick Allenton, her childhood companion and heir to the Allenton estates. But her marriage to the charming but irresponsible Dick is rocked by his love affair with the sophisticated American Carol Holmer and Tamily's own growing affection for the Allenton bailiff, Adam Bond.When tragedy intervenes, Dick begins to realise where his heart really lies. But he does not anticipate the outcome of his fierce emotional entanglement with the determined Carol.A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first published in 1964 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • What happens when a young man and a young woman, each bitterly distrustful of the opposite sex, not only meet but find themselves sharing the same country house? At first Luisa, returning home from abroad, finds herself hating Martyn Saunders, a young vet injured in the war. Martyn becomes engaged to Luisa's best friend, and too late he and Luisa discover their love for one another. First loyalty, then an accident, contrive to keep them apart, and when reconciliation seems likely, another woman from Martyn's past interferes, until love at last finds a solution to all their problems.

  • Sue is trying to forget a broken love affair when she meets Ross Bryant. Handsome and successful, he is everything any woman could want -- but Sue isn't just any woman. Although she allows Ross to make love to her, her whole being is still wrapped-up in the tortured affair with the married Paul.Bewildered and shattered, Sue contemplates the two men in her life -- the darkly handsome Ross, the debonair Paul who desperately wants her back. But how does a woman choose, or reject? How can she settle for a love less true and passionate than the one she knew?

  • Mary Bradbourne's aunt brought her up after her parents died. When she was ten, her aunt had a son, Jackie, who was left with a mental handicap as the result of an accident. Unselfish and affectionate, Mary has dedicated her life to caring for him.But then she meets Dr Paul Deal. As her feelings for him intensify, she is faced with a dilemma. How will she be able to care for her cousin when she knows that she must follow her heart?
    A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first published in 1956 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • Eve has been brought up at Corderhay Park by her adoptive parents Jack and Antoinette Corderhay, along with her younger half-sister Anne-Marie. As they grow up, Anne-Marie becomes a spoilt, wilful young woman who will stop at nothing to get her own way.During a holiday in Paris, Anne-Marie makes a desperate phone call which results in Eve rushing over to France. What she discovers has life-changing consequences for their family and friends, and especially for Eve herself.It looks as though once again Anne-Marie has taken her happiness with no thought for anyone else...A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first published in 1952 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • Everything had to be arranged well in advance for Lucy's husband -
    even their love making. But now she was in love with Geoff - himself
    married to a hopeless alcoholic - and was living through all the joy
    and agony that only forbidden love can cause.

  • What is love? wondered Kerry. She loved her husband, artist Luke Austin,
    and for her it was an agony. Patient Steve loved Kerry though, and had done
    for years, staying faithful to her through all the tempestuous period of her marriage.

  • Allerton Manor was the only home Tammy had ever known - and the Allerton family treated her as their own. But when she realised that her love for Dick Allerton had changed from the careless affection of childhood to the mature love of a woman, she was heartbroken when Dick still treated her as his little sister. When the final blow fell, and she thought she had lost not only Dick, but the only other thing that made her life bearable, she was in despair.

  • Gina longed to share her life with the man she loved, but Charles told her
    love must wait. Gina must learn sophistication, devote herself to becoming
    a suitable wife for a fashionable author. Charles's apparent indifference saddened and frightened Gina, for she was
    horrified by the new Charles who she couldn't understand. In bewilderment,
    she turned to Peter for help and by doing so resolved her problems and found
    the love for which she had waited.

  • When Samantha's father dies, she marries Ronnie Curtis, an up and coming author
    who loves her dearly. Samantha still yearns for Andrew, her student flame, but feels
    Ronnie will be able to support her brother, Seymour.Andrew comes back and Ronnie insists that Smantha finds out just what she feels.
    When Paula, an ex-girlfriend of Ronnie's tells lies to Andrew and tries to cause
    trouble for Ronnie, Samantha finds she must decide who she really cares for.

  • When Judith and Rocky elope to Gretna Green they sincerely believe marriage will solve all their problems. But the elopement proves to be the beginning of an entirely new set of difficulties... Rocky begins to wonder if his parents were right - is he even in love? Were they too young after all? And in the background Gavin, Judith's boss, watches her disillusionment with a concern which is growing into something more.

  • Sally Marsden must rebuild her career and her personal life when a car accident leaves her both physically and emotionally scarred. Sally once had everything she wanted: a promising career as a model and a photographer boyfriend. That is, until the accident which subjects her to months of hospital treatment for facial injuries, and leaves Mike Chancery too guilt-ridden to continue their relationship. With her career cut short, a skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps provides a change of perspective. A young ski instructor, Johann, starts to play a minor role in Sally's recovery...but then, by an unfortunate coincidence, Mike arrives at the same resort. Heartache, jealousy and love become interwoven, and it seems the idyllic Alpine resort Sally has chosen is set for an emotional showdown.

  • When Harriet Rothman's father dies suddenly leaving her penniless, the chance of renting out the family house, Swallow Grange, seems a temporary soulution to her immediate financial problems. But by renting Swallow Grange to young widower Martin Blake, Harriet exposes herself to Blake's private, tormented world - and that of his autistic son, Peter. Unlike Martin's sister-in-law, Molly, Harriet has a way with Peter and she willingly postpones her university studies to care for the boy. But Molly's jealousy, Martin's worry and Peter's needs weigh heavily upon her, as do the expectations of Justin, her husband to be...

  • When a body turns up drowned in the quiet English village of Ashwyck, reporter Bob Rudgely's attempt to the identify the man leads him to discover more about the sleepy village then her ever imagined. As the case unfolds, Bob's loving relationship with the art teacher Sandie White seems to unravel in almost parallel proportions. It looks as if Sandie will even turn to another man who's in love with her - golf pro Bill Wells - for consolation as Bob becomes more and more absorbed in the mystery of Ashwyck.

  • When Mandy's boyfriend dies in a motorbike accident, she is left alone with a young child and little money. So when her son's uncle Jon offers her a job as his receptionist - as well as a home with him and his beautiful but spoilt wife, Gillian - she gratefully accepts. But Mandy soon becomes aware of Jon's unhappiness, as well as her own growing love for him. Perhaps if she accepts the attentions of Mike Sinclair, an attractive Irish bachelor, it will help her to keep her true feelings hidden...

  • When Phillida Bethel takes her first holiday job as her mother's help to
    beautiful Suzanne Kingley, she never guesses what lies in store for her
    on the exotic Topaz Island. Danger, romance, adventure and excitement
    are to come her way in full measure.Inexperienced as she is, she has no yardstick by which to assess the
    fascinating American boy, Jeff Aymon. But it is the English student,
    Greg Somerville, who seems the only safe haven when this world of beauty
    suddenly becomes sinister...
    A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first
    published in 1965 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • Gina and Charles Martin are young and passionately in love. Their
    marriage is perfect until Gina learns that she cannot have children.Her husband's failure to understand the effect this has on her causes
    her need for a baby to grow into an obsession. Gradually the young
    couple's relationship deteriorates until they are little more than
    strangers and their intense love little more than a memory.Gina hopes first to adopt a baby, then to foster a child, before in
    desperation seeking a solution outside the law...A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first
    published in 1965 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • Sheridan Adams, young, attractive, but saddened by disillusionment, is
    totally unlike the fat, smiling, middle-aged housekeeper Richard Hayden
    has in mind when he advertises in the local paper. A young widower, left
    alone with his small son Dick, he badly needs someone to look after his
    home.Sherry, though she may not be quite the person he has pictured, suits
    the post admirably. Having found a home for herself and her little
    daughter Anne, she is able to forget her troubles for a time.But her tranquillity is short-lived and it is only after many
    misunderstandings that Sherry can find true happiness.A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first
    published in 1953 and now available for the first time in eBook.

  • Evelyn, Gay and Margaret are sisters. When their widowed mother dies,
    the caring Evelyn is thrust into looking after Margaret, who was born
    blind. Gay, always pursuing her own interests, is happy to be taken out
    by the rich Gordon de Verriland, leaving Evelyn wondering if she will
    ever meet someone herself.When Nicky March comes into Evelyn's life, could he be the one for her?
    Or will Gay's selfishness ruin her hope of love?A compelling classic romance from the inimitable Patricia Robins, first
    published in 1945 and now available for the first time in eBook.