Palgrave Pivot

  • Anglais Communication and Conflict Studies


  • Anglais Mining and the Law in Africa

    Victoria R. Nalule

  • Anglais Management Studies in South Africa


  • Anglais Queering the Family in The Walking Dead

    John R. Ziegler

  • Anglais History, Policy and Public Purpose

    Alix R. Green

  • Anglais Cultural Meanings and Social Institutions

    David R. Heise

  • Anglais Authoritarian Modernism in East Asia

    Mark R. Thompson

  • Anglais Nanotechnology and Scientific Communication

    Deborah R. Bassett

  • Anglais Democracy in Iran

    R. Jahanbegloo

  • Anglais Taming Capital Flows


  • Anglais Debt, Democracy and the Welfare State

    R. Hannesson

  • Anglais Age and Foreign Language Learning in School


  • Anglais Paying Bribes for Public Services


  • Anglais Cultural Awareness in the Military


  • Anglais The Legacy of Desegregation

    R. Maples

  • Anglais Cyberbullying

    Lucy R. Betts

  • Anglais The Political Economy of the Egyptian Revolution

    R. Roccu

  • Anglais Justice and Responsibility-Sensitive Egalitarianism

    R. Robinson