Rex Miller

  • Use the right tool the right way
    Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic/digital controls, is the ultimate guide to basic machine shop equipment and how to use it. Whether you're a professional machinist, an apprentice, a trade student, or a handy homeowner, this fully illustrated volume helps you define tools and use them properly and safely. It's packed with review questions for students, and loaded with answers you need on the job.
    Mark Richard Miller is a Professor and Chairman of the Industrial Technology Department at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas.
    * Understand basic machine shop practice and safety measures
    * Recognize the variations in similar tools and the purposes they serve
    * Learn recommended methods of mounting work in different machines
    * Obtain a complete working knowledge of numerically controlled machines and the operations they perform
    * Review procedures for safe and efficient use of cutting tools and cutters
    * Expand your knowledge with clear, step-by-step illustrations of proper equipment set-up and operation

  • Make your shop safe and smart
    If you're a machinist or a student of the trade, this second volume in Audel's machine shop library offers concise, to-the-point coverage of everything you need to know. You'll find definitions of all the shop tools; guidelines for set-up, safe operation, maintenance, and repair; illustrations and diagrams; review questions for students, and much more. Expect it to become one of your most-used tools.
    * Master all types of saws, drills, lathes, milling machinery, metal-finishing machines, and more
    * Learn safe operating procedures for cutting tools and the best ways to mount work in the machines
    * Find current details on new machines with electronic/digital controls
    * Understand how ultrasonics are used in metalworking
    /> * Explore information on machine shop robotics and electronics
    * Discover valuable tips for hobbyists, woodworkers, and home-shop owners

  • The fastest, easiest way to shift culture toward engagement and productivity Change Your Space, Change Your Culture is a guide to transforming business by rethinking the workplace. Written by a team of trail-blazing leaders, this book reveals the secrets of companies that discovered the power of culture and space. This insightful guide reveals what companies lose by viewing office space as something to manage or minimize. With practical tips and implementation details, the book helps the reader see that the workspace is, in fact, a crucial driver of productivity and morale. Change Your Space, Change Your Culture was born out of recent studies that expose truly outrageous "Oh, my God" realities: More than 70 percent of the workforce either hates their job or they are just going through the motions. Half of all office space is wasted. Those shattering facts exist because office space is generally regarded as "overhead" or "sunk cost." Most buildings today clearly communicate the low priority placed on people-friendly design. Poor workforce engagement is baked into the culture. This book provides guidance on turning this around, by rethinking and reshaping space to align with the way people work. Specifically, this book moves from the high-altitude view down to the details on how to: Discover the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to shift culture Add square footage by using space more effectively Boost employee engagement and vitality by the creative use of space Learn how space can become a powerful productivity tool We all know that design, space, and flow have a powerful effect on the human psyche. Our homes, museums, sports arenas, places of worship, and even airport terminals reveal that. Environment can inspire dread or enthusiasm, distraction or focus, collaboration or isolation. That's why the office must be designed to inspire the desired culture and workflow - if it's not properly designed, no program, training or rules will be effective over time. Change Your Space, Change Your Culture is the practical guide to office space, the foundation of an engaging culture.

  • As it currently operates, the commercial real estate constructionindustry is a disaster full of built-in waste. Seventy-percent ofall projects end over budget and late. The buildingSMART Allianceestimates that up to fifty-percent of the process is consumed inwaste. Almost every project includes massive hidden taxes in theform of delays, cost overruns, poor quality, and work that has tobe redone. Building new structures is a fragmented, adversarialprocess that commonly results in dissatisfied customers andfrequently ends in disappointment, bitterness, and even litigation.The industry must change—for its own good and that of itscustomers. But while the industry has tried to reform itself, itcan’t do it alone. Real change can only come from businessowners and executives who refuse to continue paying for adysfunctional system and demand a new way of doing business.The Commercial Real Estate Revolution is a bold manifestofor change from the Mindshift consortium—a group of topcommercial real estate industry leaders who are fed up with asystem that simply doesn’t work. The book explains howbusiness leaders can implement nine principles for any project thatwill dramatically cut costs, end delays, create better buildings,and force the industry into real reform.The Commercial Real Estate Revolution offers a radicallynew way of doing business—a beginning-to-end, trust-basedmethodology that transforms the building process from top tobottom. Based on unifying principles and a common framework thatmeets the needs of all stakeholders, this new system canreform and remake commercial construction into an industrywe’re proud to be a part of.If you’re one of the millions of hardcore cynics who workin commercial construction, you probably think this sounds like piein the sky. But this is no magic bullet; it’s a call for realreform. If you’re an industry professional who’s sickof letting down clients or an owner who’s sick of costoverruns and endless delays, The Commercial Real EstateRevolution offers a blueprint for fixing a broken industry.

  • Featuring updated charts dealing with the most common situations welding workers face on the job , this comprehensive, pocket-sized reference is based on recommendations from working professionals and covers welding symbols and definitions, types of joints and welds, typical welding station configurations, oxygen cylinders, arc-welding charts, U.S metric measures, and more.

  •  A shocking statistic in education reveals that 70% of K-12 teachers work under chronic stress. This revolutionary new book explains how removing stress from the classroom holds the key to improving education. The book also explains what administrators, teachers, parents, and communities can do to help accomplish a stress-free classroom.  For years, the expert voices said "disengagement" was the crucial issue behind poor educational environments and results. Naturally, only massive reform could fix it. But what if the enormous restructuring and expenditures attacked the wrong problem?  MindShift, an organization that reframes tired and clogged conversations, pushed the old conclusions off the table and started fresh. They gathered diverse leaders in education, leadership, neuroscience, architecture, and wellness in working forums around the nation. These pivotal meetings produced WHOLE, a game-changing approach to education. This book captures the story and details of how the system can be remade for real and lasting benefits to everyone.  With the authors' expertise, the book exposes the exhausted and antiquated thinking that led to the present crisis. But, WHOLE also proposes a new era of disruptive change that can produce happier, healthier, and more successful education for the 21st century. The book introduces the outliers, tells the stories, and presents the roadmaps to: Why teachers should be seen as high-performance athletes, requiring time for recovery and preparation How schools can become "field hospitals," combining learning with healing Why space matters, how redesigning and refurnishing schools can eliminate stress and produce learning environments that are more open and inviting Ways to properly integrate schools within communities, building honest relationships, increasing social capital, and achieving transparency that increases success   Packed with real-life examples, new research, and solutions that you can introduce to your own schools, students, and communities, WHOLE shows us how to move schools from the age of stress and insecurity to an age of true educational flourishing.

  • A clear roadmap for the new territory of education Education in the U.S. has been under fire for quite some time, and for good reason. The numbers alone tell a very disconcerting story: according to various polls, 70% of teachers are disengaged. Add to that the fact that the United States ranks last among industrialized nations for college graduation levels, and it's evident there's a huge problem that needs to be addressed. Yet the current education system and its school buildings-with teachers standing in front of classrooms and lecturing to students-have gone largely unchanged since the 19th century. Humanizing the Education Machine tackles this tough issue head-on. It describes how the education system has become ineffective by not adapting to fit students' needs, learning styles, perspectives, and lives at home. This book explains how schools can evolve to engage students and involve parents. It serves to spread hope for reform and equip parents, educators, administrators, and communities to: Analyze the pitfalls of the current U.S. education system Intelligently argue the need to reform the current landscape of education Work to make a difference in the public education system Be an informed advocate for your child or local school system If you're a concerned parent or professional looking for a trusted resource on the need for education reform, look no further than Humanizing the Education Machine. This illuminating resource provides the information you need to become a full partner in the new human-centered learning revolution.

  • Discover how healthy buildings, culture, and people lead to high profits Organizations and employees now spend an average of $18,000 per year per employee for health costs, a 61% increase in 10 years. Every indicator projects these costs will double before 2030. This is an unsustainable path. These costs are the tip to an even bigger iceberg, the hidden costs of time out of the office, distraction, disengagement, and turnover. The Healthy Workplace Nudge explains the findings of research on 100 large organizations that have tackled the problems of employee health costs and disengagement in five fresh ways: Well-being leads to health and high performance Wake up to the fact that 95% of traditional wellness programs fail to improve health or lower costs Behavioral economics has become a new powerful tool to nudge healthy behavior Healthy buildings are now cost effective and produce your strongest ROI to improving health Leaders who develop healthy cultures achieve sustainable high performance and employee wellbeing In addition to proving highly effective, these approaches represent a fraction of the cost sunk into traditional wellness and engagement programs. The book explains how to create a workplace that is good for people, releases them to what they do best and enjoy most, and produces great and profitable work. o    Find actionable strategies and tactics you can put into use today o    Retain happy, productive talent o    Cut unnecessary spending and boost your bottom line o    Benefit from real-world research and proven practice If you're a leader who cares about the health and happiness of your employees, a human resource professional, or a professional who develops, designs, builds, or outfits workplace environments to improve employee health and wellbeing, this is one book you'll want to have on hand.

  • What's the best way to study?
    The best guarantee of exam success is to know the material and be prepared for the questions you're likely to encounter. This book provides hundreds of questions and answers to help you review, tips for more productive studying, advice on how to approach the exam, a valuable chapter that outlines state licensing requirements for apprentice, journeyman, master, and inspector, and more-all designed to help you face the license exam with confidence.
    * Study plumbing drawings, material takeoff pro-cedures, and typical system layouts
    * Check your knowledge of plumbing mathematics
    * Understand what plumbing installation inspections involve
    * Become familiar with regulations for both the uniform and international codes
    * Review residential trailer plumbing standards and private sewage treatment facilities
    * Refresh your understanding of steam and hot water heating procedures
    * Study the specific licensing requirements for your state and your experience level

  • Pull up what you need to know Pumps and hydraulic equipment are now used in more facets of industry than ever before. Whether you are a pump operator or you encounter pumps and hydraulic systems through your work in another skilled trade, a basic knowledge of the practical features, principles, installation, and maintenance of such systems is essential. You'll find it all here, fully updated with real-world examples and 21st-century applications. Learn to install and service pumps for nearly any application Understand the fundamentals and operating principles of pump controls and hydraulics Service and maintain individual pumping devices that use smaller motors See how pumps are used in robotics, taking advantage of hydraulics to lift larger, heavier loads Handle new types of housings and work with the latest electronic controls Know the appropriate servicing schedule for different types of pumping equipment Install and troubleshoot special-service pumps

  • Here's the real plumber's friend
    This fully revised guide gives you plumbing essentials, illustrations, tips, shortcuts - the lowdown on brazing, soldering, pipe fittings, commercial water coolers, automatic bathroom systems, and more.
    All this and much more
    * Includes tables, diagrams, and working drawings
    * Provides necessary math and metric information
    * Features a chapter on dental office plumbing
    * Explains and identifies the right plumbing tools for each job
    * Illustrates appropriate vents and venting methods
    * Covers the Sloan flush valve, Oasis water coolers, the Sovent system, 1.6-gallon flush toilets, and solar system water heaters
    * Useful for homeowners as well as plumbing professionals

  • Master today's toolmaking equipment
    Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic and digital controls, is the ultimate guide to automated machines and toolmaking. Whether you're a professional machinist, an apprentice, or a trade student, this fully illustrated volume helps you work with metal-safely, precisely, efficiently-using today's tools and techniques. It's packed with review questions for students, and loaded with answers you need on the job.
    * Understand automated machine fundamentals and work with jigs and fixtures
    * Learn the basics of spiral and helix milling, gear cutting, and cam machining
    * Discover how to cut, punch, or shape a die with minimum waste
    * Master the operations of today's grinders and lapping machines
    * Find out all about toolmaking, from allowances and tolerances to layouts and master plates
    * Follow the clear, step-by-step illustrations to gain a hands-on knowledge of techniques and procedures

  • This guide will keep you cool
    Like its earlier editions, this fully updated guidebook is packed with practical information on installing, servicing, maintaining, and trouble-shooting air-conditioning systems. Whether you're an AC professional, an independent repair technician, or a cost-conscious homeowner, everything you need is here. Clearly organized and loaded with diagrams and illustrations, it's a vital addition to your toolbox.
    * Find concise, accurate information on installing and maintaining both residential and commercial systems
    * Understand the physics of air conditioning and filtration
    * Make accurate temperature measurements using various methods and devices
    * Work with room air conditioners, water cooling systems, and auto air conditioning
    * Learn about refrigerants, compressors, condensers, evaporators, and AC motors
    * Service, troubleshoot, and repair both old and new AC units

  • Here's knowledge you can build on
    Whether you're building a storage shed or your dream house, the same principles govern choosing a site, setting the foundation, erecting the walls, and putting on the roof. This handy how-to guide has been totally revised and updated to cover new building materials and the latest techniques in construction and framing. It's where to find answers and solutions, from the first stake to the last roofing nail.
    * Choose an appropriate site and lay out the structure
    * Construct a foundation that meets structural needs and weather conditions
    * Work with block building materials
    * Understand balloon frame, post-and-beam, and platform frame construction
    * Calculate rafter length and choose the right roofing materials
    * Install skylights, cornices, doors, windows, and various types of siding

  • You can build on this foundation
    Whether construction is your livelihood or you're just planning a home addition, you need to know the latest about materials, methods, and more. From locating the structure on the site to installing roof shingles, this book helps you make responsible decisions about every stage of building construction. Fully updated with information about available resources, new materials, and recent code changes, it helps you build cost-effective, energy-efficient structures with confidence.
    * Understand how different types of lots, covenants, and zoning will affect structure placement
    * Consider the Air Freezing Index and Degree Days when planning foundations
    * Look at the pros and cons of welded wire fabric in concrete work
    * Explore low-E window glass, heat mirror, and switchable glazings
    * Find out what insulation and ventilation procedures are most effective
    * Learn about the properties of Gypsonite(TM) and FiberBond(TM) in interior construction
    * Handle the radon hazard and other environmental issues