Sarah Robbins

  • Retrouvez dans ce pack, une sélection des meilleures romances érotiques Addictives.
    Ce pack contient les 1ers chapitres des romans suivants :

    - Love Scandal de Lise Robin

    - Imperfect Heart de Lil Evans

    - Sexy Wild Rider de Sara June

    Les histoires contenues dans ce coffret peuvent être lues indépendamment.

  • Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction is an overview of the diverse conceptual tools and traditions for thinking about, explaining and addressing the environmental challenges we face in the contemporary world.Provides an introduction to the environmental challenges we face in the contemporary world through foundational theoretical ideas illustrated with concrete, everyday examplesUtilizes compelling, conversational language to expound on theory, history, and scientific topics, making the text accessible to a diverse readershipDraws upon contemporary theoretical understandings in nature/society theory while demonstrating through practice and deploymentIncludes discussion of key historical events, topical issues, and policies, as well as scientific concepts

  • Most of the chapters in this book are extended papers from Research Learning in Virtual Environments (reLIVE08), an international conference held by the UK Open University in Milton Keynes in November 2008. Authors of the best papers and presentations from the conferences were invited to contribute to Research Learning in Virtual Worlds, the first book to specifically address research methods and related issues for education in virtual worlds.
    The book covers a range of research undertaken in virtual worlds. It opens with an accessible introduction both to the book and to the subject area, making it an ideal springboard for those who are new to research in this area. The subsequent ten chapters present work covering a range of research methodologies across a broad discipline base, providing essential reading for advanced undergraduate or postgraduate researchers working in education in virtual worlds, and engaging background material for researchers in similar and related disciplines.

  • You've heard all about Second Life. Maybe you've already jumped with both feet-and gotten stuck. Or maybe you're a Second Life veteran who wants to build something or run a business. Fear not! Second Life For Dummies is hear to hold your hand, pat your back, and cheer you on through this new and enchanting reality. Written by a pair of Second Life old timers, this easy-to-use, flip-and-find guide is packed with expert advice, seasoned insight, and handy tips and tricks to get you moving fast. You'll find out how to set up your account, create an avatar, meet people and socialize, and find your comfort zone and stay in it. But it's a big world out there, so you'll also learn how to make stuff, buy stuff, do stuff, and keep track of all the stuff you're accumulating. Discover how to Install Second Life get started Create and customize your avatar Meet and get to know fascinating people Stay safe and comfortable as you learn and explore Make, wear, and sell your own fashions Script your Second Life Buy land and build a house Become a land baron or a money maker Make real money in Second Life Get a real-life education-even a degree Complete with fantastic lists of cool places, answers to big questions, and supplemental software, Second Life For Dummies is your ticket to a great virtual adventure.

  • Eight teens are dropped off on a remote west-coast island for a week-long treatment program called INTRO (Into Nature to Renew Ourselves). The story is told by two of them: Alice, whose police-officer mother believes Alice might have a substance-abuse problem, and Caleb, who assaulted his abusive stepfather. They are joined by six other miscreants and three staff: a psychologist, a social worker and an ex-cop. On the first night, one of the girls disappears from her cabin. There is a panicked search of the island, but she is nowhere to be found. The adults seem oddly ineffectual in dealing with the crisis—and then the ex-cop gets sick and dies. The radio has been sabotaged, and there is no way to call for help. When the social worker also becomes ill, the kids decide to take matters into their own hands and track down the killer.

  • Dans «Mes souliers me font mourir», la poète Robyn Sarah se penche sur le temps qui passe, la fugacité des rêves et le plaisir doux-amer de penser au « trésor » qu'est le passé. Musical, méditatif, chaleureux et étonnamment drôle - ce que la traduction de Rémi Labrecque rend à merveille - il en va d'un recueil à l'écriture réparatrice et émouvante de l'une des poètes canadiennes les plus réputées.