Tim Daniel

  • The plot T.1 ; 1974 Nouv.

    Pour recevoir, il faut d'abord donner...
    Après le meurtre brutal de son frère et de sa belle-soeur, Chase Blaine récupère la garde de ses deux neveux MacKenzie et Zach, qu'il connaît à peine. Ensemble, ils partent vivre dans sa maison d'enfance, pensant y trouver le foyer idéal pour se reconstruire. Mais l'antique demeure familiale et les marais qui l'entourent recèlent de sombres secrets qui ne demandent qu'à les engloutir...

    Un comics d'horreur à la croisée de Locke & Key, Swamp Thing et H.P Lovecraft, porté par Tim Daniel et Michael Moreci (Curse, Burning Fields) au scénario et Joshua Hixson (Shanghai Red) au dessin.

    « The Plot commence comme une histoire d'horreur qu'on se plairait à écouter autour d'un feu de camp, mais finit par nous envahir d'une terreur qui nous hante bien après avoir refermé le livre. » AIPT
    « Une leçon d'horreur moderne. » The Brazen Bull
    « Un équilibre parfait entre les dialogues ciselés et l'horreur indicible qui mènent à un cliffhanger qui nous hurle de découvrir le prochain tome. » The New York Times

  • Pour tout savoir de A à Z sur les personnages de Walking Dead, le phénomène zombie en bande dessinée. Un guide incontournable pour les fans ou novices de la série.Qui est mort ? Qui est en vie ? Qui est mort-vivant ? Pour en apprendre davantage, ce guide

  • Most people are happy to pay their taxes. But just how much we have to pay is not always straightforward, and it is frighteningly easy for a non-specialist to get the sums wrong or to overlook some significant item.

    Written with wit and humour, HMRC: Her Majesty's Roller Coaster takes the reader through the potentially stomach-churning stages of what happens when Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs decide that someone has indeed got the sums wrong and not paid enough tax. It combines and updates the authors' previous books in the series, An Inspector Returns, War or Peace and The Taxman Always Rings Twice, all of them already classics of their genre.

  • Liver Cancers


    • Springer
    • 12 Décembre 2018

    This book explores in detail the primary liver cancers of hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma examining the pathogenesis of disease along with diagnosis and current management options together with exploration of future treatment strategies and areas of controversy.   Furthermore, the book highlights management of the common secondary malignancies and touches on benign liver tumours and how to best manage these.  Written in a clear and didactic style, this volume includes summaries of the key learning points and questions so that the reader can gauge their knowledge and understanding. This book is aimed to broaden the knowledge base of primary care physicians, general physicians along with specialists in hepatology, oncology and hepato-biliary surgery

  • ABC of Sepsis


    The importance of early prevention and treatment of sepsis has never been greater. In the UK alone sepsis contributes to more deaths than lung cancer, from bowel cancer and breast cancer combined, and approximately one third of patients who suffer from severe sepsis die. The ABC of Sepsis provides a much needed introduction and an invaluable aid in the increasing efforts to reduce hospital infection and improve patient safety. As growing numbers of junior medical staff experience emergency medicine, critical care and acute medicine as part of the Foundation Programme, there is an increasing need to develop the skills required to treat severe sepsis. The editors are involved with the Survive Sepsis campaign - developed to improve the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis - and are perfectly placed to guide junior medics, GPs, specialist nurses, critical care nurses and primary care staff through this core aspect of acute medicine.

  • The ABC of Practical Procedures is a fully illustrated guide to the core skills and procedures all those at the frontline of care need to know. With over 280 full colour illustrations, every stage of each procedure is illustrated with colour step-by-step photographs as it is being performed. Covering key competencies such local anaesthesia, blood taking, and thoracic drain and central venous catheter insertions, each practical procedure is accompanied with useful hints and tips for key learning. This new ABC provides a guide to performing the most common practical procedures undertaken by healthcare professionals including junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. It is also ideal for the needs of the Foundation Programme, for all trainee doctors and medical students.
    This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from Google Play or the MedHand Store.