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  • Fenice ; l'aube rouge


    • Fénice
    • 1 Avril 2010

    Pénétrez dans un univers que vous n'imaginiez même pas !

    Entre songe et réalité... Au commencement, il y avait la faute. Les duels, les combats, l'errance, la mort. Celle des autres, jamais la mienne. Je suis le mal et son contraire. Je suis le dernier survivant d'une dynastie intemporelle, et je suis immortel. Mon nom est Fenice et je ne crois plus en rien

  • Anglais The Fraud Audit

    Leonard W. Vona

    • Wiley
    • 9 Juin 2011

    Essential guidance for creation of an effective fraud audit program in core business systems The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has reported that U.S. businesses lose up to $4 billion annually due to fraud and abuse. Discover fraud within your business before yours becomes another business fraud statistic. The Fraud Audit provides a proven fraud methodology that allows auditors to discover fraud versus investigating it. Explains how to create a fraud audit program Shows auditors how to locate fraud through the use of data mining Focuses on a proven methodology that has actually detected fraudulent transactions Take a look inside for essential guidance for fraud discovery within specific corporate F&A functions, such as disbursement, procurement, payroll, revenue misstatement, inventory, journal entries, and management override.

  • Uncover hidden fraud and red flags using efficient data analytics Fraud Data Analytics Methodology addresses the need for clear, reliable fraud detection with a solid framework for a robust data analytic plan. By combining fraud risk assessment and fraud data analytics, you'll be able to better identify and respond to the risk of fraud in your audits. Proven techniques help you identify signs of fraud hidden deep within company databases, and strategic guidance demonstrates how to build data interrogation search routines into your fraud risk assessment to locate red flags and fraudulent transactions. These methodologies require no advanced software skills, and are easily implemented and integrated into any existing audit program. Professional standards now require all audits to include data analytics, and this informative guide shows you how to leverage this critical tool for recognizing fraud in today's core business systems. Fraud cannot be detected through audit unless the sample contains a fraudulent transaction. This book explores methodologies that allow you to locate transactions that should undergo audit testing. Locate hidden signs of fraud Build a holistic fraud data analytic plan Identify red flags that lead to fraudulent transactions Build efficient data interrogation into your audit plan Incorporating data analytics into your audit program is not about reinventing the wheel. A good auditor must make use of every tool available, and recent advances in analytics have made it accessible to everyone, at any level of IT proficiency. When the old methods are no longer sufficient, new tools are often the boost that brings exceptional results. Fraud Data Analytics Methodology gets you up to speed, with a brand new tool box for fraud detection.

  • Anglais Fraud Risk Assessment

    Leonard W. Vona

    • Wiley
    • 29 Juin 2012

    Providing a comprehensive framework for building an effective fraud prevention model, Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program presents a readable overview for developing fraud audit procedures and building controls that successfully minimize fraud. An invaluable reference for auditors, fraud examiners, investigators, CFOs, controllers, corporate attorneys, and accountants, this book helps business leaders respond to the risk of asset misappropriation fraud and uncover fraud in core business systems.

  • Pénétrez dans un univers que vous n'imaginiez même pas !

    Entre songe et réalité... Rome année indéfinie. J´erre dans les rues de la ville en effervescence.... Le chaos établi par le gouvernement s´est heurté à un attentat. Quelqu´un a osé l´impensable, offrant une vision surnaturelle à tout un peuple opprimé depuis des décennies. Un ciel rouge domine la ville et tranche sur les diktats de l´ordre établi, imposant cette illusion comme l´espoir d´une autre couleur. La répression maximum qui règne pour capturer l´auteur de cette farce, m´engage un peu plus dans ma quête. Qui était-il ?

  • Pénétrez dans un univers que vous n'imaginiez même pas !

    Quelque part, à l'ombre d'une mort qui s'avance, nous devance,Comme un caillou jeté dans l'eau qui à l'impact propage une onde, la cause et l'effet reste indissociable. Et l'onde se déplace dans l'espace comme l'effet se meut dans le temps ; l'impact est imminent !

  • Proton conduction can be found in many different solid materials, from organic polymers at room temperature to inorganic oxides at high temperature. Solid state proton conductors are of central interest for many technological innovations, including hydrogen and humidity sensors, membranes for water electrolyzers and, most importantly, for high-efficiency electrochemical energy conversion in fuel cells. Focusing on fundamentals and physico-chemical properties of solid state proton conductors, topics covered include: Morphology and Structure of Solid Acids Diffusion in Solid Proton Conductors by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Structure and Diffusivity by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Mechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Proton-Conducting Polymers Ab initio Modeling of Transport and Structure Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acids Proton-Conducting Aromatic Polymers Inorganic Solid Proton Conductors Uniquely combining both organic (polymeric) and inorganic proton conductors, Solid State Proton Conductors: Properties and Applications in Fuel Cells provides a complete treatment of research on proton-conducting materials.