Livres en VO

  • The Red Forest. 1929. Three individuals searching for three other individuals. Three letters that will bring them together in a lumber camp. A cold, rough, rugged place. Three mysteries, one conclusion.
    P.P.Gabriel: a fugitive. Baptiste: a former cop. Wolfgang: a famous musician. Stovepipe: a passionate music lover. The Bug: an enigma. The Mute: a mysterious man who will find his voice.
    The Red Forest, an exotic setting that hides a story never-before told. Red birds, wolves and a horse that defies the rules of nature. Tobacco, beans, lice... Axes, boots, a violin... Native women, songs and...??? Voices, magic and...??? A violin, music and...??? Belief, reality or...???
    The Red Forest, a Canadian western. An adventure story, a thriller and...???
    /> The Red Forest, the graphic novel. Now the untold story will be told.