• Riding peacefully along a western trail, Lucky Luke is suddenly
    ambushed by an unknown assailant. After a quick gunfight, the cowboy
    loses his mysterious attacker, but happens upon a lone wagon beset by
    Apache raiders. Another quick fight later, Luke is surprised to find
    that the occupants of the wagon are three lovely young women! Three
    sisters on their way to start a new life, and who all find the
    /> lonesome cowboy ... quite interesting.

  • Arriving at the town of Fort Smith with a prisoner, Lucky Luke is
    surprised to find a place in turmoil and a thoroughly annoyed
    sheriff. Belle Starr, a rich ranch owner, keeps posting bail for
    every bandit arrested in town, with the complicity of a corrupt
    judge, before recruiting them in her own gang and carrying out
    various attacks and robberies. Unfortunately, she is also such a
    pillar of the community that no one believes she could possibly be