Palgrave Macmillan

  • Global Perspectives on Insurance Today

    , , ,

  • Literature, Memory, Hegemony


  • The Industrial Policy Revolution I

    Justin Lin Yifu

  • Remaking Madrid

    H. Stapell

  • Sundarbans and its Ecosystem Services Nouv.

    Anglais Sundarbans and its Ecosystem Services

    Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir


    Tyrone Kirchengast

  • The Problem of Political Authority

    Michael Huemer

  • The Sensitive Son and the Feminine Ideal in Literature

    Myron Tuman

  • Critical Theory and Political Theology

    Paul S. Chung

  • The Church of England in the First Decade of the 21st Century

    Andrew Village

  • Australian Mothering


  • Work in the Future


  • Reporting Palestine-Israel in British Newspapers

    Nadia R. Sirhan

  • Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets


  • The Making of the Modern Manager

    Paul Turner

  • The Cameron-Clegg Coalition and Britain's Role in the World

    Timothy J. Oliver