• L'espion français Nouv.

    L'espion français

    Cédric Bannel

    • Lizzie
    • 13 Janvier 2022

    Le nouveau thriller de Cédric Bannel, qui entrouvre une porte sur les coulisses secrètes de la DGSE. INTRÉPIDE. IDÉALISTE. IMPLACABLE.
    Il existe au sein de la DGSE une entité dédiée aux missions tellement sensibles qu'elles ne peuvent être confiées à ses membres officiels. Edgar, trente-trois ans, parisien, est l'un de ces agents de l'ombre très spéciaux. S'il tombe, il tombera seul.Sa prochaine destination : la frontière entre l'Iran et l'Afghanistan. Là, dans une des tours du silence de l'antique foi zoroastrienne, sa cible l'attend."Bannel parvient à un effet de réalisme qui rend ses histoires passionnantes. " Pierre Lemaitre, prix Goncourt

  • Solitaire Nouv.


    Niels Krause-KjæR

    Corruption, conspiracies and the cynicism of true Machiavellian villains... Move over Frank Underwood there is a new bunch of power-hungry sociopaths in town.

    Just three weeks before the election the leader of the Democratic Party is seriously injured in a severe car accident. This catapults the party into a grubby power struggle between the parliamentary group chairman and the political spokesman. Only one of the two will be taking over the future leadership of the party.

    Past events, malignant arm-twisting and document forgery are all used in their efforts to reach the very top. Here everyone is a pawn in this high stakes game of political chess where even the journalists covering the Danish parliament have their own agendas.

    Enter young, ambitious journalist, Ulrik Torp, who is made Dagbladet's correspondent in Parliament. An opportunity of a lifetime.

    But Ulrik gets caught up in the power struggle the parties two successors and slowly uncovers a cynical plot that involves the country's incumbent Prime Minister.

    Obsessed with learning the truth Ulrik must slowly watch as his ideals crack and eventually forced to take action himself...

    Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Great for fans of Borgen, House of Cards and Narcos.

    Niels Krause-Kjær (born 1963) is a Danish journalist. After a period as press chief for the Danish Conservative Party's Parliamentary Group, he wrote the political thriller "Solitaire", which became the award-winning film "King's Game" by Nikolaj Arcel. In 2019, "Darklands", the second volume in the series about journalist Ulrik Torp was published. This thriller is also being filmed.

  • Duin Nouv.


    Frank Herbert

    Het leven van Paul, van het nobele huis Atreides, verandert drastisch na het vertrek van zijn thuisplaneet Caladan. De keizer heeft zijn vader, Hertog Leto, het gouverneurschap van de weerbarstige woestijnplaneet Arrakis aangeboden. Maar is het een eervolle promotie of een manier om van de machtige familie af te komen?
    Arrakis, beter bekend als Duin, is de enige planeet waar de specie melange voorkomt, een drug die stimulerend werkt en daardoor cruciaal is om in de ruimte te kunnen navigeren. Er zijn daarom meer kapers op de kust en huis Atreides wordt van alle kanten bedreigd. Uiteindelijk vlucht Paul de woestijn in, waar mysterieuze en gevaarlijke Vrijmans en monsterlijke zandwormen op de loer liggen.
    De voorspellingen over Pauls leven komen een voor een uit, en de strijd om de macht over Duin en het heelal begint...

    De epische vertelling in 6 titels over huis Atreides, huis Harkonnen, de verslavende specie melange en zandwormen op de planeet Duin begint bij dit eerste deel. Duin werd met een Nebula Award (1965) en Hugo Award (1966) bekroond en is een van standaardwerken in de geschiedenis van sciencefiction. Op dit boek zijn diverse films en televisie series, diverse bordspellen en verschillende computergames gebaseerd.

    Frank Herbert (1920-1986) was een sciencefictionschrijver die vooral bekend werd met zijn zesdelige Duin-epos. Voor het eerste deel van die serie, Duin, ontving hij een Nebula Award in 1965 en een Hugo Award in 1966. Het is een van de best verkochte sciencefiction boeken ter wereld, en vormde de inspiratie voor diverse andere auteurs, film producties en games.
    Frank Herbert studeerde o.a. psychologie en werkte tot de jaren zestig als journalist en redacteur. Daarna richtte hij zich volledig op het schrijven van fictie en werd een van de belangrijkste sciencefiction auteurs.

  • Mine, tome 2 : La détruire Nouv.

    Cinq ans se sont écoulés depuis les événements qui ont changé la vie d'Abbygaël à tout jamais.
    5 ans pour essayer de tourner la page... Sauf qu'elle n'a jamais oublié.
    Jamais pardonné.
    Elle revient hanter celle qui lui a tout volé.
    Le mal revêt bien des visages, et quand le passé de Brad ressurgit, seront-ils suffisamment armés pour affronter le serpent prêt à se glisser entre eux ?

    Caroline Gaynes est une autrice française. Elle a toujours été une avide lectrice romans d'amour. Durant son congé maternité, après une nuit blanche passé à lire, elle a eu une révélation. Elle aussi pourrait écrire. Depuis lors, elle a écrit plusieurs livres, dont "No choice", "D'un seul regard" et la série "Mine".

  • December 12: The Lucia Procession - An Erotic Christmas Calendar Nouv.

    "It was Lucia night and Bella had just arrived by train at Enkping station when a car pulled up in front of her. In the driver's seat sat Lottie with Daniel next to her and Ollie in the back seat. Bella jumped in next to Ollie and they drove off towards the house to join the others.

    They were approaching thirty but when they were together it was as if no time had passed since they studied theatre together as twentysomethings. This time they had gathered to have a party at the city's retirement homes. They would all stay in one big house, and it wasn't long before the familiar atmosphere set in."

    Elise Storm is the pseudonym of an author who, in addition to writing novels, also embarks on erotic adventures in search of love beyond the borders. With elements of BDSM, flirtation and various kinds of kinky sex, she fills her novels with pleasure. Always with a twinkle in her eye and an open mind to the exciting encounters life has to offer.
    With the short stories Granriset and Luciatåget, she wants to show how just a bit of imagination and a really naughty Christmas calendar can make the cold December a very hot month.

  • Les Oubliés : Tome 1 - Derniers Jour Nouv.

    An 250 après la IVème guerre mondiale. Seules quelques grandes villes parviennent à subsister et leur population à survivre grâce aux coupoles qui les protègent du monde extérieur. Chaque année, le Nouvel Ordre Mondial détermine l'avenir des jeunes de seize ans. Et chaque année, certains d'entre eux disparaissent. On les appelle les Oubliés.

    « La liberté n'a pas de prix, mais si mon sang peut aider à l'acheter, alors je serrerai les dents. »

    An 250. Seules quelques grandes villes parviennent à subsister et leurs populations à survivre grâce aux coupoles qui les protègent du monde extérieur. Chaque année, le Nouvel Ordre Mondial détermine l'avenir des jeunes de seize ans. Et chaque année, certains d'entre eux disparaissent. On les appelle les Oubliés.

    Née en 1978 à Grenoble, Léna Jomahé fait de multiples aller-retour entre Bordeaux et la Martinique, avant de décider de déposer définitivement ses valises dans le sud-ouest de la France. En 2013, elle écrit sa première saga : « Les Oubliés » (Dystopie) vendus à plusieurs milliers d'exemplaires. Elle sera rapidement suivie d'une deuxième : « Blood Witch » (Urban Fantasy).

  • The Rainbow Conspiracy Nouv.

    Anglais The Rainbow Conspiracy

    Stuart Hopps

    It is the mid eighties and successful theatrical agent Clive Spoke embarks on a quest to find the truth about his ex-lover's early death.

    Travelling to the US he uncovers a devastating and destructive conspiracy aimed at the burgeoning gay community.

    Could the government really be involved?

    Stuart Hopps is an eminent, award-winning choreographer. He has worked on many major feature films, including The Wicker Man with Robin Hardy, Sense and Sensibility with Ang Lee, and Much Ado About Nothing with Kenneth Branagh.

    He has produced work for Scottish Opera, Welsh National Opera, the Royal Opera and has worked for both the RSC and the National Theatre. He lives in Deal, Kent and "The Rainbow Conspiracy" is his first novel.

  • The Stranger - 8 exciting stories for a romantic evening Nouv.

    "He locks the door behind them, grabs her waist and pulls her close. He moves his hand along the inside of her thigh, and it's all it takes for her to be ready. She pulls up her skirt, pulls down her stockings and lets him bend her forward over the sink. He grabs her buttocks, moves two fingers along her labia, back and forth towards her clitoris. The sensation spreads throughout her body like fire."

    When a new bar opens in her neighbourhood, she has to go there, and her passion is immediately brought back to life by a stranger in a suit. Her senses are tickled by the familiar scent of sandalwood and olive, and her world is covered in a pink haze. To go to the bar and flirt with the stranger instead of going home to her husband becomes an addiction.

    This compilation of short stories includes the following:
    The Stranger
    Feeling Her Presence
    Midsummer Night
    Valentine's Night
    Easter Lust
    The Mermaid
    New Year's Eve
    Calendar Sex

    Katja Slonawski writes exciting and charged short stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Focusing on the bubbly sensations that can only be brought to life by touch and expectation, she describes complex characters and challenges the idea of a traditional erotic short story. Katja Slonawski is an author of short stories and a word artist. She lives in the south of Sweden, but she is born and raised on the west coast, in Gothenburg.

  • Seduced in the Library - 11 erotic stories from Erika Lust Nouv.

    She knows that it's not appropriate. She knows that she shouldn't be reading this here, among all these other people. But she can't help herself...
    "Seduced in the Library" is an erotic short story about a woman who finds pleasure in a romantic erotic story in the library.

    This compilation of short stories includes the following:
    The Nymph and the Fauns
    Dirty Doctor
    The Artist's Muse
    Spanish Summer
    Soaring Heights
    At My Master's Mercy
    Lesbian Dreams
    Seduced in the Library
    The Feminist Man
    Memories of You
    Car Sex

    These short stories are published in collaboration with the Swedish filmproducer Erika Lust. Her intention is to depict human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and love in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.

  • The Heretic Scroll Nouv.

    The Heretic Scroll

    Will Adams

    Above Naples, Vesuvius is heating up once again...

    An absolutely gripping thriller from bestseller Will Adams.
    Archaeologist Carmen Nero and former conman Cesco Rossi are in Herculaneum on the trail of the lost texts of Ancient Rome, possibly stored deep underground in the Villa of the Papyri.

    But when there is a terrible murder, they realise that powerful forces are interested in the excavations of the villa which threaten the foundations of the Church. With neo-Nazis on Rossi's tail and a traitor in their midst, everything hangs in the balance.

    As the great volcano rumbles, they are in a race against time: to find the killer, uncover the truth behind the lost manuscripts, and to save themselves from complete destruction...

    The next scintillating installment in the Rossi & Nero thriller series, perfect for fans of Chris Kuzneski, Dan Brown and Scott Mariani.

    Will Adams is the author of a number of acclaimed adventure thrillers, including the Daniel Knox series, in which the underwater archaeologist hero explores some of the great mysteries of the ancient world.

    His novels have been published in over twenty different languages. He writes full-time and lives in Suffolk.

  • Sons of Fortune Nouv.

    Sons of Fortune

    Jeffrey Archer

    Separated at birth by a desperate nurse who loses a millionaire's son to cot death, twin boys grow up without any knowledge of the other.

    Nat Cartwright lives with his middle-class birth parents and grows up to becomes a war hero in the Vietnam War before returning home to run for office in the Republican party.

    Fletcher Davenport becomes the only son of the millionaire couple. After graduating from Yale, he builds a reputation as a prolific criminal defence lawyer before he too delves into politics as a Democrat.

    Though their lives are entwined, and perfectly mirrored with tragedy and betrayal, neither men meet until one must defend the other for murder.

    A family saga of fate, political rivalry and extended lost family, perfect for fans of Jeffrey Archer's other suspense filled thrillers.

    Sons of Fortune is narrated by Michael Brandon, most famous for playing James Dempsey in the 1980's television crime drama, "Dempsey and Makepeace". His extensive theatre career spans Broadway and the West End, where he played Jerry Springer in "Jerry Springer: the Opera" for the National Theatre.

    Jeffrey Archer is a bestselling British author and former politician. He was educated at Oxford and went on to become a Member of Parliament, a Member of the House of Lords as well as the deputy chair of the Conservative Party. His political career ended in scandal and he turned to writing, where he has been published in over 250 countries.

    He is perhaps most famous for the "Clifton Chronicles" and his blockbuster "Kane and Abel" which was number one on the New York Time's Bestseller list and inspired a popular miniseries starring Peter Strauss and Sam Neill.

    After he was imprisoned for perjury in 2001, he wrote his highly acclaimed non-fiction series, Prison Diaries - "Hell", "Purgatory" and "Heaven" - which were inspired by his experiences and loosely structured around Dante's Inferno.

  • Annie Beaton's Year of Positive Thinking Nouv.

    A laugh-out-loud, feelgood read for fans of Gill Sims, Sophie Ranald and Tracy Bloom by the author of The Pissed-off Parents Club and Just Another Manic Mum Day.

    It's Annie Beaton's 50th birthday!

    But instead of getting roses and perfume, she gets sacked; her son, Ben, tells her that she's growing a beard and her husband Joe tells her he wants a divorce.

    Moving to the countryside to stay in her eccentric aunt's house, Annie must find her mojo again - and fast. So when she discovers a stack of self-help books - from Chicken Soup for the Soul to The Secret - Annie vows to use their advice to get her life back on track.

    Armed with a bookshelf of positive vibes, Annie's determined to kick her Crappy Old Year to the kerb and have a brilliantly Happy New Year. Just as soon as she's had her chin waxed...

  • The School of Starting Over Nouv.

    Nell's going back to school... but now she's learning lessons of the heart.

    An uplifting and hilarious romantic comedy that will delight fans of Milly Johnson, Holly Martin and Heidi Swain

    Reception class teacher Nell Shackleton has a plan. At least, she did until she arrived at her new home of Humblebee Farm, a dilapidated farmhouse on the Yorkshire moors. The roof's full of holes, the back door's hanging off and there's a sheep in the front room... but sometimes a new beginning means starting at the bottom, right?

    Xander Scott is one of the youngest headteachers Leyholme Primary School has ever seen. But managing over-zealous parents and their semi-feral kids proves a tricky task for shy Xander - as does keeping his mind on the job when his feelings for the new Reception teacher become more than strictly professional...

    At 43, Nell's new friend Stevie Madeleine has given up on love. After losing her wife, Stevie's decided that her four-year-old daughter Milly and cocker spaniel Red are the only girls she needs in her life. That is until larger-than-life dog-walker Deb arrives on the scene. But will Stevie's past stop her new romance dead in its tracks?

    Meeting Xander and Stevie brings joy back into Nell's life - but when old secrets start to surface, there may be some hard lessons to learn for them all...

    Lisa Swift grew up in rural West Yorkshire, right in the heart of Brontë country... and she's still there. Lisa also writes romantic comedies under the pen name Mary Jayne Baker.

    Lisa is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association.

  • Vezensky denik I - Belmarsh: Peklo Nouv.

    Den pátý - pondelí 23. cervence 2001, 5:53
    "Mrízemi v mém okne pronikají slunecní paprsky, venku je urcite nádherný letní den. Uz dvanáct a pul hodiny trcím uveznen v cele o rozmerech pet krát tri kroky a pustí me odtud az v poledne; osmnáct a pul hodiny na samotce.
    V cele pode mnou sedí sedmnáctiletý kluk obvinený z drobné krádeze v obchode - jeho první prestupek a jeste nebyl ani odsouzen - a i jeho zamkli na samotce, kde nemuze s nikým promluvit. Toto je Velká Británie v jednadvacátém století, ne Turecko, ani Nigérie, ani Kosovo, ale Británie."

    Ve ctvrtek 19. cervence 2001, po obvinení z krivého svedectví a soudu, který trval sedm týdnu, byl Jeffrey Archer odsouzen ke ctyrem rokum odnetí svobody. Z toho mel prvních dvaadvacet dní a ctrnáct hodin strávit v nechvalne známé veznici Jejího Velicenstva Belmarsh, vysoce zabezpeceném nápravném zarízení kategorie A pro muze na jihu Londýna, kam se zavírají ti nejnebezpecnejsí a nejnásilnejsí zlocinci Velké Británie.

    "Belmarsh: Peklo" je prvním ze trí Archerových Vezenských deníku a nabízí detailní záznam kazdého dne, který autor strávil za mrízemi. Kniha je bezprostredním zobrazením vezenského zivota a soucasne poukazuje na systém, který selhává jednotlivce i spolecnost jako celek.

    Jeffrey Archer je britský bestsellerový autor a bývalý politik. Vystudoval univerzitu v Oxfordu a stal se poslancem Parlamentu, clenem Snemovny lordu a také zástupcem predsedy Konzervativní strany. Jeho politická kariéra skoncila skandálem a od té doby se Archer naplno venuje psaní - po celém svete se dosud prodalo více nez 275 milionu výtisku jeho knih.

    Jeho nejslavnejsím dílem je zrejme sedmidílná "Cliftonova kronika" a proslulý román "Kane a Abel", který obsadil první prícku v zebrícku bestselleru listu New York Times a podle nehoz byla natocena populární minisérie s Peterem Straussem a Samem Neillem v hlavních rolích.

    Po uveznení za krivé svedectví v roce 2001 napsal Jeffrey Archer vysoce ocenovanou trídílnou knizní sérii nazvanou "Vezenský deník" ("Peklo", "Ocistec" a "Ráj") inspirovanou vlastními zázitky a volne strukturovanou podle Dantovy Bozské komedie.

  • Mine, tome 1 : La posséder Nouv.

    Le mal incarné a tout arraché à Abbygaël : elle plaque ce qui faisait son quotidien pour recommencer sa vie à New York, mégalopole où elle espère se fondre dans un anonymat salvateur.

    Son nouveau job dans un restaurant huppé lui offre une chance de se reprendre en main. Oui mais... Un grain de sable vient enrayer sa routine bien huilée. Un roc même : beau, charismatique, arrogant et affreusement sexy, Bradley est un talentueux architecte, régulièrement sous le feu des projecteurs.

    Aussi célèbre pour ses innombrables conquêtes que pour son travail, et peu habitué à ce qu'on lui résiste, Abbygaël éveille l'instinct du chasseur par sa froideur.

    Devenir sa proie ? Jamais de la vie. S'attacher à ce Casanova inconstant ? Encore moins. D'autant plus que le diable rôde et qu'il n'a pas dit son dernier mot.

    Caroline Gaynes est une autrice française. Elle a toujours été une avide lectrice romans d'amour. Durant son congé maternité, après une nuit blanche passé à lire, elle a eu une révélation. Elle aussi pourrait écrire. Depuis lors, elle a écrit plusieurs livres, dont "No choice", "D'un seul regard" et la série "Mine".

  • Heresix Nouv.


    Nicolas Feuz

    Un procureur au pays des cathares

    La nef de l'église de Saint-Thibéry n'a jamais été aussi pleine, les policiers de l'Hérault enterrent l'une des leurs. La cérémonie est interrompue par une étrange procession, six hommes énucléés et à la file indienne, un mot gravé sur le torse en lettres de sang : HERESIX.
    Au Cap-d'Agde, la petite Maeva Tolzan disparaît. Dans un train privatisé filant dans la nuit entre Béziers et Narbonne, Alexia fête ses 18 ans en compagnie du garçon qu'elle aime, mais les choses ne vont pas se passer comme elle le rêvait.
    Deux enquêtrices chevronnées tentent de recoller les morceaux de ce puzzle. Un polar au rythme impitoyable dont vous ne ressortirez pas indemne. La France vue par le pape du polar helvétique.

    Nicolas Feuz est le procureur du canton de Neuchâtel. Les trois polars qu'il a publiés chez Slatkine & Cie, repris au Livre de Poche, ont chaque fois été numéro 1 des ventes en Suisse : Le Miroir des âmes (2018), L'Ombre du renard (2019), L'Engrenage du mal (2020) qui reprennent le personnage récurent du Procureur Jemsen. Il a en outre publié quotidiennement en ligne pendant le premier confinement le feuilleton d'un polar devenu depuis un livre-événement : Restez chez vous (2020). En 2021, il sort Heresix, son premier polar se déroulant en France.

  • White Rose of Love Nouv.

    White Rose of Love

    Anita Charles

    Steve traveled to Portugal to be with her brother and found a culture entirely different from her own - for better and for worse. When she encountered the handsome Dom Manoel, she realized that he was looking for a feminine trophy, not a wild case like Steve. Could they reconcile each other's desires? The memorable love tale set in romantic Portugal dates back to the 20th century and was written by Anita Charles, a pseudonym of the prolific romance writer Ida Pollock.

    A must-read for fans of literary romance and surprising twists of fate.

    Anita Charles is a pseudonym of Ida Pollock (1908 - 2013), a highly successful British writer of over 125 romance novels translated into numerous languages and published across the world. Ida Pollock has sold millions of copies over her 90-year career.

    Pollock began writing when she was 10 years old. Ida has travelled widely, living in several different countries. She continues to be popular amongst both her devoted fan base and new readers alike. Pollock has been referred to as the "world's oldest novelist" who was still active at 105 and continued writing until her death.

    On the occasion of her 105th birthday, Pollock was appointed honorary vice-president of the Romantic Novelists' Association, having been one of its founding members.

    Ida Pollock wrote in a wide variety of pseudonyms: Joan M. Allen, Susan Barrie, Pamela Kent, Averil Ives, Anita Charles, Barbara Rowan, Jane Beaufort, Rose Burghley, Mary Whistler and Marguerite Bell.

  • Napoleon's Run Nouv.

    Napoleon's Run

    Jonathan Spencer

    One man against an armada
    London, 1798. Late one night, a junior naval officer at the Admiralty intercepts a coded despatch, marked with blood: Napoleon Bonaparte is about to launch the largest invasion fleet in history. Target: unknown.

    England is vulnerable, bereft of allies, and the Sea Lords fear a direct assault on Britain. Admiralty Intelligence sounds the alarm and prepares to unleash Nelson and the Mediterranean squadron.

    But before they can, they need vital information. They need a special officer to infiltrate by land or by sea to uncover the destination of Napoleon's armada a man who never stops.

    Marine Lt William John Hazzard.

    But will he agree to help them?

    Betrayed by the Admiralty at the African Cape three years earlier, Hazzard has vowed never to trust them again. Bitter memories poisoned his return home, and his devoted fiancé Sarah, unable to bear his pain any longer, disappears in Naples never to be seen again.

    But the Admiralty knows just how to get him back.

    They know where Sarah is, and her life is in danger!

    From pitched sea-battles to back-street duels in a covert war, this is the epic adventure of the new hero of Napoleonic fiction: Hazzard. Perfect for fans of Seth Hunter, Bernard Cornwell and CS Forester.

    Never give up the boat.

    Jonathan Spencer is from south-east London, the great-grandson of a clipper-ship captain who brought tea from China. He served in the Canadian army, studied ancient and modern history, and has lectured at universities and private associations on the subject of Napoleonic Egypt. He writes historical non-fiction under the name Jonathan Downs, his major work a revised account of the British acquisition of the Rosetta Stone, Discovery at Rosetta, (London 2008; Cairo 2020). He speaks several languages, has trained with the former Russian National fencing coach, and has lived and worked abroad all his life. He currently lives in the Western Cape in South Africa.

  • Heures sup' avec mon boss - Une nouvelle érotique Nouv.

    Juliette est assistante juridique dans un grand cabinet à la Défense et collabore depuis plusieurs années avec Maître Victor Hermine De Musset, qui à son grand regret ne semble remarquer que son professionnalisme. Mais après un procès houleux, les nerfs sont à vif, et quand l'esprit baisse sa garde, l'instinct prend vite le dessus !

    Alicia Luz est une romancière et hypnothérapeute française. À la trentaine, en quête de sensations inédites et de nouveautés, elle se lance dans l'écriture érotique. Elle aime composer avec les mots pour vous emmener rêver et fantasmer. Elle aime aussi composer avec les formes et les couleurs pour mieux vous émerveiller. Retrouvez-la sur Instagram @alicia.luz.auteure

  • Cap ou pas cap - Une nouvelle érotique Nouv.

    Juliette a commencé à suivre Li sur Instagram, elle aime sa musique. Quand elle rassemble son courage pour lui écrire, elle n'ose espérer une réponse. Alors quelle n'est pas sa surprise quand il la défie de se laisser guider aveuglément par lui. Juliette est troublée mais terriblement excitée par cette aventure, friande de sensations fortes et envoûtée par l'artiste, jusqu'où la mènera cette expérience ?

    Alicia Luz est une romancière et hypnothérapeute française. À la trentaine, en quête de sensations inédites et de nouveautés, elle se lance dans l'écriture érotique. Elle aime composer avec les mots pour vous emmener rêver et fantasmer. Elle aime aussi composer avec les formes et les couleurs pour mieux vous émerveiller. Retrouvez-la sur Instagram @alicia.luz.auteure

  • Noces aphrodisiaques - Une nouvelle érotique Nouv.

    Sophie et Matt sont las de leur quotidien routinier, las de leur sexualité mais restent fidèles. C'est lors d'un mariage, après une soirée chaude et très arrosée que Matt voit enfin l'opportunité d'assouvir le plus grand fantasme de sa femme et ainsi raviver la flemme entre eux. Combien devront-ils être dans cette chambre pour satisfaire la belle endormie ?
    James Cleveland se joint à Alicia Luz (Une danse à trois temps ou À vos ordres !) pour nous offrir une nouvelle palpitante et torride.

    Alicia Luz est une romancière et hypnothérapeute française. À la trentaine, en quête de sensations inédites et de nouveautés, elle se lance dans l'écriture érotique. Elle aime composer avec les mots pour vous emmener rêver et fantasmer. Elle aime aussi composer avec les formes et les couleurs pour mieux vous émerveiller. Retrouvez-la sur Instagram @alicia.luz.auteure

    James Cleveland est un épicurien, la quarantaine avancée. Il aime profiter des joies de la vie, que ce soit son amour pour la cuisine ou sa passion pour la musique avec un grand M, ce qui compte c'est de les partager avec ses amis ! 
    Il compose ses histoires de la même façon qu'il cuisine avec des rencontres, une pincée d'inattendu, un soupçon d'influences saupoudrées sur ses personnages.
    Il aime les intrigues et les aventures sulfureuses entre personnes proches qui se découvrent dans des situations improbables.

  • For Your Convenience - A CLASSIC 1930'S GUIDE TO LONDON LOOS Nouv.

    A facsimile guide to the Gents Loos of London published originally in 1937 by Routledge.

    Hailed as the first queer city guide, For Your Convenience was first published in 1937. Ostensibly a guide to where a gentleman may find `relief' in the metropolis after `three cups of tea', for those `in-the-know' the information held between its pages offers a much more tantalizing prospect.

    Now faithfully reproduced for the first time in over eighty years, this fascinating book works as both a wry and playful slice of social history as well as a fascinating insight into the perils and pleasures of a most specific activity for men who loved men.

    The book could be enjoyed as an entertaining guide to London's public conveniences but yet to our more sceptical eye it is patently a guide to where men could meet like-minded men in an era when homosexuality was illegal. It remains a classic whether taken at face value or not.

  • Somebody Loves You Nouv.

    Somebody Loves You

    Mona Arshi

    A teacher asked me a question, and I opened my mouth as a sort of formality but closed it softly, knowing with perfect certainty that nothing would ever come out again.

    Ruby gives up talking at a young age. Her mother isn't always there to notice; she comes and goes and goes and comes, until, one day, she doesn't. Silence becomes Ruby's refuge, sheltering her from the weather of her mother's mental illness and a pressurized suburban atmosphere.

    Plangent, deft, and sparkling with wry humor, 'Somebody Loves You' is a moving exploration of how we choose or refuse to tell the stories that shape us.

    Perfect for fans of Avni Doshi, Ocean Vuong and Abi Daré.
    `A sharply drawn world of wonder in elegant and lean prose. A fresh, innovative novel that is an ode to families, coming of age and sisterhood.' Roger Robinson

    `A truly enriching read, Somebody Loves You is a glorious debut novel. I took this book with me everywhere and kept returning to it. I loved every perfect choice of word and turn of phrase in this vivid and tender, poetic and beautiful book.' Salena Godden

    `Each sentence has the cadence of poetry, each phrase perfectly chosen, each word correctly weighed. This is a novel which reminds us memory and narrative are often not complete but rather are crystallised glimpses, which turn like a kaleidoscope through our mind.' Andrew McMillan

    Mona Arshi was born in West London, where she still lives. She worked as a human-rights lawyer with the NGO Liberty for a decade before receiving a Master's in creative writing from the University of East Anglia. Her debut poetry collection Small Hands was published in 2015, winning the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. Mona Arshi regularly appears on BBC Radio 4. Her poems have been published in The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Times of India and most recently the London Underground.

  • Historiens største felttog Nouv.

    22. juni 1941 kl. 3.15 krysset de første tyske soldatene grensen til Sovjetunionen. Operasjon Barbarossa - invasjonen av den store fienden i øst - var i gang, og Hitlers planer om "Lebensraum" for det tyske folket skulle endelig settes ut i livet.
    Sommeren 1941 sto Europas fremtid på spill. Hvis den tyske hæren klarte å knekke Sovjetunionen, ville Hitlers nazirike ha tilgang til enorme ressurser. Utømmelige mengder stål, olje, aluminium og korn, hundrevis av våpenfabrikker og millioner av nye unge menn ville stå til rådighet for hærene hans.
    I månedene som fulgte, fikk verden et innblikk i hvilken fremtid en tysk seier ville ført til. Invasjonen ble begynnelsen på en krig uten regler, med en brutalitet som bare kan sammenlignes med den mørkeste middelalder. Sovjetiske soldater ble ofret i meningsløse angrep, krigsfanger ble likvidert uten nåde, og millioner av sivile jøder ble henrettet og kastet i massegraver.
    Med Operasjon Barbarossa forsto endelig verden at Hitler mente det når han snakket foraktelig om "verdiløse raser" og om å gjøre slutt på jødenes herredømme. Det dreide seg faktisk om mord, dødspatruljer og så mange lik at det kan være vanskelig å fatte omfanget av de millioner og atter millioner som mistet livet på østfronten. Denne boken følger historiens største - og mest brutale - felttog.

    «Europa i flammer» er en fengslende serie som består av tolv spennende, dramatiske, sanne historier om fortidens kamper og strider. Få vite mer om andre verdenskrig, om de modige soldatene som forsvarte sine hjemland, om lidelsene som man opplevde hverdagslig. Er du nysgjerrig etter å lære mer om blant annet Nordens historie, Storbritannias slag eller invasjonen av Normandie? Bli med da gjennom «Europa i flammer» og slokk din kunnskapstørst.

    All verdens historie tar deg med på en halsbrekkende reise til fortiden, slik at du kan ta del i historiens største begivenheter. Bli med tilbake i tiden - til frontlinjene under andre verdenskrig, vikingenes herjing og egypternes gudedyrkelse. All verdens historie er for dem som vil vite mer om fortidens spennende og dramatiske begivenheter.