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  • «Há dois mil anos, a vinda de Jesus instaurava uma ordem de coisas em que, pela primeira vez na história dos homens, eram postos em primeiro lugar os valores do amor, da bondade, do perdão, da paciência, da doçura, da humildade, do sacrifício. E apesar de, até aqui, a palavra de Jesus não ter sido bem compreendida nem bem aplicada, bastou que se fizesse luz em certos seres para ela se transmitir de século em século. O amor ao próximo ensinado por Jesus, e que decorre desta verdade de que os seres humanos são filhos e filhas de um mesmo Pai, permitiu que a ideia de fraternidade abrisse um caminho para si própria.»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • 'A seed is nothing other than a living being who ceaselessly calls upon the forces and materials of the Cosmos so as to be able to accomplish its task. And its task is to resemble the tree that produced it. The Creator put into the seed the vocation to resemble its father, the tree; that's why, once planted - unless it's defective - all of work will go in the direction of this vocation, taking from among the elements around it those which suit it, relinquishing the others, and it's in this way that it will come to express all the tendencies indicated in the diagram which it carries within it.The same thing applies to man. Since God created man in His image, he has the possibility, by developing himself correctly, of becoming like his Heavenly Father.'

    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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    The text of this brochure was published in "The Powers of Thought" (N° 224 of the Izvor Collection)
    'Never forget that it is by your meditations that you allow your inner Self to express itself and reach its full flowering. This is the means by which you can release this mysterious, subtle being so that it can gaze on all that exists in infinite space and then reproduce it on the physical plane. Of course, we are practically never conscious of the realities that this being gazes on, but if we continue to do these exercises regularly and often, little by little they will reach our consciousness and constitute an inner treasure that will always be with us.'
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • `Belief in reincarnation is one of the cornerstones of morality. As long as human beings are unaware that the law of cause and effect is operative from one incarnation to the next, no amount of sermonizing will persuade them to change their ways. But once they know that the difficulties and trials they encounter in life are the direct result of faults committed in a previous life, not only can they accept them as just, but they start to work for good so as to be sure that their future incarnations will be better.'

    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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    The text of this brochure was published in `Spiritual Alchemy' (Volume 2 of the Complete Works, chapters 10 and 11).
    'Throughout her pregnancy, a mother must try to create an atmosphere of purity and light around her child, so that she can work in collaboration with the incoming soul. Even though she cannot see this soul, she can at least talk to it: "Look, I will help you, I will give you the best materials, but you too can give qualities and virtues to my child so that it may become a magnificent being."
    'The moment a mother utters these powerful, magical words, specific particles emanate from her and the spirit of the incarnating child takes them so as to build its different bodies. The child itself has nothing, it receives all it needs from its mother. That is why she must be conscious and, by her thoughts and feelings, give it only the most luminous and purest particles.'

    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • Reflections on some of today's most troubling questions


    The topics of these reflections are treated in greater detail in the following volumes of the Izvor Collection:
    N° 202 - Man, Master of his Destiny
    N° 205 - Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
    N° 206 - A Philosophy of Universality
    N° 207 - What is a Spiritual Master?
    N° 208 - The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
    N° 225 - Harmony and Health
    N° 226 - The Book of Divine Magic
    N° 234 - Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love
    N° 235 - "In Spirit and in Truth"

    Table of Contents

    Why is Life so Unjust? - the Law of Reincarnation
    Are There Limits to Freedom of Expression?
    How to Deal with Stress?
    Is Capital Punishment a Solution?
    Love, the Only Criterion of Sexual Morality
    Drug Addiction, a Disease of the Soul
    From the Nuclear Family to the Global Family
    The Snares of Occultism
    Fanaticism, a Negation of True Religion
    What is a Spiritual Master?
    The Pyramid, a Message of Unity
    Only the Spirit can Transform the World

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    The topics of these reflections are treated in greater detail in the following volumes of the Izvor Collection:
    N° 202 - Man, Master of his Destiny
    N° 211 - Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant
    N° 214 - Cosmic Creation - Union of the Masculine and Feminine
    N° 224 - The Powers of Thought
    N° 227 - Golden Rules for Everyday Life
    N° 231 - The Seeds of Happiness
    Table of Contents
    Striking a balance between the spiritual and the material
    Distinguish clearly between the end and the means
    Physical labour and spiritual labour
    Everyday tasks
    The decision to start a family
    Do not try to impose your own convictions
    The life of a couple: facing up to the problems
    /> Fate: acceptance not subjection
    Our field of responsibility
    The right attitude
    We can influence others only through example
    Giving and receiving
    A higher justice
    How to help one's country
    One cannot save oneself alone

  • References

    The topics of these reflections are treated in greater detail in the following volumes of the Izvor Collection:
    N° 202 - Man, Master of his Destiny;
    N° 204 - The Yoga of Nutrition
    N° 216 - The Living Book of Nature
    N° 225 - Harmony and Health
    N° 226 - The Book of Divine Magic
    N° 234 - Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love
    Table of Contents
    The living chain of created beings
    Harmony with the cosmic body
    Consciousness of unity
    Individual life and collective life
    The science of life
    Microcosm and macrocosm: the law of correspondences
    The basis of economics: planning
    We receive for free; we must give for free
    Life is made solely of exchanges
    Re-establishing contact with universal life
    Working with nature spirits
    Greeting creation

  • « Todas las tradiciones espirituales han hecho de la montaña, del árbol y del río, símbolos particularmente ricos y significativos. ¿Por qué? Porque desde tiempos inmemoriales,los humanos han podido ver en ellos una representación de la vida cósmica. La montaña, como el árbol, como el río pone el mundo de abajo en relación con el mundo de arriba, hace un vínculo entre la tierra y el cielo. Pero mientras la montaña y el árbol se elevan hacia las alturas, el río, que coge su fuente en la montaña, desciende y termina por encontrarse con el mar... El último capítulo del Apocalipsis se abre con la imagen de un río. Después de haberle dado la visión de la ciudad santa, la nueva Jerusalén que desciende del cielo, el ángel muestra a San Juan « un río del agua de la vida, nítida como cristal que sale del trono de Dios ... » Esta imagen del río de vida descendiendo del trono de Dios nos revela, en primer lugar, que la vida viene de arriba ...»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


    I - Misterio de la vida, misterio de Dios
    II - "Y él me mostró un río de agua de vida"
    III - El hombre en el Árbol de la Vida
    IV - El zodíaco, clave del hombre y del universo
    V - Equilibrio de la Balanza
    VI - Los niveles de conciencia
    VII - Verdad científica y Verdad de la vida
    VIII La conquista de la cima
    IX - La unidad de la vida
    X - Los misterios de Iesod
    XI - Malkuth, receptáculo de la quintaesencia de Kether
    XII - "Y sobre las dos orillas del rio, había un árbol de la vida"

  • «A fé está associada a um trabalho de longa duração, é o resultado de esforços repetidos dia após dia; é algo vivo que nunca devemos separar da nossa vida quotidiana. É isto que temos de compreender para decifrarmos o significado das palavras de Jesus: "Se tivésseis fé do tamanho de um grão de mostarda, diríeis àquela montanha: `Move-te para acolá!', e ela mover-se-ia."
    Podemos mover uma montanha, mas só se não pensarmos que podemos movê-la toda de uma vez. Pode-se mover uma montanha, mas deslocando uma pedra de cada vez! Cada pedra deslocada, quer dizer, cada sucesso que se obtém, por menor que seja, aumenta a nossa fé, pois sentimo-nos mais sólidos, mais fortes, mais senhores da situação. Olhando para trás, vemos o caminho que percorremos... e então pode acontecer que, logo a meio do trabalho que empreendemos, a nossa fé se tenha tornado tão forte que sejamos capazes de mover tudo o resto de uma só vez.»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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    This book was previousmy published with the title: 'Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty'


    Understanding and joining our Higher Self.
    We all possess a soul mate that we more or less consciously seek outside of ourselves. However, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov enlightens us on its real nature: this complementarity is within us and corresponds to the "divine" principle of our being, what the author calls the superior soul or the superior Self. Becoming aware of it and working towards its realization through meditation and contemplation will enable us to understand ourselves better and to establish lasting, enlightened and soothing relationships not only with the other person but also with the whole of creation.
    /> `There are two fundamental principles in the universe, the masculine and the feminine, and they are reflected in every single manifestation of nature and of life. The whole of creation is the result of the concerted work of these two principles which are replicas of the two creative principles of the cosmos - the heavenly Father and the divine Mother - and of which men and women are the reflection. Throughout nature these two principles can be seen in different shapes and forms. They can be seen in human beings, not only in their physical bodies but also in their psychic structure: the mind and spirit representing the masculine principle and the heart and soul the feminine principle. The two principles must necessarily work in conjunction. On its own, each one is barren, and this is why each is always seeking the other. Spiritual galvanoplasty is an application in the spiritual life of this science of the two principles.'
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table of contents

    1. What is Spiritual Galvanoplasty?
    2. Man and woman, reflections of the masculine and feminine principles
    3. Marriages Made in Heaven
    4. Love Freely Given
    5. Love on the Lower Plane
    6. Love on the Higher Plane
    7. Love's Goal is Light
    8. The Solar Nature of Sexual Energy
    9. Mankind Transformed
    10. The Original Experiment and the New One
    11. Replenish the Earth!
    12. Woman's place
    13. The cosmic child

  • Cet ouvrage propose 294 pensées efficaces et adaptées à notre vie de chaque jour, afin de devenir "acteur de notre quotidien", comme l'a souvent conseillé l'auteur. Dans ce premier titre l'accent est mis sur la nécessité de mesurer nos gestes, paroles et pensées, ainsi que nos relations avec autrui, l'impact du moment présent sur notre avenir, l'importance des efforts et la relativité des échecs, la signification réelle de chacune de nos activités, la santé physique comme psychique, surmonter le découragement et savoir dire non.
    Les éditeurs
    « Chaque fois que je vous parle, je cherche à ouvrir pour vous une fenêtre, à élargir vos horizons afin que vous puissiez un jour embrasser l'immensité. La vie est un monde vaste, infini, et nous avons l'éternité pour l'explorer. C'est à cela d'ailleurs que l'on juge de l'importance d'une question : au temps qu'il faut pour en faire le tour. Une question qui est rapidement résolue n'est pas une question essentielle. Les questions essentielles se confondent avec la vie, et la vie est sans limites. »
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • `Every morning, before you do anything else, you must give yourself a few quiet moments of reflection so as to begin your day in peace and harmony, and unite yourself to the Creator by dedicating the new day to Him through prayer, meditation.
    It is the beginning that is all-important, for it is then, at the beginning, that new forces are set in motion and given direction. If we want to act wisely and well, we have to begin by casting some light on the situation. You do not look for something or start work in the dark; you start by lighting a lamp so
    that you can see what you are doing. And you can apply the same principle to every area in life: in order to know what to do and how to do it, you have to switch on the light - in other words, to con­-
    centrate and look into yourself. Without this light you will wander in all directions and knock on many different doors, and you will never achieve anything worthwhile.
    Our days follow the direction that we give to our first thoughts in the morning, for, depending on whether we are mindful or not, we either clear the way ahead or litter it with all kinds of useless and even dangerous debris. Disciples of initiatic science know how to begin the day so that it may be fruitful and rich in God's grace, and so that they may share that grace with those around them. They understand how important it is to begin the day with one fundamental thought around which all the other thoughts of the day may revolve.
    If you keep your sights fixed on a definite goal, a clear orientation, an ideal, all your activities will gradually organize themselves and fall into line in such a way as to contribute to the realization of that ideal. Even the negative or alien thoughts or feelings that attempt to infiltrate you will be deflected and put at the service of the divine world. Yes, even they will be forced to follow the direction you have chosen. In this way, thanks to the fundamental thought that you place in your head and your heart first thing in the morning, your whole day will be recorded in the book of life.
    And, since everything we do is recorded, once you have lived one glorious day, one day of eternal life, not only will that day be recorded, not only will it never die, but it will endeavor to get the days that follow to imitate it. Try to live just one day as well as you possibly can, therefore, and it will influence all your days: it will persuade them to listen to its testimony and follow its example, so as to be well balanced, orderly, and harmonious.

  • Depuis 1991 les Pensées quotidiennes accompagnent nos lecteurs. Un thème de méditation pour chaque jour de l'année. Index alphabétique en fin d'ouvrage.

  • 'Man was built by Cosmic Intelligence in such a way that he can fulfil himself and attain his full stature only by maintaining ties with a higher world from which he receives light and strength. When human beings rely exclusively on their own limited intellect they deprive themselves of true understanding, and it is this lack that is the cause of all their disastrous mistakes. When men are motivated only by a lust for material possessions and power and act in total disregard for the plans of Cosmic Intelligence, they stir up layers of the physical and psychic atmosphere and arouse formidable forces whose fury is turned against them. The Age of Aquarius will soon be upon us and the tremendous upheavals accompanying it will oblige human beings to understand the reality of the invisible world and the laws that govern it. But the beauty, splendour and harmony of the new life that will emerge from these upheavals will be beyond anything imagined by man. All those who have been secretly working for the coming of the Kingdom of God throughout the world will join forces and work together, and the bastions of ignorance, materialism and despotism will crumble and collapse. This I tell you. And it will be: nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the new Golden Age.'
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table of contents

    1 - The Age of Aquarius
    2 - The Dawn of Universal Brotherhood
    3 - Youth and Revolution
    4 - Communism and Capitalism
    5 - True Economics
    6 - Wealth
    7 - Aristocracy and Democracy
    8 - Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

  • «Cualquier ideal, sea el que sea, tiene una virtud mágica, porque estamos vinculados a él y nos comunica algo de su quintaesencia. Si este ideal es alto, constantemente nos trae partículas y corrientes benéficas: desde que lo hemos formado, desde que lo pensamos y lo amamos, un día encontraremos en nuestra vida las nuevas condiciones que este ideal habrá creado.»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • «Nenhum livro pode ensinar-nos verdades mais essenciais do que os Evangelhos. Alguns de vós dirão que os leram e não encontraram neles grande coisa, por isso agora procuram o seu caminho nas religiões ou nas filosofias orientais... Pois bem, isso acontece, muito simplesmente, porque não compreenderam a incomensurável sabedoria contida nos Evangelhos. É claro que eu sei que eles estão saturados de textos conhecidos e têm vontade de mudar um pouco de alimento. Mas é perigoso ir procurar esse alimento em ensinamentos que não compreenderão, pois não estão adaptados à sua estrutura e à sua mentalidade. Alguns Ocidentais estudaram-nos e praticaram-nos com bons resultados, mas são raros.
    O que é dirigido a nós, Ocidentais, é o ensinamento dos Evangelhos. Como não os lestes nem meditastes neles seriamente, procurais outra coisa, mas com que objetivo?... E não deveis pensar que os sábios e os Mestres espirituais da Índia se sentem muito felizes e orgulhosos pelo facto de verem cristãos negligenciarem a sua religião para assumirem o aspeto de yogis, balbuciarem algumas palavras em sânscrito e recitarem mantras depois de acenderem uns pauzinhos de incenso. Isso apenas mostra que eles gostam do exotismo e não da verdade sem ornamentos. Acreditai no que vos digo: os cristãos podem encontrar na Bíblia, e nas numerosas obras que ela inspirou, tudo aquilo de que necessitam para o seu desenvolvimento espiritual.»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


    I «No começo, era o Verbo...»
    II «Não se põe vinho novo em odres velhos»
    III «Pai nosso...»
    IV «Procurai o Reino de Deus e a sua Justiça...»
    V «Os últimos serão os primeiros»
    VI O Natal
    VII A tempestade amainada
    VIII O alto retiro
    IX «Pai, perdoa-lhes, porque eles não sabem o que fazem»
    X O pecado contra o Espírito Santo é o pecado contra o amor
    XI A ressurreição e o juízo final
    XII «Há muitas moradas na casa do meu Pai»
    XIII O corpo da ressurreição

  • "Los métodos de práctica espiritual son idénticos a los de la creación artística. Entonces, ¿por qué abandonar el arte a aquellos que han llegado a ser conocidos como artistas? Depende de cada uno de ustedes vivir una vida poética, expresar música a través de sus gestos, pensamientos, sentimientos, dibujar su propia cara y aprender a esculpirse imagen de Dios"
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


    I - Crear: alcanzar un nivel superior de conciencia
    II - Crearse uno mismo
    III - Una educación de la sensibilidad

  • « El que está verdaderamente habitado por la luz y la fuerza del espíritu es capaz de vencer este odio que generalmente se apodera de los corazones de hombres y mujeres injustamente perseguidos. En medio de sus sufrimientos, se decía a sí mismo: « ¡La conducta de mis enemigos revela que están privados de todo lo que constituye la riqueza de la vida espiritual! » E incluso si soy su víctima, no son los más fuertes, porque no pueden hacer nada contra esta parte de mí que se alimenta de verdad, de belleza todos los días. Así es como obtiene lo que nunca podría haber obtenido por ningún otro medio: esa libertad interior que le da el poder de perdonar a sus enemigos. »
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • « ¿Qué es la comida? Una carta de amor. Sí, una carta de amor escrita por el Creador, ¡y mucho depende de cómo la leas! Esta es la carta de amor más poderosa y elocuente, ya que está escrita: « ¡Te traigo la vida! El día que aprendas a comer conscientemente, podrás descifrar todo lo que el Señor te diga a través de la comida. »
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


    I - El silencio durante las comidas
    II - Hrani yoga: alimentar nuestros cuerpos sutiles
    III - Comulgar es la condición misma de la vida

  • «Os Evangelhos podem ser compreendidos e interpretados à luz da ciência alquímica. Aparentemente, apenas relatam a vida de um homem, Jesus, nascido há dois mil anos na Palestina; mas, na realidade, por intermédio das diferentes etapas da sua vida, do nascimento até à morte e à ressurreição, também descrevem processos alquímicos.

    Apesar das condenações a que foi votada pelo clero, a alquimia impregnou profundamente a mística e o esoterismo cristãos. E se se estudar certas figuras que existem no exterior e no interior de catedrais como a Notre-Dame de Paris ou a Notre-Dame de Chartres, descobrir-se-á que os construtores de catedrais tinham conhecimentos alquímicos que a arquitetura e a escultura amplamente testemunham.»

    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • «Quando, a 23 de setembro, o Sol entra no signo da Balança, é o equinócio do outono. Depois da fase ascendente (do Carneiro à Virgem), começa a fase descendente (da Balança aos Peixes).
    A Balança é o sétimo signo no círculo do Zodíaco. Por que razão há uma balança no céu e o que nos ensina ela? No meio da sucessão de criaturas vivas, seres humanos e animais, representadas no Zodíaco, só a balança é um objeto, mais exatamente um instrumento de pesagem, como se, com os seus dois pratos, ela mantivesse em equilíbrio os poderes da luz e das trevas, os poderes da vida e da morte. A Balança do Zodíaco é um reflexo da Balança cósmica, o equilíbrio dos dois princípios opostos, mas complementares, graças aos quais o Universo apareceu e continua a existir. O símbolo da Balança, que também encontramos na Árvore Sefirótica, domina toda a Criação.»
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

  • « Dans le livre de la Genèse il est écrit que Dieu créa l'homme à son image. Celui qui a énoncé cette vérité avait compris qu'en étudiant l'homme, sa nature, les différentes fonctions de son organisme physique et de son organisme psychique, on s'approche de la connaissance de Dieu et de l'univers. Car Dieu et l'univers se reflètent en l'homme, comme l'ont aussi enseigné les Initiés de la Grèce ancienne qui disaient : « Connais-toi toi-même, et tu connaîtras l'univers et les dieux ».
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table des matières

    I - Notre appartenance à l'arbre cosmique
    II - Six corps animés par six âmes
    III - La nature humaine : pourquoi il est difficile d'en donner une définition
    IV - Le zodiaque, notre ciel intérieur
    V - Chacun de nos six corps possède un double en relation avec les quatre éléments, les constellations et les planètes
    VI - L'Arbre de Vie et l'Homme originel, Adam Kadmon

  • « L'idéal du spiritualiste est de se rapprocher de plus en plus du Verbe de Dieu. Pour cela il doit apprendre à purifier son propre verbe, à l'harmoniser, le renforcer. Evidemment, c'est toute une discipline qui exige qu'il devienne conscient, maître de lui-même et de toutes ses manifestations. Ce n'est qu'à cette condition qu'il parviendra à rendre son verbe efficace, constructif, divin. »
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table des matières

    I - L'alphabet et les vingt-deux éléments du Verbe
    II - Le Verbe, langage universel
    III - La puissance du Verbe


    Le texte de cette brochure est paru dans : « Les fruits de l'Arbre de Vie », tome 32 de la collection OEuvres complètes, chapitre IX, sous le titre « L'eau et le feu ».