Harmattan Hongrie

  • Le présent volume rassemble les actes du colloque consacré à Jean-Luc Nancy, qui a eu lieu à Budapest en février 2017. Honoré par la présence en personne de son sujet, le colloque tenait à rester digne à l'idée d'une « rencontre avec le penseur de l'ouverture », il tenait donc à rester ouvert, accueillant, libre. Ainsi, chaque intervenant du colloque présentait son sujet de prédilection, l'unique critère de présentation étant de rester le plus près possible de la pensée de Jean-Luc Nancy. Pourtant, malgré toute liberté de choix, la grande majorité des intervenants ont décidé de reprendre à leur compte un seul sujet, notamment « le Sujet » : sujet-ego, sujet-corps, sujet-chose, sujet-nous. À la limite, le colloque aurait pu se définir comme une sorte de compte-rendu du sujet de Jean-Luc Nancy, qui aurait mis en évidence la multiplicité d'approches au sujet de son oeuvre multiple, au Sujet qui n'arrête de renaître sous sa plume depuis un demi-siècle.

  • Mongolian Buddhism is an important historical and cultural phenomenon that is inseparable from Mongolian identity, and many aspects of "Mongolness" cannot be understood without knowing the Buddhist practice in detail in both diachronic and synchronich perspectives.
    The second volume of the series "Aspects of Mongolian Buddhism" follows in many respects the features of the first volume: "Aspects of Mongolian Buddhism 1. Past, Present and Future". In the present publication we offer a series of articles dedicated to textual tradition, rituals, holy masters, the historical and political role of Buddhism among the Mongols, etc. Besides, the readers can get an insight into the methodological framework of various institutes, and independent scholars studying these fields.

  • The present publication focuses on the examination of literary diversity. One the one hand it deals with the litarature of various endangered languages (especially that of the Sami), and develops first considerations in constructing a comparative paradigm for mapping the vulnerability of literary processes. On the other, this books pays attention to thematic, formal and stylistic aspects of contemporary translingual literary productions. Special attention is here given to the latest developments in the Finnish literary field. The foci of endangerment and translingualism require addressing several other related literary phenomena such as literary ecology, écriture multiculturelle, code-switching or intercultural dialogism in present day world literature.

  • Without any doubt research is the driving force behind development and professionalization, and a major reason why supervisors and coaches see it as the basis of their practices, enhancing its credibility, reliability and legitimacy. Not surprisingly, this reflects what they professionally pursue with their clientele: to serve the development of individuals, teams and organizations; inspire them to optimise their potential and enhance their professional and personal growth.