• A la fin des années 90, les industries de défense russes traversent une crise aiguë, qu'aggrave l'absence apparente de politique de restructuration. Elles demeurent cependant un enjeu majeur : instrument de puissance et fardeau économique et social. L'étude de l'industrie de défense illustre les complexités du jeu des pouvoirs politique, militaire, industriel et financier.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • It's the All-Star team, made up of the WHL's young hockey players, just one short step away from the NHL. Their goal is to beat the Russian All-Stars in a best-of-seven series to be shown as a television special. Hog Burnell, one of the biggest and toughest players in the league, is happy to be part of it. He could use the money that would come with a series win by the WHL All-Stars. At the very worst, it's a free vacation to Russia. It doesn't take Hog long to discover there's plenty more money to be made along the way...if he's willing to pay the price for it.

  • Two sisters, forever tied by love and sadness.
    The life of Anna Grieve and her fragile older sister, Esther, begins in Russia in the 1880s. The violent persecution of Jews leads their mother to a fateful decision, to send the girls away with her wealthy employers-halfway across the world to Winnipeg.
    The girls are never at ease in their new home. Esther's beauty and glamour hide the fact that she is losing herself to mental illness. Anna, always the misfit and the rebel, leaves as soon as she can for New York where she reinvents herself as a women's rights activist in Manhattan, running an illegal contraceptive business in the shadows.
    Anna spends her life torn between taking care of Esther and escaping her, never understanding the true depth of her sister's anguish. When Anna hears the news of Esther's death on an historic day in WWII, her world comes to a halt. She must travel back to Winnipeg to find out why.
    Was it a suicide? Did the events of the war play a part, or is that a coincidence? Anna's search for answers will take her back to the violence of their childhood in Russia, to years of suppressed memories and untold stories of the family they left behind, and finally back to that fateful day during WWII.The mystery surrounding Anna Grieve and her mentally fragile older sister, Esther, begins in Russia in the 1880s. The persecution of Jews has become so vicious that the girls' mother decides to send her children to Winnipeg with her wealthy employers. Her intention is to join them, but the sisters never see their parents again. Frightened and cut adrift, each girl reacts differently to her new family in North America. Esther's beauty and glamorous lifestyle hide the fact that she is losing herself to mental illness brought on by a trauma during her childhood in Russia. Anna does not understand the depth of her sister's torment, and spends her life torn between taking care of her and escaping her. As soon as she can, Anna leaves for New York and makes a new life as a women's rights activist with an illegal contraceptive business in Manhattan.
    When Anna receives the unexpected news of Esther's apparent suicide on If Day in Winnipeg - the day a simulated Nazi attack took place to raise money for war bonds - she returns to the city to face the possibility that If Day and Esther's early trauma are inexorably linked to her death.

  • That Other Beauty

    Karen Enns

    An exquisitely musical and meditative new voice in Canadian poetry.

    In her debut collection, Karen Enns' focus is the beauty present to us in almost every moment, however mundane or apparently lost. Her argument is that the act of attention itself is the most fundamental of these beauties.

    And when the rooms were bare and windowless,
    and the winds came with their black rain and the darkness

    and the coats on nails like frameless men,
    the pockets hollow-mouthed, I wanted this:

    to see the shape of things completely,
    every darkness, every rise and fall, small breath.
    - from "Confession"

    That Other Beauty ranges across memories of a farm childhood, and further back, to the Mennonite exodus from Russia. We encounter immigrants, furnace repairmen and grocers, dead cats, a raven lifting into "the clear, bright density of rain." Enns meditates on Bach, on solitude, and on exile both accidental and imposed, weaving darkness and light with great fidelity and authority.

  • This is a major pictorial work about the Romanov dynasty, the supreme rulers of Russia for over 300 years, with special emphasis on the life of Nicholas II, the last Tsar. Moreover, it is an unsurpassed photographic record of the lives of the last reigning members of the Russian Royal family. The great majority of the photographs used in this book have never been published before, and have rarely been seen even by researchers from the West, having remained hidden in archives for 70 years, since the Russian revolution.
    The many contemporary photographs depict Russian royalty in ceremonial dress and at leisure in informal surroundings. There are also such unique items as a picture of Rasputin, the "mad monk" and confident of the Tsarina Alexandra, surrounded by female admirers.

  • « J'envie nos petits fils et nos arrières petits-fils auxquels il sera donné de voir la Russie des années 1940, se tenant à la tête de l'univers, donnant des lois à l'éducation et à l'art et recevant un bienheureux tribut de considération de l'humanité éclairée. » Vissarion Bélinski (1810-1848).

  • Le contrôle du territoire national fait partie des droits et des devoirs de l'État, et constitue l'un des principaux enjeux des luttes politiques. La volonté de l'établir, de le maintenir ou de le renforcer entraîne des heurts et des polarisations ; il peut subsister des zones d'ombre et des régions insoumises ; il se forme des liaisons privilégiées et des concurrences : toutes ces configurations spatiales retiennent l'attention des géographes. Issu de deux des colloques organisés par la Commission de Géographie Politique, cet ouvrage s'intéresse à la nature et aux mécanismes de ce contrôle territorial, aux diverses échelles, selon les résistances rencontrées par l'État. Minorités et régionalismes, taille et rugosité du territoire, poids des régions et des villes représentent autant d'obstacles qui peuvent empêcher l'État d'enserrer le territoire dans la maille de ses réseaux, matériels et imaginaires. Aborder l'action de l'État, par le biais du territoire et du contrôle qu'il exerce sur lui, peut nous aider, en faisant oeuvre de géographes, à poursuivre le nécessaire examen de son fonctionnement réel.

  • Retrace l'histoire du Traité de non-prolifération nucléaire, rappelle ses objectifs, apprécie son efficacité et se penche sur son avenir.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.