Jean-Luc PETIT Editions

  • Bea - a baby blackbird
    Beryl - Bea's mother
    The friend - (a small role with 2 lines of dialogue)
    Chorus - for the final scene (no dialogue)
    Bea and her mother Beryl are sitting on the biggest branch of an oak tree in a forest behind a house.
    Bea spreads her wings.
    Ternoise Stéphane is a French author. He was born in 1968. He published since 1991.
    Catalog in French and official website :
    Mary Kate Glover is a translator
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    Beryl : - Bea, Bea, what are you doing ?
    Bea : - I'm going to look for some twigs: it's looking very bare round here!
    Beryl : - And what about the cat?
    Bea : - What cat?
    Beryl : - Down there by the well.
    Bea : - Oh ! Well he doesn't look very dangerous. He's just an old cat, all black and white.