• Sissie est une jeune orpheline qui rêve de devenir Chanteuse, mais elle devra grandir et persévérer pour devenir une diva ! Sans oublier le retour agaçant de sa rivale, l'ex de son futur mari, une fille insupportable... Les problèmes s'accumulent : la vie du couple est en balance, le voisin est au courant, la belle-mère s'y ingère, y compris les paparazzis... Un roman mené avec beaucoup d humour, qui mêle jalousie et persiflage.

    Biographie de l'auteur :
    Née en 1984, Divine Kanza est éditrice des éditions La lettrine Culture et Journaliste littéraire du magazine La lettrine Culture, mais elle reste avant tout une auteure. Son style d'écriture est cinématographique, loufoque, avec plein d'humour. Elle trouve sa place dans tous les registres littéraires. Son mouvement littéraire est le Burlesque : se traduisant par le cinéma, l'humour, le ton... Elle est également proverbiale et crée ses propres expressions françaises.Ses oeuvres contemporaines et classiques adaptées au style de Voltaire, Molière donnent un grand plaisir aux lecteurs.
    Son proverbe : - Sans l'amour je te hais, même étant borgne, et sans la haine je t'aime au point de ne plus te haïr.

  • In this sweet and lyrical board book from the creators of the bestselling Little You, gentle rhythmic text captures the wonder new parents feel as they welcome baby into the world. A celebration of the bond between parent and child, this is the perfect song to share with your little ones.
    Internationally renowned storyteller and bestselling author Richard Van Camp teams up with award-winning illustrator Julie Flett for a second time to create a stunning board book for babies and toddlers.

  • Unlike his brother Zim (from Zim s'imagine), Luna is a little red-haired, hot-tempered cat. While his feline furry friend scurries and climbs around the house, Luna grrrr's and growls, being his grumpy self.
    With their piercing eyes, pudgy bellies, and little pillows on their feet, even the best of us can't resist to cats!
    But if they make us laugh, cats aren't always in a good mood...
    Will Luna's human and his brother be able to cheer him up?

    lien video: https://youtu.be/5VoYZygn1w4

  • Norah Shariff's autobiography is likely to cause some turmoil as she takes the reader into a harsh world created by her immediate family; a world filled with obstacles preventing her from gaining precious freedom. Norah is brought up in a living nightmare, created by her father's abuse and violence, her grandparents' strict religious precepts, and an oppressive religious system. Although a victim herself, Norah is unyieldingly supportive to the point of being overprotective of her mother whose own hell on earth is filled with daily physical and psychological abuse. Over time, Norah realizes her life is slipping away and her strength of character and audacious nature are the two key elements which will eventually free her from the horrific shackles weighing her down.