• Découvrez l'univers hilarant de Pet et Répète : la véritable histoire en version audio . Julie Hamelin prête sa voix à ce récit aussi absurde qu'amusant.

    Une musique originale de Jeannot Bournival, qui mêle harmonieusement l'esprit classique de l'album et son côté rocambolesque.

    Avec le texte aux notes burlesques de Katia Canciani et des effets sonores désopilants, la célèbre blague n'aura jamais été aussi drôle !

    Une production des Éditions Fonfon en collaboration avec le Studio Bulldog.

  • For a Hug is a touching story that promotes a harmonious relationship between a pet and a child. You will discover a cute and lively pet that has needs and must be given the necessary care.
    This story is offered with narration, and will appeal to small and bigger children! Will you discover the type of animal before the end of the story?

    Thanks to stories that are original and full of wisdom, the Apple & Confetti collection offers books filled with discoveries! In the last pages you will find questions, bonuses, and other surprises that will put into play the child's memory, logic, and creativity. Our interactive stories, that are offered in French, English, and Spanish, are perfect for learning different languages. Let us amaze you!

  • The year is 1935 and Maggie Sullivan's world has fallen apart. Maggie has grown up in a close-knit mining community perched atop a mountain in British Columbia. But now her father has been killed in a mine explosion and she is being forced to leave the only home she has ever known. To make matters worse, she must also leave behind her best friend Lucky, the three-legged dog that was a special gift from Pa.