• Anglais Venom

    Saneh Sangsuk

     A crippled boy plays with his puppets and dreams of glory until the female cobra he disturbs by his show rushes at him.

    The life-and-death struggle that follows has but a predictable end - or has it?

      This tale has been translated into seven European languages, not to mention Braille, has been turned into a play in Paris, and has brought immediate recognition to its author, Saneh Sangsuk, born 1957, as a `great contemporary writer´.

  • Editio succeeds in motivating Santa's elves by telling wonderful stories and reviving the magic of Christmas.

  • Anglais Victoria´s Christmas

    Andrée Thibeault

    • Éditiö
    • 16 Décembre 2014

    Victoria is getting ready to spend a happy Christmas with Mr. Pretzel, an affectionate cat, and Mother Lucy, a grandmother with lots to tell.

  • Anglais Kazek The Cossack

    Théo Trifard

    KAZEK THE COSSACK by Theo Trifard, translated from French by Jill Trifard and Nicky Rebelo, is a romance and also a naughty book, embellished with a tablespoon of humour and a pinch of French touch. This novel describes the secret worlds of a libertine Countess in love with an attractive adventurer called Kazek.

    They are both free and don't hesitate to burn their wings as they pursue their fantasies between Paris and Luanda.
    When they're not together, they talk about their lives, desires and dreams through elegant letters.

    Accompany our two heroes on their exotic voyage from a porte-cochère to a medieval donjon, from a saucy letter to a night of revenge, an extravagant journey guided by a clumsy Destiny and lecherous gods who get their kicks observing human frailties. Full of humour, this poetic erotic tale describes the quest for instant carnal love where the only rules are those dictated by desire.

    Is this love? An eternal question...

  • Cuentos de Río refleja la época de la posguerra española en los pueblos de Castilla desde los ojos juveniles de su autor, quien descubre el mundo a través de las vicisitudes de la vida diaria de sus parientes y vecinos. La realidad, a veces cruel, a veces

  • Anglais Three Trees


    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    In the middle of a forest live three little trees.
    They're young. They're beautiful.
    They're dreaming. They're dreaming of the future.

  • The Voyage of Ayrus is a philosophical tale for everyone. It tells the story of a young man who pursues an initiation quest in order to uncover the secrets of the elixir of life and pill of immortality.

    During his journey, Ayrus will try to recover his distant origins throught contact with ancestral traditions. His trek will take him in several regions of the world, including America, the Black Continent, Clowntown and Asia.

    With a blend of imagination and realism, this book describes a possible path for all individuals, which is to restore a link to one's own Inner Light.

  • An indispensable tool for parents, childcare professionals, and children!

    Beatrice is troubled to learn that her ailments have a cause: anxiety.
    With the help of a zootherapy psychologist and her four-legged colleagues, the young girl discovers the different aspects of her anxiety disorder and how to tame them.

    Does your child see danger everywhere? Expect the worst out of every situation? See tasks as a hard mountain to climb? Have a fear of failure? If you've answered yes to at least one of these questions, this illustrated tale will help you broach the subject of anxiety, in a simple and visual way.

    The "self-observation" section of this colorful and pleasing little book will allow you to help your child understand the symptoms of anxiety.

    Accumulate a bunch of tricks pertinent to daily life, so as to overcome the difficulties that stem from anxiety. You'll see, it's not that hard!

  • Leo is nine years old when he's diagnosed with ADHD. "I have WHAT?" he asks himself, somewhat confused. How to answer that question?

    There's nothing better than an illustrated story to explain to children the different aspects of ADHD.
    Does your child behave like a werecat? Or perhaps more like a little turtle? Or maybe your child buzzes around like a hyper-energized bee? Explore this aspect together in the "self-observation" section of this colourful and pleasing little book.

    To help overcome the difficulties associated with ADHD, the book gives tricks that are applicable to daily life: staying focused, becoming organized, planning, calming yourself, and mastering your emotions.
    This book is essential for parents and childcare professionals who wish to broach this condition with children, providing a simple and illustrated method.

  • Anglais A Sad Wolf


    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    The sun is shining and the sky is blue.
    The pupils of the GIVE US A SMILE school are off on a trip.
    They're going to visit Fairytale Land.

  • Anglais Victoria's Christmas


    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    The holidays are fast approaching. Victoria and her mother have gone to the pretty Christmas store to buy the last decorations for the tree. While her mother pays for the items, Victoria walks towards the exit and glances at the small ads on the wall. Suddenly, a photo of a big, light-brown cat catches her eye. Under the photo it says: Mature and affectionate cat called Mr. Pretzel seeks foster family. Reason: death and moving house. For information call 765 222-1315.Victoria's heart melts and she feels an urge to help poor Mr. Pretzel.

  • Anglais My name is Editio

    Paul-Emile Gagnon

    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    My name is Editio.My story began a long time ago... in a place a few light-seconds from here.I was born on the planet Uto. It's a planet that revolves around the Earth.If you don't know Uto it's no wonder, because this tiny planet was deserted until the day my father discovered it during one of his explorations. He fashioned it in his own image and it's constantly evolving.

  • Let me tell you about the night I saved the magic of Christmas.It all began on a mild December evening. Fat snowflakes were falling from a lovely sky where the light was retreating before the darkness. I was sauntering through a big park, where kids were having a great time. Some were making a giant fort in preparation for a mammoth snowball fight, while others were building a snowman.In the middle of the park stood an enormous fir tree covered in paper chains and multi-coloured lights. I'd always dreamed of having a tree like that on Uto. Then I noticed a little girl sitting alone on a bench in front of the tree. Unlike the other children, she seemed sad. I decided to go and speak to her.