• Les chiens parlent. Ils ont un langage. Ecoutez ce qu'ils essaient de vous dire, décryptez les signaux parfois subtils qu'ils envoient, apprenez leur langue grâce à ce livre plein de surprises, où vous trouverez des conseils, des informations - et même un petit dictionnaire d'aboyen.

  • Certains chiens sont-ils plus intelligents que les autres ? Jusqu'à quel point nous comprennent-ils  Telles sont quelques-unes des 70 questions auxquelles Stanley Coren apporte ici des réponses concrètes, utiles et passionnantes.

  • If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of getting a dog or nervous about caring for the one you've already brought home, now you can relax. Understanding Your Dog for Dummies helps you recognize not only why your dog behaves the way she does, but in a way that enables you to parlay that into a well-behaved companion who listens (and sits, and speaks, and comes, etc.). Whether your pooch is a mixed breed or purebred, she has a distinct identity that makes her unique. The first step in understanding your dog is to respect the honorable task she was originally bred for and to identify how these inbred impulses influence her personality and behavior. In essence, you need to speak her language if you expect her to learn to understand yours. Understanding Your Dog for Dummies gives you everything you need to learn to understand your pooch's unique dialect of "Doglish"-and shows you how to take on the role as pack leader to give your dog the cues, guidance, and consistency she needs to shape and develop good behaviors. Inside you'll discover how to: Read your dog's body language Communicate with your dog Interpret your dog's breed-specific traits Correct dog-behavior-gone-bad Counter anxiety-based behavior Understand and resolve aggressive behavior And so much more! Think of this book as Doglish 101-a prerequisite for every human member of your dog's family. Now, let the training begin!