• "Un simple échange entre enfants. Pas un timbre-poste, ni un jouet, ni un autocollant. Une BD, échangée contre un banal tuyau en plastique. Un acte anodin au départ. Mais avec le temps, le Superman numéro un a pris une immense valeur. Et Harvey, devenu libraire, de bandes dessinées justement, ne rêve que de le récupérer. C'est même une obsession, le seul but de sa vie d'adolescent attardé: retrouver ce comic rarissime... Mais après toutes ces années d'attente, son scénario longuement mûri va dérailler, et il se retrouvera pris dans un imbroglio incroyable.
    Conseil de l'éditeur: ne commencez ce livre que si vous avez du temps, car vous ne pourrez pas le lâcher."

  • Anglais The Swap

    Antony Moore

    "Since I last saw them I've not got married, or had any children, or got a promotion, or inherited a fortune; I've been doing exactly the same things I was doing last time I went."
    "Well tell them you've expanded."
    "They'll see that for themselves."Another school reunion looms for Harvey Briscow, and once again he agonises over whether to attend; as the owner of a comic shop, a devout drinker, smoker and full-time misanthropist, he's spent much of his time wondering what might have been had he chosen another path. Nothing in Harvey's life has changed since the last reunion, five years ago, or indeed the one before, and short of fabricating a fantastic change of fortune there's little to be had by going. Not until Josh, his sole employee and only true friend, suggests he may have opportunity to reclaim a very rare comic Harvey once swapped, does he galvanise himself into action.On arrival at the crowded event he meets the much-maligned Charles 'Bleeder' Odd, who has now matured into a successful businessman and appears nauseatingly content with his lot. But as Harvey makes inroads to retrieve his lost comic, he begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. The worthless item he exchanged it for must have some significance... The Swap cracks along at a tremendous pace. On one level Antony Moore's debut is a superbly plotted thriller, on another, a hilarious black comedy that will amuse anyone who has attended, or considered attending, a school reunion.

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