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  • Whose first records were produced by George Martin, and who had two singles banned by the BBC?Who earned rare reviews on Broadway for his dancing? Who rode on the back seat of the Goodies' trandem? Who has been called 'Britain's best-known birdwatcher'? Who had his first clinical depression in his 60th year, and has only just discovered why? Who has written an autobiography that is as witty, candid and unconventional as the man himself? Answer to all of the above - Bill OddieBill Oddie is best known for the wacky humour of the Goodies, and the irrepressible enthusiasm of his nature programmes, off screen there has been a darker side. Bill has suffered from bouts of depression which have more than once taken him to the brink. Now he is back in control and wiser about the causes and the cure. Here he describes the childhood blighted by the absence of his mother who had been committed to a mental asylum when he was small. It was a lonely and difficult start to life, but there were to be happier times. Touring with the Cambridge Footlights in the l960s saw him alongside the greatest comic talents of his generation - John Cleese and of course fellow Goodies Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden. Soon the Goodies were to become on of the biggest comedy hits of the 70s - bringing a new brand of surreal humour to our screens. Now as Britain's favourite birdwatcher Bill has turned his private passion into his most public role and presented more than 20 nature programmes for the BBC. He has also become a fervent and outspoken campaigner for the environment. It has been an extraordinary and far from straightforward journey. Bill Oddie takes us along with him in a memoir which is as witty, candid, curious and unconventional as the man himself.

  • Bill Cullen, legendary head of Renault Ireland, went from selling apples on the streets of Dublin to owning a company with an annual turnover of over $400 million. He credits much of his success to the women in his life: his mother, Mary, and his grandmother, Molly Darcy, whose fierce intelligence and homespun wisdom were a constant motivation and whose stories he told so vividly in his bestselling memoir, It's a Long Way from Penny Apples. Now Bill shares those memories, and interprets them for the twenty-first century. Under his inspirational guidance, you can transform your career and your life.

  • Anglais Schism

    Bill Granger

    Father Leo Tunney came out of the jungle after twenty years. Long presumed dead,he quietly walked out of Cambodia to present himself at the US Embassy in Bangkok. Terribly frail and confused, the old man seemed at first to have been forgotten by the outside world.

    Until a scattering of people remembered who he was and what he might know. And every one had reason to be the first to talk to Father Tunney.
    And the last.

  • There wasn't much that Tartakoff could offer Devereaux by way of paying for his passage to the West. There were a lot of risks in bringing over KGB defectors and the Russian was nothing special. Then he said he could get Thomas Crohan out as well. Devereaux passed the name onto Washington. The silence was deafening. Privately, the CIA was throwing a fit.

    Thomas Crohan has officially been dead for forty years, and the big boys from Intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic (and behind the Iron Curtain) are determined that he will stay that way. Even if it means wiping out anyone who could prove otherwise.

    /> And that, of course, includes Devereaux...

  • Devereaux has lived on the edge for long enough to know trouble when it comes his way. He has been out of action for a year, but he is still a target. The Opposition won't forget the November Man and won't make the same mistakes again.

    Even R Section can't offer him much protection but, as Devereaux said himself, all the king's horses and all the king's men won't stop the Russians getting what they want.

    So with a KGB issued contract on his life drawing Soviet hitmen onto US soil, Devereaux is out on his own. Precisely where he wants to be...

  • Hemingway's notebook. Everyone is looking for it on St. Michel in the Caribbean.
    Here the president is a raving lunatic, the "Black Police" have the run of the capital, guerilla forces mass in the hills, an organized crime syndicate plans its own takeover, and U.S. agents brutally battle for a document filled with hot political secrets, the lost notebook of Ernest Hemingway.

    One of America's most lethal operatives, the man they call November, will need all his courage and cunning if the coveted prize is to be his.

  • Waterlogged, head down, the body floats sluggishly: an agent, American, machine-gunned and thrown into the Seine.

    A second body: Russian, an agent, sprwled in a drainage ditch near Lakenheath USAF base.

    And dead in Venice: two men, American and British. One, mutilated, wave-washed in the lagoon. The other dumped, garrotted, in an empty Coca Cola delivery boat.

    Only agent Devereaux, the November Man, can solve the mystery.

  • Devereaux. Codename November. A brilliant, lethally cool operative, he was years ago regarded as one of America's most valuable security assets.

    Now courted by the KGB and under threat from the CIA, Devereaux must foil the planned assassination of England's richest man and it's prime minister in a treacherous war of shadows on the Irish Sea.

    Devereaux is both target and triggerman, pawn and master player, the spy who can never come in from the cold...

  • They met before. Their encounter nearly cost Devereaux - code name November - his life. Now, amid a perilously uncertain global that, they meet again: America's November Man, an agent without faith, and a defunct East Germany's Double Eagle, an agent without a country.

    For Double Eagle, the confrontation is the means to a totalitarian countercoup inside a reunified Germany. For November, it is the only way to halt the devastating blackmail of Rita Macklin, his one love.

    Once more, the two long-standing adversaries - and the powers behind them - will try to use each other. And this time, the spy called Double Eagle is determined that the November Man won't survive.

  • On the foggy and desolate Seattle waterfront, a gray-haired, gray-eyed man foils a mugging. His name is Devereaux--the November Man. His act of salvation is the first, unexpected step on a perilous odyssey to the remote wilderness of Alaska. His quest is for a mysterious individual named Henry McGee, the sometimes American, sometimes Russian master manipulator, teller of tales, and treacherous link between opposing superpowers, in a bizarre, far-reaching plot to destroy U.S. intelligence.
    The November Man is the unwilling instrument of the plan's success--or the determined key to its failure. And this time, simply staying alive won't be enough.

  • In the majestic silence of Chartres cathedral, Devereaux - code name November - receives his assignment: help Czechoslovakia's cultural liason cross over to the West. A hard enough job, even without the added complication of an act of God.

    For in the humble Chicago parish church, the sacred statue of the Infant of Prague is found weeping real tears. A visiting Czech child star, transfigured by the miraculous event declares, on live television, her intent to remain in America in the name of Christ and freedom.

    Only an operative as cynical and seasoned as the November Man can sense the sinister link between the two events. The miracle has plunged him into a vast global adventure. And it will take a miracle to get him through it alive.

  • The Cold War is over - yet new, even more frightening wars have sprung up within our borders. Now, the field of battle for Devereaux, code name November, is to be found in Washington and Chicago itself.

    The conspirators are a rich, beautiful radical, a disenfranchised army officer and a playboy U.S. Senator. They're backed by a mysterious Lebanese bank known as the International Credit Clearinghouse. And their goal is a shocking one: destroy the entire civilian energy industry in one bold stroke.

    In less than twenty-four hours, the November Man will have to defuse the most potentially devastating act of sabotage in history - and avenge an agonizingly personal injustice.

  • The month is March. The name is Devereaux - the November Man - the American operative who has gone to ground on Lake Geneva.

    Devereaux doesn't know that a beautiful KGB agent has been ordered to stalk two Novembers - and kill them both...or that Hanley, his control in the deep-cover R Section, is now at the government-subsidised asylum for people with too many secrets...or that Hanley's desperate message, "There are no spies," will drag Devereaux into a struggle to save both his own life and R Section itself.

    THE NOVEMBER MAN is a stylish and suspensful thriller and the basis of the forthcoming big screen debut of agent Devereaux, played by Pierce Brosnan.

  • Maj Kirsten's was a public murder. Good-looking, blonde, Swedish,
    a tourist, she was found stabbed to death and mutilated in one of
    Chicago's public parks. That got the headlines, put the pressure on the police as politicians
    and elected officials demanded an equally public solution. They got
    it of course: a wino, sleeping rough, arrested and charged. The public
    was reassured. Till the next killing - young, blonde, good-looking, mutilated. And the next - the most public of all. Chicago, sweltering in a heatwave, had become a city hot with fear,
    crying out for relief. That was when Karen Kovac, young, blonde,
    good-looking, a police officer, was sent out onto the sweating,
    heat-soaked streets. A decoy to entice a maniac.