• Is there any polite way to “shush” a chatty person at the movies? Should roller bladers be passed on the left side or the right side? When is it unacceptable to answer your cell phone? And why doesn’t anyone in your grocery store seem to understand the basic rules of shopping cart navigation and right-of-way?
    If you’ve ever pondered these kinds of questions, How to Behave is the book you’ve been waiting for: a hip, irreverent, but entirely practical guide to proper behavior in the twenty-first century. Here are dozens of fascinating skills that Emily Post wouldn’t even think to mention--like the best ways to:
    • share elbow space on an airplane armrest
    • contend with road rage
    /> • navigate an escalator
    • observe basic e-mail etiquette
    • speak on a cell phone without enraging others
    . . . plus dozens of other essential survival techniques. Much more than a simple etiquette book, How to Behave is a real-life guide to living in the real world.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Mind your manners!
    Is it ever okay to “embellish” your online profile? What’s the best way to deal with close-talkers? How can you handle a date who shows too much PDA? Discover the answers to these and other burning questions in Caroline Tiger’s guide to modern love, How to Behave: Dating and Sex. You’ll learn the proper etiquette for:
    • Disarming the over-toucher
    • Ditching your date with aplomb
    • Accepting rejection gracefully
    • Doing the wet spot tango
    • Avoiding scratchy stubble face-burn
    • Negotiating “ex sex”
    With more than 60 scenarios that run the gamut from flirting to first date etiquette to oral sex, this refreshingly new take on social manners deals with the real-life etiquette questions everyone wonders about . . . but has been afraid to ask.

  • A Survival Guide for the Geographically Challenged
    The phone company might think long distance is the next best thing to being there, but The Long-Distance Relationship Guide knows better: long-distance relationships require hard work, commitment, a sturdy travel bag, a good calling plan, a healthy sense of humor, supportive friends--and lots of ice cream. Here’s everything you need to make sure your relationship can go the distance. Learn how to:
    • Spot the serial long-distance dater
    • Prepare for “The Visit”
    • Discover the joys of phone sex
    • Write a juicy love letter
    • Negotiate turn-taking visits
    Full of helpful quizzes, checklists, and advice from relationship experts and long-distance veterans, The Long-Distance Relationship Guide will help you make the most of your long-distance romance.