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  • Anglais Pfitz

    Crumey Andrew

    En plein siècle des Lumières, un Prince cherche l'immortalité en inventant des villes fantastiques. Son rêve fou d'une Ville absolue le pousse à consacrer tout le génie de son peuple à cette entreprise. Mais prévoir les plans et les cartes les plus détaillées de sa cité ne suffisant plus, il veut aussi en imaginer les habitants et les visiteurs.
    Au coeur d'une immense administration vouée à ce travail monumental, le cartographe Schenck, plutôt timide et rêveur, va croiser le chemin d'une superbe rousse, biographe en charge de la destinée d'un certain comte Zelneck. Entraîné par une passion qui stimule son inventivité, Schenck cherche à l'approcher en pénétrant dans la biographie du comte et en imaginant des aventures à son valet, un certain Pfitz.
    Mais on ne rentre pas impunément dans la vie de personnages de fiction et notre innocent cartographe amoureux va vite apprendre les dangers de la virtualité.
    Jeu de miroirs sur les sens de la fiction, réflexion à bride abattue sur les confusions du rêve et de la réalité en même temps que génial et inventif hommage au roman philosophique du XVIIIe siècle, Pfitz est un conte stupéfiant d'intelligence - ainsi qu'une sublime histoire d'amour.

  • Three novellas bound together in a highly-acclaimed post-modern literary triptych

  • Britain with the same post-war history as East Europe battling against a totalitarian regime. "The strikingly inventive structure of this novel allows the author to explore the similarities between fictions and history. At any point, there are infinite possibilities for the way the story, a life, or the history of the world might progress. The whole work is enjoyably unpredictable, and poses profound questions about the issues of motivation, choice and morality." The Sunday Times Music, in a Foreign Language won The Saltire Best First Book Award and launched the literary career of one of the UK's cleverest and most original post-modern novelists.

  • Alost musical masterpiece is at the heart of this gripping intellectual mystery

  • Anglais Mr Mee

    Crumey Andrew

    A triptych about an old man discovering the internet & sex,Rousseau & Proust.

  • Anglais Mobius Dick

    Crumey Andrew

    Cult fiction techno-thriller about how real is reality

  • Anglais Sputnik Caledonia

    Crumey Andrew

    Sputnik Caledonia was awarded the prestigious Northern Rock Foundation Writer's Award and was shortlisted for The James Tait Black Prize and The Scottish Book of the Year Award.
    Robbie Coyle is an imaginative kid. He wants so badly to become Scotland's first cosmonaut that he tries to teach himself Russian and trains for space exploration in the cupboard under the sink. But the eplaces to which his fantasies later take him is far from the safety of his suburban childhood. In a communist state, in a closed bleak town, the mysterious Red Star heralds his discovery of cruelty and of love, and the possibility that the most passionate of dreams may only be a chimera...
    'This a surprisingly moving novel about the impersonal forces - be they political, quantum, temporal or otherwise - that can threaten or shatter the bonds of love, and of family life. Never has astrophysics seemed so touching and funny.' Sinclair McKay in The Daily Telegraph 'a stimulating read, full of political, philosophical and scientific thought experiments.'?Jonathan Gibbs in The Independent Andrew Crumey was born in Glasgow in 1961. He read theoretical physics and mathematics at St Andrews University and Imperial College in London, before doing post-doctoral research at Leeds University on nonlinear dynamics. After a spell of being the literary editor at Scotland on Sunday he now combines teaching creative writing at Northumbria University with his writing.
    He is the author of seven novels: Music, in a Foreign Language (1994), Pfitz (1995), D'Alembert's Principle (1996), Mr Mee (2000, Dedalus edition 2014), Mobius Dick (2004, Dedalus edition 2014) Sputnik Caledonia( 2008, Dedalus edition forthcoming in 2015)) and The Secret Knowledge (2013).
    Andrew Crumey's novels have been translated into 14 languages.