• Ce n'est pas toujours chez l'ennemi que l'on trouve les pires adversaires. Il peut y avoir au sein d'un même camp des haines si tenaces qu'elles s'apparentent à la folie. Les frères James et Harry Ludlow, recueillis à bord d'un des vaisseaux de la reine après avoir été coulés vont se trouver à la merci d'un capitaine qui ne rêve que de les voir pendus, torturés ou jetés vivants en pleine mer glacée...

    « David Donachie célèbre les noces d'Agatha Christie et d'Alexander Kent », Hubert Prolongeau, Le Journal du dimanche.

    « Des armateurs et des frégates, des corsaires et des renégats, des coups de fouet et des attaques au canon, des Anglais et des Français, les indispensables ingrédients du genre répondent présents toute voile dehors », Alexandre Fillon, Livres Hebdo.

  • 1794. Lieutenant John Pearce, recently returned from the Atlantic, is caught between the constant feuding of two senior admirals. One puts him in a position of maximum danger while another asks him to undertake a hazardous commission, one he must accept in order to protect his friends, the Pelicans. They are his Achilles heel and those in power know it.Meanwhile, Pearce is also trying to construct a perjury case against Captain Ralph Barclay, whose nephew Toby Burns has become a reluctant pawn in the game, the objective of which is to finally silence the man who could bring about Barclay’s ruin: John Pearce.Highly charged, packed with historical detail and loaded with action -The Admirals’ Gameis a must-read for all nautical adventure fans.

  • London 1793: Young firebrand John Pearce is illegally press-ganged from the refuge of the Pelican tavern to a brutal life aboard HMSBrilliant, a frigate on its way to war. In his first few days Pearce discovers the Navy is a world in which he can prosper. But he is not alone; he is drawn to a group of men - fly Charlie Taverner; quiet Ben Walker; tired old Abel Scrivens; the bairn of the group, Rufus Dommet; the droll, tough Irish labourer, Michael O’Hagan; and the bumptious Gherson - pressed men like him, who eventually form an exclusive gun crew, the Pelicans, with Pearce their elected leader. During an action-packed two weeks, as HMSBrilliantchases a French privateer across the English channel, this disparate group of men form friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • During the Napoleonic Wars, Harry and James Ludlow are aboard the Magnanime, a gunship under the command of Oliver Carter. Oliver and Harry are old rivals and when James is found near the dead body of the First Lieutenant, Carter assumes James is the murderer. Harry has to prove otherwise.

  • Mercenari Nouv.

    Italien Mercenari

    David Donachie

    La cerimonia funebre del longobardo Guaimaro, che un tempo era stato un potente duca di Salerno, sta per essere celebrata in sordina. La campana rintocca, il vescovo è pronto per avviare la liturgia, finché una parola interrompe la solenne sacralità del momento: "Normanni".
    Si apre così il primo romanzo della serie che vede come protagonisti i sei fratelli Altavilla, nobili di origine normanna che contribuirono a cambiare per sempre il destino dell'Europa. Con il solo aiuto dell'ingegno e del proprio coraggio, gli uomini sfideranno i longobardi, il Papa e addirittura il Sacro Romano Impero, cambiando per sempre il corso della storia.

    Riportando alla luce un periodo storico spesso trascurato dalla narrativa europea, David Donachie riesce a coniugare con maestria accurati dettagli storici e finzione, accompagnando il lettore in un'avventura mozzafiato tra intrighi storici, battaglie all'ultimo sangue e personaggi intrepidi e valorosi.

    Insieme a "Tom Connery" e "Jack Cole", "Jack Ludlow" è uno degli pseudonimi utilizzati dal romanziere scozzese David Donachie (1944). Grande appassionato di storia navale, Donachie ambienta molte delle sue opere nel XVIII e XIX secolo. Tra i romanzi più famosi firmati come Jack Ludlow figurano "L'oracolo di Roma", "Mercenari" e "Guerrieri".

  • Guerrieri Nouv.

    Italien Guerrieri

    David Donachie

    Italia meridionale, undicesimo secolo. Il potere esercitato sulla Puglia da parte dell'impero bizantino sta iniziando a scricchiolare. Rivolte e tumulti imperversano lungo la costa adriatica. Il longobardo Arduino, un mercenario al servizio del generale Michele Doceano, decide di sequestrare la fortezza di Melfi. L'unico modo per fronteggiare l'esercito nemico è però quello di ottenere l'aiuto di Guglielmo D'Altavilla e dei suoi sei fratelli...

    Riportando alla luce un periodo storico spesso trascurato dalla narrativa europea, David Donachie riesce a coniugare con maestria accurati dettagli storici e finzione, accompagnando il lettore in un'avventura mozzafiato tra intrighi storici, battaglie all'ultimo sangue e personaggi intrepidi e valorosi.

    Insieme a "Tom Connery" e "Jack Cole", "Jack Ludlow" è uno degli pseudonimi utilizzati dal romanziere scozzese David Donachie (1944). Grande appassionato di storia navale, Donachie ambienta molte delle sue opere nel XVIII e XIX secolo. Tra i romanzi più famosi firmati come Jack Ludlow figurano "L'oracolo di Roma", "Mercenari" e "Guerrieri".

  • Free from jail, Lieutenant John Pearce is not free from the smugglers whose boat he stole - they want bloody revenge and are prepared to chase him to the ends of the earth to get it. Granted a commission by William Pitt, Pearce evades his pursuers by undertaking a dangerous mission. As high rebellious ambition turns to bloody disaster, Pearce must extricate himself from peril - along with old flame Amelie Labordiere - and rejoin Admiral Howe's fleet. The danger for the Pelicans is only just beginning, however, as Howe's collision with a French fleet climaxes in one of the greatest battles of the Revolutionary War: the Battle of the Glorious First of June.

  • Pressed into King George's Navy for the second time in a month, John Pearce and his comrades, the Pelicans, find themselves working aboard HMS Griffin, a slow and overcrowded ship, sailing the Channel in search of the numerous French privateers that prey on English merchant shipping. Her task: to stop them, and if possible capture or destroy them.But Pearce has greater thigns on his mind. He must rescue his ailing father from the dangers of revolutionary Paris, and to do that he must somehow leave the ship. He does so with the help of Benjamin Colbourne, the captain aboard Griffin, a man with a subtle mind, who finds a way to both meet his needs and make it appear to the Pelicans that their leader has deserted them.Arriving too late to save his father, Pearce is left with no choice but to return to the Griffin to put right the appearance of betrayal with which he left, and to learn his sea-going trade in order to exact his revenge.

  • July, 1793. Since being press-ganged into service in King George's Navy, John Pearce has endured a whirlwind few months, which have seen him survive wild storms and bitter battles with the enemy. He is finally free to follow his own wishes, but the same does not apply for the trio of Pearce's closest friends, who call themselves the Pelicans.When they are shipped off to the Mediterranean, Pearce vows to liberate the men who have stuck by him through thick and thin. But with help being withheld by all higher powers, he is obliged to embark on a dangerous mission before he can free his friends: at stake, the whole British position in the Mediterranean.

  • Revolution. Bloodshed. Glory1793. Returning triumphant from Corsica, Lieutenant John Pearce receives a mixed welcome. But with the siege of Toulon escalating in violence and the French Revolutionary Army preparing to attack, all thoughts of revenge must be put on hold as Pearce is entrusted with a dangerous mission. When their assignment goes awry, it is up to Pearce and his comrades to prevent the inevitable bloodshed, but challenging the Revolutionaries as well as their navy could be a fatal mistake…Set against the backdrop of the bloody French Revolution, A Flag of Truce brilliantly combines a gripping adventure with intricate historical detail, to explosive effect.

  • 1794. In the wake of the Glorious First of June, an equivocal success for the British naval fleet against the French Revolutionary forces, Lieutenant John Pearce has pressing matters to attend to. He must undertake an urgent commission from Lord Hood, track down Midshipman Toby Burns, and placate Emily Barclay who, estranged from her husband, is now under Pearce's protection. Meanwhile, smugglers whose ship Pearce inadvertently stole are on his tail, determined to get their money or kill him in revenge – possibly both.And it is not only John Pearce who has his fair share of trouble. The triumphant Channel Fleet returns, with Ralph Barclay limping from a musket ball in the thigh, Cornelius Gherson fuming at the jokes about his cowardice, and bully-boy Devenow sporting a wounded shoulder and a cauliflower ear. But the battle is already the subject of controversy – both the French and British claim victory, and Barclay is accused of holding back from the action.Pearce turns the tables on his enemies with the aid of his crew, conjures up a trick to free his friends and sets off for the Mediterranean with Emily Barclay. He must fight a ferocious sea battle on the way to aid an old friend, and can only hope that his troubles will end along with his mission. But are they only just beginning?

  • 1794. The Mediterranean is proving dangerous waters for John Pearce and his Pelicans. Having left his lover Emily, who is also the wife of his mortal enemy Ralph Barclay, in the Tuscan port of Leghorn, Pearce is detained in Naples. When he unknowingly delivers a letter promoting the shady and incompetent Admiral Hotham, Pearce finds himself entangled in a political plot that soon puts those closest to him at peril. When reunited with Emily, John Pearce faces a losing battle to keep her reputation intact. Although his Pelicans aid in the endeavour, Emily sees no future for her with Pearce and leaves while he is conveying private letters for Horatio Nelson to the British Ambassador, Sir William Hamilton. Learning of Emily's departure, Pearce sets off in pursuit and has to take on the superior force of Barbary Corsairs who have targeted the merchant ship Emily is travelling on, the Sandown Castle. Outgunned by a barbaric opponent, John Pearce's chances of survival - as well as those of Emily and Pearce's crew - are dubious. And even if they can win this fierce battle, another threat looms on the horizon as Pearce is not the only one chasing Emily; Ralph Barclay has learned of his wife's desertion and is on his way to recapture her.

  • Irishman, papist, reputed coward – Markham is a man with something to prove. The death of his commander – killed by a lucky French musket ball to the throat – provides him with a chance to lead his men to glory.But it's not that easy. Markham, a foot soldier by training, is no sailor, and he is suddenly left with a band of surly, disgruntled conscripts under his command. The salty marines aboard the frigate Hebe deride his ignorance and undermine his authority. The soldiers from Markham's old regiment who have been transferred to the Hebe blame him for the fact that they now must spend their days crammed on a ship. Worse, as the winter of 1793 comes, Markham and his troublemaking men must face the expansive terror of Revolutionary France. The fighting takes Markham the city of Toulon, where he makes the acquaintance of a French soldier named Napoleon Bonaparte. Bloody battles, lively seductions, fights with superiors, and run-ins with French spies to offer a stirring tale of derring-do that heats the blood and fires the imagination.

  • With his fiery Irish blood and well-known reputation for trouble, Lieutenant George Markham leads his embattled Royal Marines against the French in Corsica. His mission: to seize the island. His problem: not just the French, but spies, traitors, and jealous rivals – including jealous husbands. As the bastard son of a Catholic father and a Protestant mother, Markham has a lot to prove. But as a scarred veteran of the war in America and against the French, Markham is battle-hardened in a way too many of his senior officers aren’t – and his hardness wins over his men, men whom even their own officers regard as the scum of the earth.With the help of these men, Markham ventures across the island to persuade the veteran war hero Pasquali Paoli to unite the Corsicans behind him. But their loyalty remains torn by a heritage of vendettas, French bribery, and cross and double cross. Enemies abound, in both French blue and British red, and the only men Markham can rely on are the grim, taciturn Sergeant Rannoch and a man who owes Markham his life – Bellamy, the educated, black Marine.Brimming with violent action and an energetic, pulsating plot, Honour Redeemed is a worthy successor to A Shred of Honour in the gripping Markham of the Marines series.

  • Honour Be Damned finds the fiery British lieutenant in the waning days of the French Revolution. The revolution is turning in on itself – Robespierre has met the guillotine – but still the French fight on.After completing the siege of a French fortress in Corsica, Markham and his men are assigned to a sloop under the impetuous Captain Germain. Before long, Germain’s foolhardy hunt for glory throws Markham and his ‘Lobsters’ into desperate ship-to-ship action. Fortunately, fighting hand to hand is what the battle-hardened Marines do best. Like Markham, Germain has been branded a coward, but in his zeal to restore his good name he sets Markham on another, more perilous venture.This time, Markham must go ashore to escort a group of French royalists on a secret mission. Dodging the French army patrols would be difficult enough, but it is particularly hazardous because he is shackled with a French count, a devious Catholic prelate, a young lady, and their contingent of servants. But what is the secret prize they are hunting forà Why have they embarked on this fool’s errandà Markham must answer these questions as he untangles the deceit and subterfuge all around him. He must rely on the loyalty of his men and the ever-grudging assistance of Sergeant Rannoch to succeed in this most unusual and dangerous mission – one complicated by the unexpected arrival of a figure from Markham’s past.

  • The first part of an epic trilogy that chronicles the private lives and dangerous times of England’s greatest naval hero and his legendary mistress.Horatio Nelson and Emma Lyon are both determined to rise from obscurity and set about making their ways through the world with corresponding recklessness and precocious ambition. Nelson enters the Royal Navy at the age of twelve and is made post captain at the age of twenty – his reputation as a daring yet benevolent officer secured in the American War of Independence. Emma, luscious but penniless, cannily confronts her limited prospects to rise through the social ranks from teenaged bawd to nobleman’s courtesan to celebrated artist’s model. On a Making Tide is rich in historical detail, full of authentic sea action and offers a rare peek into London’s demi-monde, where the lives of a beautiful courtesan and Britain’s greatest naval hero collide.

  • The second part of an epic trilogy that chronicles the private lives and dangerous times of England's greatest naval hero and his legendary mistress.It is 1784 and Nelson is sent to the Caribbean to enforce the hated Navigation Acts. While there, he marries Fanny Nisbet but it isn't long before he is ordered to the Mediterranean, where he engages in a string of spectacular naval battles: Cape St Vincent, Tenerife, and the Nile. The ravages of war take their physical toll on Nelson, even as he gains the fame and honour he desperately craves.At the same time, Emma, mistress of Charles Greville, sits as an artist's model, her pictures selling briskly. When Charles's uncle, Sir William Hamilton, joins them in Naples, Emma finds herself the object of Hamilton's desire, and when the mercurial Nelson pays them a visit, she is inexplicably drawn to the brash sea captain. Her eventual marriage to Hamilton seems the epitome of good fortune, opening all the doors of Europe to her – but how can she forget Nelson when he has not forgotten her?

  • The concluding chapter in the epic trilogy that chronicles the private lives dangerous times of England’s greatest naval hero and his legendary mistress.1799. Having evacuated the King and Queen of Naples ahead of Napoleon’s advancing army, Nelson must now await developments in Sicily. In the meantime, he and Emma savour their passionate affair, and when Nelson travels back to Britain with the Hamiltons, he finds he is the toast of Europe. To the British elite, however, Nelson is a dangerous upstart, and his love for Emma is his weakness. With rising resentment, Nelson and Emma are forced to keep up appearances. As the war with Napoleon drags on, Nelson engages the Danish fleet at Copenhagen with stunning results. Finally he is given the chance he’s been waiting for: off a little-known Spanish cape called Trafalgar, the moment has come to show the world his mettle.

  • Faced with a ship in need of repair, enemy attacks and the threat of wily Admiral Hotham, John Pearce is sailing into danger.Meanwhile Ralph Barclay is on his way to the Mediterranean. Thinking his wife still with Pearce and that he can repair his marriage by rescuing her, he sails in pursuit, Hotham half-hoping he suffers the same fate as the admiral has in store for Pearce.Can John Pearce fight to first save himself and his charges from captivity and then to be free from the enemy? It is a battle that will require all of his wits.

  • 1795. As war spreads across the globe, Harry Ludlow joins the struggle for the richest trade in the world. When half his crew is illegally pressed into the Royal Navy by the vicious Captain Toner, Harry sets off in pursuit. Toner"€™s ship reaches the West Indies with Harry close behind, and they sail into a maelstrom of piracy, corruption, and murder stirred up by a French privateer. Soon, the British officer in charge of the station calls upon each man to help as best he can. All the while, Harry"€™s kidnapped crew fights for survival on a ship driven to the point of mutiny.

  • It wasn't quite the homecoming ex-privateer Harry Ludlow had anticipated. Having cheated death and made a handsome profit into the bargain, Harry and his brother James expected their return home to be quiet - until they become embroiled in a fierce contest between smugglers in the English Channel.

  • 1796. The long-awaited return of the Bucephalas to the safety of the Cinque Ports is interrupted by a disastrous engagement in the Channel. The looming shape of a merchantman becalmed in fog presents an almost irresistible allure. But for Harry Ludlow and his battle-weary crew, the pursuit of one last easy prize leads to a desperate fight. Yet, it is events closer to home that present the greater danger. As the Bucephalas seeks refuge in the Solent, the red flags fluttering from the topmasts signal that His Majesty's Navy has reached a state of full mutiny.

  • 1795. The discovery of an abandoned Spanish merchant ship off the coast of America plunges the Ludlows into a far-reaching conspiracy fueled by jealousy, ambition and nationalistic fervor. The Bucephalas lies trapped under the gaping muzzles of the 32-pounder Spanish guns of New Orleans"€™ harbor fort. It quickly becomes clear that the corridors of the governor's residence are just as busy with treachery, double-dealing, and murder as the back alleys of the sweltering city outside. Harry Ludlow must win freedom for his ship in a deadly game played out in the dark woods of the American hinterland.

  • Part naval swashbuckler, part mystery story, "The Dying Trade" tells the story of smuggling and death in the Mediterranean at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Harry Ludlow and his brother James find themselves in Genoa where Harry is commissioned to investigate a British officer's death..