• Consumés

    David Cronenberg

    Naomi Seberg et Nathan Math sont amants mais ne se croisent que dans des hôtels d'aéroports. Photojournalistes, ils sont toujours à la recherche d'histoires sensationnelles. Celle de Célestine et Aristide Arosteguy, philosophes libertins, a tout pour attirer Naomi. Célestine a été retrouvée morte et on suspecte son mari, qui s'est enfui, de l'avoir assassinée et d'avoir dévoré des parties de son corps. Naomi part sur ses traces. De son côté, Nathan enquête à Budapest sur un chirurgien clandestin. En couchant avec une des patientes, il contracte la 'maladie de Roiphe', que l'on croyait disparue. Nathan s'envole alors pour Toronto, afin de rencontrer le médecin qui a identifié ce mystérieux syndrome...

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    David Cronenberg

    David Cronenberg--the celebrated Canadian film director, lauded by The New York Times for creating “some of the best, most challenging, most unusual English-language films of the last twenty years,” and named a chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters in France--turns his remarkable talent to the haunting, disturbing intersection of desire and decay in Consumed, his highly anticipated debut novel. In the book-filled, artfully messy Paris apartment of the famous French intellectuals Celestine and Aristide Arosteguy, an astonishing discovery is made--the grisly, butchered remains of Celestine, partially eaten. Her husband, sought by police for questioning, is nowhere to be found. Naomi Seberg, a young journalist, embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth of Celestine’s death and Aristide’s role in it. She travels to Tokyo to interview the suspected cannibal, while her boyfriend, Nathan Math, a medical journalist, seduces the cancer patient of a controversial Hungarian doctor and contracts a sexually transmitted disease. He traces the famous discoverer of the diseases to Forest Hill Village in Toronto, where he encounters the most interesting journalistic subject of all. In energetic, inventive, and provocative prose, Cronenberg creates an extraordinary, sexually charged novel of dark impulses and appetites that reminds us that the boundaries of lover and beloved aren’t nearly as defined as we believe them to be.